Former AVAIL frontman TIM BARRY has released a preview of a new track titled "Amen" off forthcoming album "40 Miler" due out next year on Chunksaah Records. Click thru to watch a video of Tim in the studio mixed in with some footage from touring.


Yesterday on the CRO MAGS facebook page they dropped this video and message in relation to 9-11."Cro-Mags fans, it's all about being a seeker of the truth. You got to get to the bottom and the truth of everything". Pretty interesting video that highlights the many holes in the theory that Al Queada was behind the Twin Tower attacks.


Check out a brand new video from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for reworked song I FEEL YOUR PAIN... AND I SURVIVE from the album NO MERCY FOOL / THE SUICIDAL FAMILY! Like other classic ST clips there's plenty of live footage mixed in with some skating.


TRASH TALK are set to release a new 5 song 7 inch on True Panther due out on October 11th. They've also released a video for one of the new tracks, "Alive" with pre-orders available now on the True Panther web site. Click thru to have a listen to the new song.


Sick Of it All will be releasing a compilation of newly re-recorded material from throughout their career on November 1st through Century Media. The effort will celebrate the bands 25th anniversary and will carry the title of “Nonstop“. It finds the group revisiting their past to lay down re-recorded versions of songs from their back catalogue.


Love him or hate him, Henry Rollins is not one to beat around the bush. He tells it as it is, no matter who is offended along the way. While the majority of America is still jumping up and down, naively celebrating the US government's recent assasination of Osama Bin Laden and mourning the victims of 9-11, Henry sees things quite differently.


With only 3 days to go til kickoff, the playing times for this year’s POISON CITY WEEKENDER have been released. It's been advised that all shows will start on time as listed, so if you’re hoping to catch the earlier acts, best to arrive close to doors times.


Bridge Nine's 10th anniversary re-issue series continues with AMERICAN NIGHTMARE's first two EPs on one LP. The American Nightmare "Self-Titled" and "The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter" EP's, originally released in 2000 and 2001, were briefly re-pressed as a gatefold two 7" package in 2004 as "Year One". Ten years later, they will be  pressed onto one 12", making them available once again.


Melbourne's PRO TEAM have announced via their facebook page that the band is back together again writing new material. "This is legit, we are working on heaps of new stuff at the moment. We will be sure to keep this page updated with what's going on..."


For New Yorkers, September 11th is a day of mourning and so it rightfully should be. Little do most realise that perhaps the bigger tragedy occured in their city some 14 years ago with the passing of WARZONE frontman and NYHC icon Raybeez. Take a minute today, to reflect on the passing of a hardcore legend who always kept the faith.


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