We last caught up with Melbourne band CROWNED KINGS way back in 2015 for an interview. Since then the band has endured more ups and downs than most bands go through in ten lifetimes. Losing their bassplayer to a workplace accident, conquering Europe a few times and even sharing the stage with Sick Of It All for their 30th anniversary. Self belief has seen the band do things, their way and has paid off bigtime. Set to release their new album "Sea Of Misery" we figured it was best to catch up with guitarist Bosty for a chat...


Obviously a lot has happened with Crowned Kings since our last interview in 2015. It goes without saying that the passing away of your bassplayer Carlos must have hit you guys pretty hard?

Since 2015 and the release of Forked Road we have definitely been busy. With the passing of Carlos it was a huge shock to everyone not just in the band and family of Carlos, but throughout the world of hardcore. Carlos was loved by many people as he was one of the greatest guys going around. 

Was there ever talk of pulling the pin on the band and now looking back, do you think it’s solidified the members of the band even stronger perhaps?

There was never talk of “pulling the pin” ever. Carlos loved playing in CK and his hopes and dreams for the band were the same as everyone’s. He would have never wanted us to do that. So we had to keep pushing to make his dreams and ours a reality. Now everything we do is for his honour and his vision.

Despite the setbacks, it seems like the band has been just growing and growing of late. What are you most proud of over the past couple of years?

Touring Europe has definitely been a huge highlight over the past couple of years and also writing the new record “Sea of Misery”. We’ve made some great friends and have seen a lot of great places along the way.


After Evan from Cold Ground filled in for a while, you now have Choppaz from Rust Proof on bass. Does he try and shred bass solos over the top of everything, thinking he is still playing guitar?

Hahahaha that would actually be amazing but no! Choppaz has fit perfectly into the band on bass. He has picked it up naturally and adds a new element that we haven’t felt since Carlos was in the band.

You also now have Demons Run Amok releasing your records in Europe since we last spoke. How did that partnership come about?

Marcel from DRA has wanted to work with CK since the first album Wise Guy which we chose to keep independent from labels. We decided that if we were to head to Europe that we needed physical copies there. DRA has helped us immensely with promotion and support from the beginning and we are very happy with our partnership and friendship with him and the label.

Not one but two European tours last year in both April and August. Did you notice a difference in the crowd reaction between the two tours?

Yes definitely! Every tour so far has been so encouraging the support from the heavy metal and hardcore fans in Europe. More people are coming to see us and those who haven’t before go away with merch and music and hopefully it keeps on growing on the future tours to come.


Europe is well known for looking after their bands. Can you explain to readers the extra lengths venues and promoters go to that you don’t experience as a band in Australia?

Indeed Europe venues and promoters definitely look after the bands very well. CK always gets welcomed with friendly people from the moment we arrive at the show until we pack up and get into the van. There is always plenty of great food to keep us filled and a huge fridge filled with drinks throughout the night. I find that the promoters always go the extra mile to help the band in any way.

Obviously the first European tour with Sick Of It All celebrating their 30th Anniversary must have been pretty special?

It was amazing and a huge honour to be invited out twice by SOIA to celebrate there amazing mile stone. Those guys our definitely key mentors to CK and are always willing to continually help us in any way possible.

What did you learn from being on the road with a well tuned, road hardened and professional outfit like Sick Of It All?

We learned so much over those two tours with them. From how they run their merch to stage tricks and hints. Also how to uphold yourself continually being on the road. It was always filled with fun, laughter and great times being around such good people and crew they have.


Any memorable moments you wish to share? Or Craig Ahead stories?

Ahhhh good old Craig Ahead. There are plenty of stories that involve Craig. One was when he ran out of underwear on tour. So when we stopped into a gas station on the way to our next show I purchased a red girls G-string from the bathroom. Noodles (SOIA full time roadie) and I stuck it to his bass amp right before he went on stage. It was hilarious and that he also played the entire show with it stuck there. But seriously I love that guy. He is honestly like a big brother to me and is a great mentor not just in music but life in general. “What up Skully”

Have you found a second home anywhere in Europe, where does the band get the best reaction?

Germany would have to be a second home for CK for sure. We absolutely love it there and the people we meet. We also love Belgium and Holland 

Is touring Europe now financially viable for Crowned Kings as a band? Are you losing money or coming out even or ahead to play over there?

Honestly when you first tour a country outside of where you live it is always financially hard. It’s basically like starting from scratch. Every tour so far has gotten financially better for sure. So we just keep on coming back.

You’ve got a new record titled “Sea Of Misery” due out March 23. Any notable changes to the last one “Forked Road”?

I think our new album Sea of Misery takes off from the heavier tracks on Forked Road. I felt while writing the album I would put more of my roots into the sound eg( Pantera, Slayer, Metallica) but at the same time keep the CK feel, bounce and riffs.


You enlisted the help of Terror drummer Nick Jett to handle production duties again, how much of a role does he play. Is he offering input to song structure and the like, or mainly focused on pulling the best possible sound for the band?

Nick's main focus was firstly the sound. He is a great engineer and the sound was the main focus. He definitely added help to some of the song structure but only to bring out key parts that can get overlooked when writing as it added a different set of ears. He totally captured our vision of the album and it has come out incredible.

Do you feel like the songwriting within the band is becoming easier and more progressive with the new record?

Most definitely! I write all the music myself at home and just email Jack and Makka songs. Once they hear it we workshop the pre production together and come up with the best possible ideas collectively.

Got a favourite track you’re most pleased with or stoked on? Why that one in particular?

All the tracks came out great. Though asking this question is like asking me “who is your favourite child” they are all my babies who I love equally. One special song though is written about Carlos called “Crowned King” it’s a fast paced song that hits hard. It will definitely be a track that will stand the test of time.

Having done a few film clips now, are you more comfortable in front of a camera or is it always going to be a bit weird you think?

Personally it’s weird hahahaha but I think it’s important to have a lot of video content for fans to watch when we are not touring. It never gets easier but it’s all fun.

Are there plans to head back to Europe in 2017 once the new record “Sea Of Misery” drops?

Yeah totally. We are booked through Snoopy at MAD Tourbooking and are working on a summer tour at the moment. We would also like to return again around October / November as a follow up club tour. 

What about Australian launches or tours?

We are currently working on a few options for Australia wide touring. It’ll definitely involve some friends we have made along the way.

Any final words or thanks?

Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed. "Sea of Misery" comes out March 23 through Demons RunAmok in Europe and 1054 Australia. Pre orders are up now for purchase. A big continual thanks to all our fans and friends made along the way. Without your support none of what we do could be possible.

Preorders for "Sea Of Misery" are now now live at



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