smlnothingNOTHING will release a new LP titled The Great Dismal on October 30 through Relapse Records.

smlLJG alexa visciusLaura Jane Grace (Against Me!, The Devouring Mothers) announces the release of new solo album titled Stay Alive.

smlbluelinemedic early2000s 3Blueline Medic’s catalog is available on digital platforms now and Hobbledehoy will be releasing vinyl editions.


smlthe damnedThe Damned have unveiled a new track titled "Manipulator".

smlMilSpecCanadian hardcore band MIL-SPEC are streaming their deubt LP in full.

smlMenzingersThe Menzingers will release From Exile, a reimagined stripped down version of their 2019 release Hello Exile.

smlPupPUP have announced a new EP titled "This Place Sucks Ass" out October 23.

smlbystander7secsBYSTANDER have released a 7 Seconds cover off a split LP with OLD GHOSTS.

smlLifeforceNew Age Records will release a new EP for LIFE FORCE titled "Hope and Defiance".


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