Adelaide's HUMAN X ERROR are set to release their debut 7 inch "Your Faith In Ashes", so we caught up with singer Steve and guitarist Jessie for a chat...

At what point did HUMANxERROR form and how did it all come together?

Jesse: HumanxError formed back in mid 2020. I had been harassing our drummer Josh to start a proper Straight Edge band for a good 6 months prior. I wrote a song and finally got him over my place one afternoon to jam in my garage. After that, the whole street I live on started X'n up their hands and wearing camo. Weird as fuck. Billy our bassist joined when he heard wind of our project, I don't think anyone really asked him. He just kind of rocked up to the next practice. I had no doubts in my mind from day one that Steve Cox would be our vocalist. I was like a nervous kid asking him to do it, but he said yes and we've been happily banding together ever since. We are the the ONLY Straight Edge band in the state (and probably Australia).

Steve: Jesse is the brain child of the whole project. I think initially I said no when he asked me. Faitheater was sort of wrapping up and having a young family I wasn’t keen on being in another band. Then he sent me a demo of what he and Josh had done.. and I was like, Fuck You Jesse of course I have to be in this band. The name Human X Error come from a sample at the start of the Starvation demo cassette. 

Would readers recognize the members from any other bands?

Jessie: Josh and Billy played in Brainfreeze prior to HxE. Steve melted brains in Faitheater and I play guitar for All In and do vocals for No Peace; which Billy also plays guitar in.

In your own words how would you describe the sound of HUMANxERROR?

Jesse: HxE that is 90s & early 2000s influenced Metal-core. We are nothing like what modern "metal-core" is now, mostly trash. We play it raw and I think that comes from us all being HC kids at heart.

Steve: I think musically it is a nod to the sound of 90’s metallic hardcore with a bit of a modern twist. Lyrically I wanted the songs that HxE write to be about something. Taking the personal, the political and blurring the lines between the two to make songs that push people to really think about what we are saying in our songs.

What bands are influencing the sound of HUMANxERROR?

Jesse: From the riff point of view straight up Arkangel & Reprisal worship haha. I'm a simple man with simple tastes.
Steve: Lyrically I am inspired by bands like Cursed, Vaccine, Agitator, Morning Again etc

What would be a dream line up of bands to play with?
Jesse: we open the show, running a quick tight chaotic set into Earth Crisis playing that one song we all want to hear. Then Reprisal and Arkangel annihilate the stage one after the other.

Steve: Good question. Playing with Mindsnare would be insane. Or playing a fest with all Straightedge bands would be sick. To be honest just playing with passionate and real hardcore / metal bands is what I enjoy. 

You’ve just released a new track titled “The Humane Lie”. Lyrically what’s the song about?

Steve: It’s a pro vegan song. In particular it is about the myth of “Humane Slaughter” you simply cannot kill something or someone that doesn’t want to die. I have a huge chip on my shoulder about the entire animal agriculture industry and those who willing support it. I have been Vegan for nearly all of my adult life so HxE was always going to have a song of this nature.


Life Lair Regret Records will be releasing your 7 inch, “Your Faith In Ashes” on November 15th, how did the partnership with LLR come about?

Jesse: I've know the Lair through going to shows the last couple of years. Just connected through loving the bands we love. What it's all about really. I've always thought so highly of what they do for Australian HC. It's an honour to be part of their history.

How was the recording process for the 7 inch, when and where did it happen and what did you learn from the experience?

Jesse: The recording was done mostly live, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love being in the studio! I layed a second guitar track down after to get all the layered riffs sounding hard as fuck. We recorded the EP just before Xmas day 2020. Had some delays and drama getting it back off our original engineer, we heard a semi completed version of the EP in March 2021. Jack Hartley finished off the job, he's an amazing guy. True Hardcore spirit. Highly recommend hitting him up if you're in Adelaide. I learned patience waiting for the HumanxError music to be completed.

Steve: I can sum up the recording in 2 words. Arduous and rushed. Jack literally saved this record. Without him we would have been fucked. We learned a lot about patience during the whole recording and mastering process.


What else is in store in the foreseeable future for HUMAN X ERROR?

Jesse: from a creative point of view I'll keep piecing together ideas and riffs for another EP. Or maybe a few singles. Who knows, we might come out with our next record sounding like Incendiary?!
We want to play more shows but things always get in the way. See what 2022 holds I guess.

Steve: I’m always writing , so I currently have enough rough lyrics written for at least another Ep. I want to have another release done for the middle of next year. Other than that play shows!

How can people get in touch or keep up with what’s happening in HUMAN ERROR?

Spotify, Instagram & Facebook, hit us up. Tell us how you used to be Straight Edge, but you still like what we're doing.

Grab a copy of HUMAN X ERROR's 7 inch below:



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