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The Soundwave 2012 lineup has finally been announced, well the first 61 bands. Not really that much to get excited about unless you're a huge fan of bounce metal. The Cro Mags, Street Dogs, Raised Fist, Hatebreed and Biohazard are probably the bands people are most looking forward too for a sideshow.


PEE RECORDS released a stream this week of the first track from the new DRIVEN FEAR album "Contender" which is due out next month. Titled "Wolf Tickets" the new track features guest vocals by Scott McFadyen of TOE TO TOE. "Contender" will be released on 11/11/11


Rancid's Tim Armstrong is launching a new musical theater series for the web, Tim Timebomb's RockNRoll Theater. A cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Twilight Zone, RockNRoll Theater will feature half-hour episodes with Armstrong serving as the narrator. The debut episode, "Dante," features AFI's Davey Havok and Lars Frederiksen. 


If your having a bit of a rough day and struggling to make it through your Thursday then this will hopefully put a smile on your dial. The wants of The Ramones versus the wants of the Misfits in pie graph form. Some people have way more time on their hands than me..


So having hit over 100 votes it was time to wrap up our Mindsnare poll. And the winner was a dead heat between "Hanged Choked Wrists Slit" and "The Death". Personally I voted for "The Death" as that record just blows my mind from start to finsh.


The very prolific ARREST RECORDS have a new EP coming out real soon for Brisbane band DONE FOR. If you're into good melodic hardcore ala Miles Away then it can't hurt to check out DONE FOR and no Daryl Jennifer is not the band's bassplayer.


OFF! and RVCA partnered to create the video for "Crawl" featuring RVCA skate team rider and Thrasher's 2010 Skater of the Year Leo Romero. In conjunction with the video, a limited edition of just 150 OFF!-LEO! t-shirts are available for sale while supplies last.


OFF! are coming! Get FUCKING excited as tours don't get much better than this. Fronted by legendary Black Flag and Circle Jerks vocalist Keith Morris, this will be a tour not to be missed and will sell out damn fast as all the venues are probably smaller than the band's popularity. Get on it ASAP!


Make Do And Mend bust out acoustic versions of the songs UNKNOWINGLY STRONG and NIGHT'S THE ONLY TIME OF DAY off latest album "End Measured Mile" for the folks at BLUNT.


As you may be aware, Adelaide's most amazing STOLEN YOUTH are currently on tour around Europe for two months. Bassplayer Matt "Footy" Horvath has been regularly updating a journal of their adventures which makes for some really interesting readings.


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