smlBBMeanThe "Rise" tour of 1994 was the one and only visit the BAD BRAINS would make to Australia with THE MEANIES in support.

smlKardromahCafeIn this latest feature of Looking Back we investigate how the classic release of "Let There Be Rock" by Henry Rollins with the Hard Ons came to be.

smlDeadKennedysdead_kennedysThe 1983 Dead Kennedys' tour featured riots, a stabbing, arrests of the band and some pretty willd shows.

smlHordernNirvana's 1992 tour of Australia is etched into the history books as a feat of legend for many reasons.

smlcory3The run of terrible news continues with word coming through that Cory Day, frontman of PC Thug, Battletruk and Lord Sword passed away in the early hours of Friday Feb 6th 2021.

smlHoppo1Sad news filtering through that former Miles Away bassplayer Steve HOPPO Hopperton passed away on Friday Jan 22, 2021.

smlProtonsThe second 7 inch from Wollongong's finest musical export, the Proton Energy Pills was produced by none other than J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr fame and is truly a work of art. 

 smlMindsnareArtyWith the release of a long overdue album from MINDSNARE, I figured it was time to open the archives and dust off six of my favourite photos of Mindsnare I've taken over the years.

smlMadballSydThe 1998 Australian tour of New York Hardcore legends Madball, was easily one of the most anticipated of the late 90s. 

smlNOFXCurrently in the country and whipping up one hell of a controversary are NOFX. But did you know that the year 1995, marked the very first NOFX tour of Australia?


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