Bane have recorded a new track, "Satan's Son" for the upcoming America's Hardcore compilation due out soon on Triple B records. The track was recorded by Jay Maas from Defeater at his Getaway Studios in Boston. You can check out a live version of the new song.


The 2009 summer transition of Costin-Neilsen from singer of hardcore band Dead Ends to acoustic artist Toy Boats mirrored that of his arrival into adulthood. His songs are emotional yet avoid sallow self-pity. Enveloping the grace of a young Bon Iver and eliminating the agony of Bright Eyes, Toy Boats embodies a nostalgic journey where we are all invited, stopping to smell the blossoms along the way.


PEE RECORDS have plenty going on right now. They've just dropped their 5 way international split " The End Begins Now", have released previews of new tracks from upcoming releases for DRIVEN FEAR and HIGHTIME and are touring Italian punkers JET MARKET with MINDSET around the country this month.


To help celebrate EDGE DAY for 2011, Revelation Records is going to be uploading the never seen before documentary of In My Eyes' last show ever in October 2000. Rescued from a box in the garage, salvaged from a VHS tape, dusted off and uploaded for the first time ever. Check out the teaser of what to expect.


If you're in Queensland this weekend, make sure you get out to at least one of the two shows happening in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as NSW invades QLD. Ill Brigade, Never Right, Hurt Unit and Square One are all making the journey north to be a part of the 2011 EDGE DAY celebrations in Brisbane on the Sunday.


On November 22nd, 2011, Make Do and Mend will be releasing a new EP titled Part And Parcel. The six-song release will feature three acoustic tracks from End Measured Mile, an acoustic version of "Coats" from Run For Cover Records' Mixed Signals compilation, a (electric) cover of Touché Amoré's "Home Away From Here" and one new song "Untitled."


Perth band MILES AWAY are currently in the midst of a US and what was meant to be Canadian tour with Bane, Defeater and Dead End Path when they ran into trouble at the border. Canadian imigration decided it didn't want to let MILES AWAY into the country so the band have had to pull out of the shows in Montreal and Toronto.


To celebrate the year that was, Poison City is gathering friends, family and a healthy dose of punk rock for a massive Xmas Show taking place on December 16th at The Tote Hotel (Collingwood). The huge line-up features A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, THE SMITH STREET BAND, THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS and Tasmania's, LUCA BRASI.


Sad news turns to good news today, with an announcement that LIFETIME have had to pull out of the upcoming FEST 10 in Gainesville. No big deal if you are guitarist Dan Yemin, you just simply get your other amazing band, Kid Dynamite to fill in.


Tickets for the OFF! tour go on sale today. Much like we said on Tuesday with the Mindsnare pre-orders, don't snooze on this. Eight shows across the land at relatively small venues that will no doubt sell out. Tickets available through the Oz Tix site today.


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