smlDizdainBurning Hammer Records has announced the release of the 2024 demo for Melbourne band DIZDAIN.

smlforeignhandsForeign Hands announce debut album, What's Left Unsaid, out June 21st on SharpTone Records

smlStruckDownBurning Hammer Records has announced the release of the "Play 2 Lose" demo for Brisbane band STRUCK DOWN.

smlsplinterNew Ethic Records has announced the upcoming release of a 5 track EP for Newcastle band SPLINTER, titled "The Hill I'll Die On" out April 15th.

smlkharmaKHARMA announces their fourth release, A World Of Our Own, due out April 12th on Flatspot Records.

Full Of Hell have announced their new album, Coagulated Bliss, will be released via Closed Casket Activities on April 26th.smlfullofhell

smlNunchuckaCheersquad Records have announced a vinyl press of the unreleased 1995 album from Nunchucka Superfly.

smlSkornBurning Hammer Records has released a 4 track EP for Newcastle band SKORN titled "A Quick Death".

smlHopeConAfter nearly 14 years The Hope Conspiracy have emerged from their bunker to a reality entangled by this unwavering truth.

smlcellrotConvulse Records has released a new two song promo EP for Californian band CELL ROT.


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