smlhard ons the h 0316.b78651ed60c83f9011c084a700d06c90The HARD ONS have announced a new 7" to be released through Doublethink.

smlfaimSafe Inside Records are streaming a new song from FAIM off their upcoming debut LP Hollow Hope.

smlprivatePrivate Function will release a new LP, Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Friday 28 August through Damaged / Caroline Australia.

smlecostrikeECOSTRIKE will release a new LP titled "A Truth We Still Believe" through Triple B Records on July 24.

smlDareDARE have joined Revelation Records for the upcoming release of their new LP.

smlUmbra e1585714101610"Shadow of Life" is the ten song debut album from Umbra Vitae, recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios.

smlYCComp20Sydney band PURE INSTINCT have a new track appearing on the Youth Crew 2020 compilation.

smlCultureAbuseCulture Abuse will release a new collections album— Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit? on July 24th.

smlthe lawrence arms 630 jya9D1u.jpg.630x0 q90The Lawrence Arms will release Skeleton Coast, their first album in six years, on July 17.

smlSTRIKE ANYWHERE minSTRIKE ANYWHERE have released a new track from their upcoming new EP "Nightmares of the West" due out on Pure Noise Records.


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