smlSoulsideOn August 28th, Dischord will release a new 2-song 7” by Soul Side entitled This Ship.

smlbad religion 630 IP3ADgH.jpg.630x0 q90Bad Religion have just released a radically reimagined version of their 1990 humanist anthem “Faith Alone.”

smlMicallefIf you missed Life Lair Regret talking straight edge on ABC's "On The Sauce" on Tuesday night, be sure to catch up on the link below.

smlclassicsofloveClassics Of Love featuring Jesse Michaels of Op Ivy have released a new five song EP.

smlcca webslider vein 970xVEIN now known as VEIN.FM will release "Old Data In A New Machine Vol. 1" through Closed Casket Activities in September.

tuningTuning will release a new 8 song EP titled "Defining the Purpose" through Indecision Records in August.

smlSDFOZSELF DEFENSE FAMILY have released a new 7" recorded in Australia through Run For Cover.

smlDBSDEATH BY STEREO will release a new LP titled "Were All Just Dying For It" through Indecision Records in August.

smlJKS Fantasy Baseball.jpg.925x925 q90John K. Samson has released a new track titled "Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World".

smlGulchGULCH have released their debut LP "Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress" through Closed Casket Activities.


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