The voice behind such bands as As Friends Rust, Morning Again, Culture and even a stint in Shai Hulud returns to the fold with latest project ON BODIES. Retaining a similiar vocal style to last band As Friends Rust, but with perhaps a harder egde, On Bodies debut EP will be out on Eulogy in 2012.


Now just months after the passing of Seth Putnam (Anal Cunt / SIEGE), comes word from multiple sources that original SIEGE vocalist Kevin Mahoney is no longer with us. No word yet on the cause of death, but his legacy will never die as SIEGE continue to influnce hundreds of hardcore and grind bands the world over.


The second batch of bands have been announced for Soundwave 2012 and the first band has also pulled out in that of HOLE. Suprsingly enough it was strange to see BAD RELIGION in there, who of course spoke out about the cancellation of the Counter Revolution shows back in August.

sml1011menu_graphicYou might remember him as the singer/guitarist from Lawnsmell or as the guitarist from Chinese Burns Unit, but there is no doubt that people these days probably know Glenno Smith best for his amazing artwork. Glenno has drawn artwork for countless bands over the years and has uploaded a lot of it to his website for everyone to check out.

smlScottRadinskyQ9sPcqsMMhamPulley (and Ten Foot Pole) vocalist Scott Radinsky has some good news in his other job this week as the musician and former relief pitcher for the LA Dodgers has been promoted to full-time pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians. 

sml226725_10150187357043287_212256478286_6739493_4136031_n50 Lions are headlining two massive upcoming shows having recently been announced for LOUD FEST in Sydney as well as playing a Halloween show in their hometown of Byron Bay. Also confirmed for LOUD FEST are Hopeless, Relentless, Endless Heights and maybe even your band if you want to submit for it.

smlIMElsAs we mentioned earlier, Revelation Records have managed to salvage a copy of the planned In My Eyes Final Show documentary that has never seen the light of day from 11 years ago. The doco features live footage and interviews with the band as well as appearances from Mouthpiece, Ten Yard Fight and Bane.

smlhate5sixIf you’ve seen live footage from any notable show or festival in the past few years, it’s likely been shot by Hate5Six. The production company has launched preorders for a DVD, entitled The Hate5Six Diaries: Volume 1 and featuring live footage of Trial, Unbroken, Kid Dynamite, 108, Pulling Teeth, Ruiner, Suicide File,The First Step, Give and more..

smlAgenOrange_PromoSm1-300x280The planned Agent Orange Australian Tour has been postponed til next year with the band citing personal reasons as the reason for the cancelllation. New dates will be announced soon and all tickets are now refundable from the point of purchase.


They said he was finished, ruined and done for, but Ben Weasel has hit back with a new lineup of Screeching Weasel members to replace his former bandmates who up and left (or got sacked according to Ben) after the incident at SXSW. Ben Weasel has also written a massive blog entry that doesn't hold back as he goes to town on Danny Vapid.


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