Tomorrow on the Miles Away Big Cartel site they will have a special one off run of 100 copies of Endless Roads available on cassette packaged with a limited run of t-shirts as well. The tapes are being pressed byBrnWrck Records from Malaysia. Be quick!


There is no end to the merchandising avenues bands will pursue. Earlier this year Slayer launched its own branded condoms, then AC/DC launched their own wine range and now Motorhead have followed suit. Perhaps its an attempt to limit sales of Woodstock premix bourbon in a can.


No not the band from NSW's Central Coast, but the other one from Albany, New York are touring Australia thanks to the guys at Blood Sweat and Beers. Joining them on their journey are Melbourne's ANCHORS. If you like good, fast, melodic punk then make sure you get to one of the shows.


Arthur Smilios of legendary hardcore outfit Gorilla Biscuits is enlisting the help of Congress to halt planned animal testing by the U.S. Army.  In a letter to Congress, Smilios wrote that these horrific experiments would warrant cruelty to animals charges if performed outside of the laboratory, proving once again that "cats and dogs have all the luck."


After months of writing and recording Mark My Words are releasing their debut album "Indicators". Joining them on this East Coast tour from the other side of the world are good mates "Strength Approach" (Italy). Both bands recently toured together in Europe and are ready to hit the East Coast of Australia.


It has been announced that founding member and guitarist of RIVAL SCHOOLS, Ian Love has split from the group. No word yet on his replacement, but the band have endeavoured to continue playing shows and writing new material.


PEE RECORDS are excited to announce today that kick arse Melbourne hardcore quintet NO WAY OUT have joined our roster for the release of their new album next month! We're stoked to have these guys onboard and can't wait to make your speakers melt when we unleash "Dead Ends" on Friday 28th October.


It's pretty common knowledge that John Joseph has been doing walking tours of New York's famous Lower East Side area for a while now. At first I kind of discredited the idea, then after talking to Brooke who went on one of JJ's tours and wrote about it in her latest issue of "We're Unstoppable" fanzine, I looked into it a bit more. Check out some of the highlights..


Talk about the dream job to end all dream jobs. Flying around the world with Iron Maiden, photographically documenting the adventure along the way for a book. I'd give my right nut to do this, let alone get paid too and earn royalties off a book in the process. This looks nothing short of amazing.


And so the Counter Revolution acoustic in store appearances continue. After the success of MAKE DO AND MEND's instore show at Resist Records that both members of the Swellers and Hello Goodbye attended, both bands are now doing shows of their own this afternoon. Kick off is at 4:30 pm.


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