Make Do And Mend have announced they will be playing two acoustic instore shows in both Sydney and in Melbourne. In a statement released via the band's website, they've have talked down the possibility of sideshows to the Soundwave Counter Revolution tour, so these will be your only chance to see them intimately.

Both shows are free to attend. Details below.


Resist Records
Monday 26th September


Fist2Face Records
Thursday 29th September

Here is what the band had to say on their website about their Australian tour.

"Dear Australian Friends

So as you may know, in just a few weeks we are heading over to your beautiful Continent for the first time ever via the Counter Revolution tour. Since the inception of the band, Australia has been a dream, and it is coming true.

Now on to what many of you have been asking about. When we first were on board to do Soundwave Revolution, we were told there was going to be three sideshows aside from the festivals. But obviously things went a bit off course when Revolution had to be cancelled, and Counter Revolution was formed. We are grateful for all of Soundwave's hard work in efforts to still allow bands to come over, and they truly have been working night and day to make things happen.

Sideshows are not looking good at this point, which really disappoints us. We were looking forward to playing smaller more intimate shows with you all, but this is how the cards turned out this time.

If you are willing to come out and support the festivals hard work, and support us at the Counter Revolution tour, amazing. We can't thank you enough.
We will undoubtedly be doing some in stores and some smaller doings that will be announced soon this time around, and I'm sure we will be back very soon after this.

Your support, whether you decide to come rep MDAM at Counter Revolution, is always and will always be appreciated. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime. Hope to see you soon friends." -MDAM


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