This one is for the ultimate vinyl nerds. If you're a fan of TRIPLE B Records, then how far are you willing to go to support the label and gain some extremely rare records in the process. Would you throw down $2000 for a copy of every colour and test press they release from now until death?


Jesse Michaels former frontman of Operation Ivy, Big Rig and Common Rider is back with a new band called Classics Of Love. The band also features members of The Hard Girls and their self-titled debut full-length comes out on February 14 on Asian Man Records. For now they've released a video for the track "Castle In The Sky".


The Bars can be found on actors Johnny Depp and Edward Norton, singer-songwriters Bryan Adams and Frank Turner, and Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl. As the phenomenon continues to grow you can be sure that The Bars, the lasting legacy of the band Black Flag and their contribution to Punk Rock culture, will find their way into many more curious aspects of popular culture.


You may recall last week we told you that MANLIFTINGBANNER are back together again and have a new double LP due out soon, that features 8 new tracks. Well the band has just released a video for one of the songs, "Wall Street Wars", which you can check out.


TERROR have released a video clip for the track "The New Blood" from latest album, "Keepers Of The Faith". The clip looks to be filmed in what one can presume is Scott Vogel's house which looks pretty much like a hardcore museum.


Integrity has announced a new release on Baltimore's A389 Recordings. Titled 'Kingdom Of Heaven' (The Araca Sessions), this EP commemorates the 20th anniversary of the material Integrity recorded in 1992 with drummer David Nicholi Araca, prior to his untimely passing.


Noel Gallagher has described The Amity Affliction, as sounding ‘like a dead turd’. Gallagher who is in Australia for the Big Day Out Festival, performing with his new band High Flying Birds, is sharing the bill with Queenslander's The Amity Affliction.


And winning the favourite Bridge Nine Records poll is none other than TERROR in a close race from both Champion and No Warning who finished equal on second. Some may argue that Terror aren't really a Bridge Nine band as only their debut EP was released through the label.


Recently out here with OFF!, bassplayer Steven McDonald is set to return with his brother in Redd Kross for the Hoodoo Gurus 30th Anniversary celebrations. Also invited to join the lineup are the Hard Ons, Royal Headache, The Sonics and the 5,6,7,8s. Hoodoo Guru's will be performing "Stoneage Romeos" in its entireity.


Lookout Records has confirmed that it indeed is closing its doors, releasing a lengthy statement. The big question on everyone's lips is, how does a record label with a back catalog that spans the likes of big sellers Green Day and Operation Ivy, along with Avail, Screeching Weasel, Neurosis, Mr T Experience and a bunch more go broke?


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