On the weekend of Saturday Febuary the 4th and Sunday Febuary the 5th BLOOD SWEAT & BEERS #6 returns to the Annandale Hotel. In the first announcement of bands the likes of I EXIST, LUCA BRASI, PAPER ARMS, HARMONY and more have been announced.


Philadelphia based REIGN SUPREME has signed with Mediaskare Records and will release their upcoming EP ‘Sky Burial‘ later this year through the label.  “We just want to work with a label that will bend over backwards to help us achieve our goals as a band, we feel like Mediaskare is that label.”  said vocalist Jay Pepito.


Alkaline Trio have postponed their imminent UK tour, following vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba breaking his foot. The injury occurred when he was stopped at a traffic light on his motorcycle, and a truck ran over his foot. Skiba stated, via Twitter, that the band plans to make up the dates as soon as possible. 


After initially having their original tour dates postponed due to Visa complications, THE CASUALTIES have confirmed they will still be playing Australia with some new dates just announced for late November and early December.


Poison City is extremely excited to announce the forthcoming release of RESTORATIONS highly acclaimed debut Self-Titled album. While often described simply as music for "grown-up punks" the appeal of Philadelphia's RESTORATIONS is much broader, speaking loudly to fans of everything from shoegaze and indie-rock, folk/ punk and beard-core. 


Over the weekend it was revealed in an interview that FUCKED UP frontman Damian PINK EYES Abraham is considering quitting the band due to the stresses of touring and fatherhood. "I can't tour anymore," Abraham says. "I don't want to take that away from them, so I would love to find a way to basically make it into a constantly evolving thing..."


Much like their contemporaries Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust have become one of the most well respected and authentic sounding metal bands that have risen out of the old school thrash revival. This January, Toxic Holocaust will be hitting every major city in Australia, on their first tour down under in over five years!


Deathwish Inc. have announced that the new 7″, Deceiver, from Belgium’s Rise & Fall is now available to be ordered. The label has also posted the title track, which is also the first taste from their forthcoming album Faith, which you can stream here.

sml300700_10150340896176237_44346066236_8539374_898694203_nMuch to the dissapointment of the thousands of fans gathered, Danzig's set was cut short at Fun Fun Fest on Friday night. The Danzig Legacy show was meant to play an hour and a half set of Danzig, Samhain and even Misifts songs reunited with Doyle, but only ended up playing two Misfits songs. On stage Danzig blamed the promoter trying to incite a riot, now the promoter tells his side of the story.

sml19043_273351684562_11445119562_3382099_25080_nEver wondered what happened to former Day of Contempt and DSM bassplayer Dan Smith? Well he ended up on the cast of LA INK and his band The Dear and The Departed are still going too, with a new album due out soon on Equal Vision. You can stream the album in full for a listen.


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