Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate 2017, the year that was. Hard to believe another year has slipped by so fast. 2017 was a busy year in the realms of local and international punk/hardcore. A lot of new bands turned some heads by putting out some awesome debuts and demo releases, some old bands got back together again and some vets continued their upward trajectory.

Below is what we thought we're the most impressive releases of 2017. You may or may not agree with our selections and comparisons or those of the other people featured, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before. Variety is the spice of life. You might just find your new favourite band while you're at it...

*** We also use the categories Hardcore and Punk pretty loosely.

Without any further ado...




MINDSNARE - Unholy Death (Resist Records)

Let the history books show that the year 2017 belongs to Mindsnare. Not only did they drop a ball-tearing good LP, but also two new 7”s featuring Motorhead and Destruction covers to boot. The first three spots in this list should belong to Mindsnare really. Let’s also not forget the LP was secretly released as well. Name any other band that releases their first LP in ten years, and does so with a minimum of fuss. If you were one of the lucky 50 people who got in early and preordered both 7”s, you surely got the best surprise all year when a new Mindsnare LP showed up in your letterbox. Who does that? Do you really need me to tell you musically how good this is? From the start of the intro, you are moshing, when once the air raid siren hits, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the onslaught ahead, you’ve been warned! Bullshit leads and riffs from Beltsy, breakneck drumming from Gordy, pummelling bass from Nigel as Matt finds another depth of his bowels to spit forth his growls. You really need to focus on what is happening musically to fully understand the complexity that goes into writing Mindsnare songs. This really is a perfect album, awesome artwork to boot, absolute flawless release and is easily on par with the Death. 

HOMESICK - Won't Let Go (Dogfight Records)

After dropping a very promising demo in 2015, Sydney’s Homesick return with their impressive debut full length. Playing a fast melodic style of hardcore, not too dissimilar to Miles Away, Homesick aren’t afraid to mix things up with a smattering of leads, unique bridges and even a didgeridoo here and there. While lyrically this has an intelligent and strong focus on the indigenous perspective of Australian life. You can actually download this whole album for a “Name Your Price” fee off their bandcamp, so absolutely no excuses for not checking this out. You won’t be disappointed.

SHACKLES - Lifeless Paradise (Resist Records)

Every year since they dropped their first 7 inch way back in 2012, Shackles have released new music. This year’s offering was 12 new songs that clocks in at under 20 minutes. A short, sharp and furious blast of grind infused hardcore, the same as every other year really.

CURSED EARTH - Cycles of Grief (The Complete Collection) (UNFD)

Perth’s most evil offer up two 10” EPs released separately that are then later combined to make up an LP’s worth of new music. Leaning towards the heavier and more metallic spectrum of hardcore, think a mix of Harm’s Way and Nails perhaps, Cursed Earth offer up a dark, angry, bleak look at the world. There is a notable increase in production quality to previous releases and it is great to hear a full length’s worth of new material at once, rather than the slow release of tracks on splits, comps and Eps of the past.

RAGE - Feel The Burn (Resist Records)

Debut 7 inch from Newcastle / Central Coast band Rage who play a traditional hardcore style ala early Agnostic Front meets modern day UKHC like The Flex or Violent Reaction. Five raging tracks that fly by in the blink of an eye, yet leave their mark.

LO! - Vestigal (Pelagic Records)

Third full length release from Sydney’s LO! who combine blackened sludge with the manic-ness of Converge and the heaviness of Lamb Of God and Meshuggah. This is their second release with new vocalist Sam who realy adds a new dimension to the brutality of LO!

MENTAL CAVITY - Aneurysm (EVP Recordings)

Take three members of I Exist and add in a member of Dead Kings and you have Mental Cavity. Not afraid to mix things up, you get plenty of sludge riffs ala Crowbar mixed in with some Entombed style metal and the thrash of Tragedy. Somehow it all melds together and works, and the side project looks to have become something more serious.

YEAR OF THE RAT - Hell Bent (Resist Records)

Debut full length for Melbourne supergroup made up of members of Hit List, Damnation A.D, I Exist, BlkOut and The Daylight Curse playing a heavier metal influenced hardcore style like Merauder, Most Precious Blood or All Out War. Great debut release.

THE ACCURSED - Shutdown (Rain On The Parade Records)

Really well done Boston hardcore from this Melbourne band with a Slapshot sound. Great 6 song debut. Sadly the Accursed has since broken up, as the singer had to return home to Germany.

REACTIONS - March Of Dissolution (Resist Records)

Adelaide’s Reactions mix things up a bit with their latest solid release, stepping outside of the boundaries of heavy hardcore - heavy riff, riff, breakdown - to inject some clean vocals and off timing drumming to off up some point of difference. Great maturation and progression in approach to song writing. Like modern Hatebreed meets Day of Contempt.




DEAFCULT - Auras (Hobbledehoy Records)

Much anticipated follow up release to their self titled effort of 2015 that continues exactly where the last one left off. For “Auras” however, there is a notable increase of layered atmospheric, fuzzed-out guitars filling any void or gap left vacant by the soothing vocals. Coupled with an increase of pop sensibilities in the song structure, this sounds like Ride’s “Going Blank Again” coupled with My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” and is truly a work of wonder.

FRENZAL RHOMB - Hi Vis Hi Tea (Fat Wreck Chords)

Long awaited follow up LP to “Smoko At The Pet Food Factory” released some 6 years ago, if you can believe that? Ever reliable, you know what you are going to get with Frenzal. Not interested in reinventing the wheel, they have a winning formula of super melodic and catchy tunes, paired with witty, hilarious and insightful lyrics that often explore the and deconstruct the peculiarities of Australian culture. Oath!

BED WETTIN' BAD BOYS - Rot (R.I.P Society)

Total late comers to this Sydney band, as the name always had us convinced this wasn’t for us. One listen of lead track “Plastic Tears” and we were hooked. Great Aussie lo-fi garage rock that RIP Society has become renown for releasing. Think Jay Reatard, Royal Headache or The Replacements and you are on the right track.

GOLD CLASS - Drum (Remote Control Records)

Last year’s wrap up unearthed this Melbourne band courtesy of a Luke Dolan recommendation that they sound kind of like a mix of Joy Division with The Smiths. And he was right too. There is a dark post punk element to Gold Class that reverberates throughout this entire album. The early Joy Division comparisons are very spot on.

CHINESE BURNS UNIT - Joanie Hates ChaChi 7” (Bluish Greenish Records / Rhyming Logic Records)

If you miss the days of Lawnsmell and haven’t yet checked out CBU then you’re seriously blowing it. Combining the vocal abilities of Glenno and Jay Frenzal, this 5 track 7 inch offering is already their fifth release since 2012 and perhaps their most refined effort yet. Like the perfect mix of Ramones Weaselish punk rock.

OSLOW - S/T LP (Resist Records)

Having been around for over 5 years now, Oslow finally dropped their debut LP this year. Elements of modern day favourites like Basement, Tiger’s Jaw and Balance & Composure come to the forefront of the sound of Oslow. No surprise this is already onto it’s second press, as it is a great entertaining release.

HACK THE MAINFRAME - Disorders Of Consciousness (Pee Records)

Debut full length from this Newcastle band who play a 90s skate punk style ala Frenzal Rhomb, Satanic Surfers, Rise Against and really play it well.

BARRIERS - Bloated Dreams EP (Self Released)

New four track EP for Sydney band Barriers after their impressive debut. Like a mix of Jimmy Eat World and Silverchair, these pleasant yet aggressively poppy tunes will be stuck in your head for weeks.

BRIEF HABITS - Selftitled EP (Hobbledehoy Records)

Debut full length from this Brisbane band who play a melodic intoxicating blend of Jimmy Eat World meets American Football influenced tunes. Self recorded and produced by J Robbins, this very unassuming release definitely flew under everyone’s radar and is well worth a visit.


Two of the country’s favourite pop punkers team up for a split 7 inch offering one new track each along with a cover of their split partners. Both bands offer a variation on the classic Fat Wreck 90s sound and do it really well.




SLUR - Valley King Demo (Best Wishes Records)

Crush The Demoniac drummer does a Phil Collins and steps out from behind his drum kit to front Slur, a 90s inspired melodic emo band, kinda like Seaweed meets Knapsack. Plus it has a cute doggo on the cover!

ENGAGE - Demo 2017 (No Surrender Records)

New youth crew band out of Perth. Demo includes a Floorpunch cover.

THE CHAIN - Demo (Last Ride Records)

Perth produces another banger of a demo with a Jaws meets Dead Stop sound mixed in with a Boston Hardcore flavoured vocal.

BRAINFREEZE - The Freeze Factor Demo (Best Wishes)

Adelaide goes NYHC style ala Leeway meets Madball.

FATALIST - Heart Attack (Self Released)

Ripping debut 4 song recording from this Newcastle band that kinda sounds like American Nightmare meets later era Carpathian. 




FIREBURN - Don’t Stop The Youth (Closed Casket Activities)

If you’ve heard the Bad Brains’ album “Rise” then you would be well familiar with Israel Joseph, as he also toured Australia on the back of this album which was the only Brains visit to Australia in the early 90s. Well now he is back in a band with Todd Jones (Terror, Carry On, Betrayed, Nails), Todd Youth (Murphy’s Law, Warzone, Danzig) and Knifefight drummer Nick Townsend, that basically sounds like the Bad Brains Mk II. Their debut is a blistering mix of raging hardcore and reggae like you’d wish you’d hear from a new Bad Brains record, but sadly doesn’t materialise. Can’t wait to hear more from this band.

POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)

Wow wee Power Trip have really raised the bar since “Manifest Decimation”. Their latest offering harnesses even more of everything you loved about the 80s thrash metal scene. Musically there is plenty of chug, groove and dive-bombs combined with gutterly howls and screams. Will 2018 be the year they finally tour Australia?

DAMNATION AD - Pornography (Organized Crime Records)

If you love Damnation AD and also love the Cure, do we have the perfect record for you. Originally conceived 25 years ago when the band released a cover of “Cold” by the Cure, they have now released an entire cover of the Cure album “Pornography”. Sounds like mixing oil and water I know, but if you had no idea this was a Cure record you would just think it is an awesome new Damnation AD record.

RED DEATH - Formidable Darkness (Triple B Records)

It is impossible to listen to Red Death and not draw comparisons to Sick Of It All. Vocally it sounds so much like a younger Lou Koller backed by a band heavily influenced by DRI, COC and the Cro Mags. This band just gets better with every release.

ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal (Southern Lord)

Didn’t think All Pigs Must Die could get any heaver? Well throw in the addition of Brian Izzi from Trap Them on guitar to an already impressive lineup of members of Converge, Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse and they are seriously obesely heavy. While everyone is craping their dacks about Converge and Nails, I really feel like APMD get totally overlooked.

HIGHER POWER - Soul Structure (Flatspot Records)

The new wave of British hardcore (NWOBH) is really shaking the scene up, with 2017 serving as a truly defining year. So many good releases came out of the UK this year and the list of 7”s and demos below is dominated by the NWOBH. Higher Power are one of these bands and have a definite 90s influence infused with melody and groove, popularised today by bands like Turnstile, Mizery & Angel Dust. Having said that they are hardly clones, bringing their own unique sound to the table.

INCENDIARY - Thousand Mile Stare (Closed Casket Activities)

Awesome third album from Incendiary that showcases a reaffirmation of the sound they are striving for. Musically it sounds a little like Verse crossed with Indecision with a vocal delivery very reminiscent of Zach De La Rocha RATM era. Intelligent and interesting.

BODY COUNT - Bloodlust (Century Media)

Once upon a time, Body Count were pretty much a joke band. Sure it was the Ice on vocals, but the band itself was pretty lame. Fast forward to 2017 and Body Count as musicians sound amazing. As always some great social commentary from the Ice, especially on “No Lives Matter”. Obviously with a bigger budget on Century media, the production is through the roof. Throw in some Slayer covers and appearances by Dave Mustaine and Max Cavalera and the end result is a truly great album, socially conscious messaging has never been catchier.

GIVE - Electric Flower Cult (Lockin’ Out)

What can be said about Give that hasn’t already been said before. They like melodic DC hardcore like Swiz. They are one of the most prolific bands around with over 10 releases since 2010. They seem to refine and improve with each new offering and this is no different.

IRON REAGAN - Crossover Ministry (Relapse Records)

Already up to their third album, Iron Reagan are really no longer just a Municipal Waste side project. Most bands who have struck up a winning formula, soon learn to stick to it. Nothing really changes from Iron Reagan, it is 100% reliably awesome, award winning thrash.




ABUSE OF POWER - When Then Becomes Now (Triple B Records)

Chain Of Strength sounding vocals over the melodic music of a 90s vibed Outspoken “A Light In The Dark” era.

STAGES IN FAITH - Forgiving Man (Quality Control)

UK band featuring members of Blind Authority playing a DC Revolution Summer styled band.

SEARCH - Between The Lines (Revelation Records)

Members of Floorpunch, Turning Point and Mouthpiece team up for Search’s debut 7 inch.

DISCREPANCY - Thoughts Are Things (Youngblood Records)

5 tracks of Hardstance / Instead / Uniform Choice inspired melodic OC hardcore

ECOSTRIKE - Time Is Now (Carry The Weight)

Sounds like what you wished Strife still sound like in 2017.

INSIST - Here and Now (React Records)

Debut 5 track 7 inch from UK youth crew band heavily inspired by The First Step.

FREE - Ex Tenebris (Triple B Records)

After last year’s awesome demo,four fifths of Have Heart return for Free’s debut 7 inch.

D.C. DISORDER - Naive To A World (Youngblood Records)

Great youth crew featuring members of Worn Thin, Desperate Measures, Lion Of Judah, Mindset and Turnstile.

MINDFORCE - The Future Of (Trip Machine Labs)

Awesome crossover thrash hardcore hybrid like Leeway meets Suicidal Tendencies.

RAPTURE - I Glorify (Quality Control)

A UK version of early sounding Turning Point from members of True Vision and Big Cheese.

FIRM STANDING LAW - Unashamed (Life Lair Regret / Carry The Weight)

UK band featuring members of xRepentancex and Cold World playing a Judge / Chorus Of Disapproval styled band.

BIG CHEESE - Aggravated Mopery (Quality Control)

Great Outburst / Killing Time sounding NYHC style from members of UK bands Violent Reaction and Higher Power.





PROPAGANDHI - Victory Lap (Epitaph)

Modern day Propagandhi really takes a lot to comprehend. Even devout fans immediately were a bit off put by their latest record on the first listen. The complexity of the beast that is “Victory Lap” needs more than a few spins, but once you get your head around what is actually going on, you realise the magnitude of it’s magnificence. Lyrically this is light years ahead of every band on the planet, even taking time to critique the work of Christopher Hitchens. Musically it is simply amazing, with song construction following no set formula or rule other than to shred without overdoing what the song requries to make it brilliant. Impossible to categorise and undeniably brilliant this is easily the record of the year.

IRON CHIC - You Can’t Stay Here (Side One Dummy)

Iron Chic’s previous album “The Constant One” really set the bar high in terms of songwriting and catchiness. Eclipsing it would be impossible, matching it or coming close to matching it, far more achievable and that is what Iron Chic have done. There is a real humaness and life to the music of Iron Chic that can’t be replicated by studio trickery. Lyrically it’s a very dark record as you’d expect having lost their founding guitarist since their last outing. But the sadness is interwoven amongst amazing guitar melodies and vocal layering that make the experience simply amazing.

THE LILLINGTONS - Stella Sapiente (Fat Wreck Chords)

Before Teenage Bottlerocket there was the Lillingtons. Now this Ramones / Screeching Weasel inspired melodic pop punk band finally land on Fat Wreck and their label debut doesn’t disappoint.

TIGERS JAW - spin (Black Cement)

The debut release on producer Will Yip's new Atlantic Records offshoot label, sees Tigers Jaw continue their transition from emo band into power pop, indie rock band. The soothing dual narrative of male / female vocals of Tigers Jaw really amplifies the varieity of sounds on this record. If you liked later era Saves The Day, you should definitely give this a spin.

88 FINGERS LOUIE - Thank You For Being A Friend (Bird Attack)

Comeback album, some 19 years since their last, from the band that basically birthed Rise Against. This still sounds like you’d expect 88FL too. Dennis’ vocals ring familiar and Mr Precision endlessly shreds away, but perhaps notably absent is the bass sound of Joe Principe. The songs feel a little underdone in some spots, but overall this is a triumphant return.

ABLE BAKER FOX - Visions (No Sleep Records)

Another comeback album, this time from members of Small Brown Bike, The Casket Lottery and Coalesce playing a sound not too distant from Rival Schools and their follow up to 2008’s “Voices”.

TURNOVER - Good Nature (Run For Cover)

Follow up full length to “Peripheral Vision” that sees the band move further away from shoe gaze to a mellow sleepy vocal, dream pop style. While less energetic than previous effort, there is still plenty to love.

THE DOPAMINES - Tales Of Interest (Rad Girlfriend)

Five years since their last full length,the Dopamines are back. Sounding kind of like a more Ramones influenced version of Dillinger Four (if that makes any sense) the 14 tracks on offer show a slightly more matured song writing approach.

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET- Stealing The Covers (Fat Wreck Chords)

Cover albums can always be a bit hiss and mis, usually reliant on the popularity of the original songs to see them through. Teenage Bottlerocket threw the handbook out the window and covered an album worth of bands that inspired them, not caring that you’ve probably never heard of the bands.

QUICKSAND - Interiors (Epitaph)

The expectation of this sounding like “Slip” or “Manic Compression” was going to be impossible to live up to. Instead what we basically have here is a new Rival Schools album as a consolation prize.





Top3 Reissues


HUSKER DU - Savage Young Du (Numero Group)

In a year that inadvertently also sadly marked the passing of Husker Du drummer Grant Hart, this incredible 4 LP + book box set comes along. Compiling 69 songs 47 of which are previously unissued, and includes and an alternate version of the Land Speed Record. Also included is a book of mostly early unseen photographs and flyers. Brilliant package. 

DOWNSET - S/T & Do We Speak A Dead Language (Music For Nations)

If you didn’t manage to grab a copy of either of the first two Downset LPs when they were released in the mid 90s on major label Mercury Records then you’d be looking at over $100 to add one to your collection. Thankfully these have been repressed and reissued on 180 gram vinyl and sound amazing. If you like a bit of bounce in your core then do pick these up while they are affordable. 

BATTERY - For The Rejected, By The Rejected (Revelation Records)

While not so much a reissue, but more a compilation, this “greatest hits” collection of songs from Battery also includes a newly recorded track that doesn’t sound out of place one bit. There is also an amazing booklet detailing the band’s history along with a collection of photos and flyers that makes for amazing reading.






STANDPOINT - Demo (Quality Control)

Raging Uniform Choice styled youth crew out of the UK from members of Violent Reaction, Insist, Unjust, & True Vision.

BERTHOLD CITY - Moment Of Truth Demo 17 (War Records)

Strife guitarist Andrew Kline moves to the mic for this awesome fast paced melodic hardcore band out of LA.

PAYDAY - Second To None (Quality Control)

More awesome hardcore out of the UK in a Confront / early Integrity vein.





RADIO BIRDMAN: Descent Into The Maelstrom

Great insight into the early Australian punk scene and the history of Sydney punk icons Radio Birdman. Charts the many adversities the band faced trying to secure venues that eventually led to the creation of their own venue dubbed, the Funhouse, that eventually spawned a new generation of bands. In this no holds barred feature, former members tear strips off each other as they explain the internal politics of the band that led to their early demise. The viewer emerges with bitter taste in their mouth conflicted as to wether or not they can continue as a Birdman fan, sure the music is great but…. The caution to never meet your idols certainly rings true.

The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film

If you’ve ever watched “The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions with” episodes on YouTube then you are probably already familiar with the direction of filmmaker Drew Stone. Sure there have already been multiple documentaries on NYHC before, but probably not as in-depth and historical as this. This touches on more than just the bands, but also the graffiti scene and metal scene’s influence on NYHC. Interviewees look a lot more comfortable and really open up a lot more on camera, than past docos, making for a more enjoyable documentary experience.

GREEN DAY: The Early Years

This was a really cool four part online documentary series from Spotify on the humble beginnings of Green Day and how they established themselves in the local San Francisco/ Gilman Street scene in the late 80s. From the band’s formation to their partnering with Lookout Records for their early output to the release of the platinum-selling Dookie in 1994, this is a unique look at how Green Day have shot to prominence. Sure their musical output nowadays may be terrible, but once upon a time they were one of the greatest punk bands in the world.





THE ART OF RAY AHN by Ray Ahn  (Starman Books)

This comprehensive book compiles all of the art of Hard Ons bass player Ray Ahn that was used for flyers, posters, advertising, releases and shirt designs for his own band and many others. It also serves as a visual history of the Hard Ons and indeed the Sydney and Australian punk scene from the mid 1980s on, complete with short anecdotes and tit bits of information from Ray.

MY RIOT by Roger Miret & Jon Wiederhorn  (Lesser Gods)

There seems to be a never ending plethora of books emerging from the NYHC scene of late. What sets Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret’s memoir apart from the rest, is that his account of growing up hard in New York’s lower east side reads more as a journey of survival and internal growth rather than an ego stroking tale of triumphs and accomplishments. Also documents the beginnings of the NYHC scene and the many bands Roger was a part of in one way or another. His younger step brother Freddy features quite heavily and offers an account of his upbringing as well.

FINDING JOSEPH I by Howie Abrams and James Lathos  (Lesser Gods)

At one point this book was being advertised as a memoir by H.R. but I guess due to his mental illness it became billed as an authorised biography instead. It reads as a history of the Bad Brains and of H.R, as told by himself and perhaps by those who have a better recollection. It paints a picture of a talented and driven individual who struggled with his own demons and never really quite fit in anywhere. 




So enough of what we thought were the highlights of 2017, below is a collection of what a bunch of people from around the country, from all walks of life made of music released in 2017…

Thanks again to everyone who participated.



Matt Horvath - Crisis Alert, Stolen Youth, Clarity Records

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Propagandhi Victory Lap
Turnover - Good Nature 
At The Drive-In - In-Ter A-Li-A
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
Thurston Moore - Rock And Roll Consciousness
Converge - The Dusk In Us
Mac Demarco - This Old Dog
The National - Sleep Well Beast
Oh Sees - Orc
Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand

Best 7"s
Hydromedusa - Parasite
Helta Skelta - Nightclubbin
Primitive Blast - S/T

Favourite Reissue
Razar - Stamp Out Disco

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Bonobo - North Borders

Top 3 Shows or tours
Turnover at Fowlers
Descendents at The Gov
West Thebarton at The Exeter

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The AFL Grand Final. Will be suffering for a long time after that one

New Years Resolution for 2018
Record a new Stolen Youth album (this has probably been my resolution for the last 6 years)

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Hanging out with my family.
Hopefully being a bit more creative musically.

Prediction For 2018
I will probably die from a stress related heart attack due to football



Nathan Garland - Born Free, Broken

Top 10 Releases For 2017

No Warning - Torture Culture
Trapped Under Ice - Heatwave
Primitive Blast - s/t
Exit Order - Seed of Hysteria
Fireburn - Don’t Stop The Youth
Freedom - Never Had A Choice
Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes
Code Orange - Forever
Nightfear - Cryptasm
The Chain - Demo

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Ramallah - Kill a Celebrity

Top 3 Shows or tours
Ocean Grove at the Corner
Invasion Fest
Cursed Earth at The Tote

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Lack of tours

New Years Resolution for 2018
Get fit

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
New Turnstile LP

Prediction For 2018
Psycho Style



Joel Attenborough - Taking Sides, Stoneage, Myage Podcast 

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Propagandhi - Victory Lap
Frenzal Rhomb - Hi Vis High Tea
Action Bronson - Blue Chips 7000
Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
The Menzingers - After the Party
The Bronx - V
Open City - Self Titled
Dave Hause - Bury me in Philly
Western Addiction - Tremulous 
The National - Sleep Well Beast
Rancid - Trouble Maker

7”s and EP’s  

Rage - Feel the Burn 7”
World Sick - Delayed EP
Barriers - Bloated Dreams EP
Post Truth - S/T EP

Favourite Reissue
The Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre 20th Anniversary LP

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
A wizard got me onto a Moby release called ‘LongAmbients1: Calm. Sleep.’ - it’s a free download from his site, and it’s incredible for meditation, yoga, falling to sleep or just chill. 

Top 3 Shows or Tours
I hardly got out to any shows this year... Dad Life has kept me at home a lot, so I’m only going to pick 1:
Taking Sides @ The Red Rattler - that show is always going to hold a special place in my heart - getting on stage with those 4 guys, and i enjoyed it more than I thought I could. 

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Story after story of men being inappropriate towards women... 
Limp Bizkit announce a tour and people are excited.
Last Nerve are still broken up... maybe next year that will change. 

New Years Resolution for 2018
More of a goal, than a resolution - but I’m hoping to put out new podcasts on a fortnightly basis - as opposed to one a month. 

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Finally releasing more Stone Age songs... and hopefully playing a bit more

Prediction For 2018
Lebron will head to the Lakers, when the Cavs don’t win the championship.
Propagandhi will tour and it will be the best tour of 2018.


Rose - Masochist

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Chelsea Wolfe- Hiss Spun
Trapped Under Ice- Heatwave
Converge- The Dusk In Us
Homesick- Won't Let Go
Rort Menace- Reid's Mistake
Cursed Earth- Cycles of Grief
Firewalker- S/T
Incendiary- Thousand Mile Stare
Downtown Boys- Cost of Living
Paramore- After Laughter 

Favourite Reissue
Josie and the Pussycats (2001) OST reissued on vinyl

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Mortality Rate- "Sleep Deprivation"

Top 3 Shows or tours
Lair Fest 2017

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Missing out on Sheer Mag/Downtown Boys/White Lung/multiple other bands who didn't get to play any further north than Sydney.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Quit my job and get to more shows

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Chelsea Wolfe Australian tour
Say Anything anniversary tour
Ill Natured "Twisted Visions" LP

Prediction For 2018
Australian punk/hardcore takes over the world.


Owen Pasalich - Primitive Blast, Rapid Dye

Top 10 Releases For 2017

It's hard to narrow down, but I'll try. In no particular order...

Candy - Candy Says
Impalers - Cellar Dweller
Beach Fossils - Somersault
Sex Drive - S/T 7"
Delroy Edwards - Hangin' At The Beach
Rixe - Baptême Du Feu 7"
Orion - S/T LP
Mosquito - Demo 2017
Freddie Gibbs - You Only Live 2wice
Subdued - Torment & Torture Demo

Favourite Reissue
Buried Alive - Watchmen Session (Demo '98) on BBB Records

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Radioactivity - S/T LP. I don't know how I hadn't heard this earlier, but it's truly incredible. Thanks Drew. Do yourselves a favour.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Our Sydney 7" release show with a bunch of our friends bands and friends in attendance.
United Blood in Richmond, Virginia.
West Coast of the USA with Trapped Under Ice, GAG & Ingrown plus others/East Coast with Candy & Division Of Mind.

Everything we did in 2017 no matter how big or small was great and I'm very thankful for that.

New Years Resolution for 2018
I don't do that.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
We have a few exciting ideas and plans like heading over to Perth with some of our best friends and I can't wait for that. Announcement will come at some point.

Prediction For 2018
We will rock a new record and I'll get no better at answering questions like this. Sorry.



Jarrod Birch - Choke, Rage

Top 10 Releases For 2017

In no particular order:
Orion - S/T 12”
Turnover - Good Nature
Jess Locke - Universe
The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me
Lil Peep - Come Over When You’re Sober Pt 1
Straightjacket Nation - S/T 12”
Death Bells - Standing at the Edge of the World 12”
The Accursed - Shut Down 7”
Fireburn - Don’t Stop the Youth 12”
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush

Favourite Reissue
Parkway Drive - Horizons

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding - Mid Thirties Single Scene

Top 3 Shows or tours
White Male Dumbinance, Crosscheck + others at Party for Marty.
Riff Raff at the Cambridge Hotel.
Mindsnare at the Bald Faced Stag.

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Break Through not covering IKTPQ in Sydney.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Pump out as much music as possible before finishing Univeristy and slowly bowing out of playing in aggressive hardcore bands.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018

Prediction For 2018
Break Through headline tour with support from a reformed Red Shore.


Nicole Goodwin - Life Lair Regret Records

Top Releases For 2017

Paramore – After Laughter
Mindsnare – Unholy Rush
Drawing Last Breath – Final Sacrifice
Incendiary – Thousand Mile Stare
Year Of The Rat – Hell Bent
Tigers Jaw – Spin
Higher Power – Soul Structure
Shitgrinder – Eternal Death
Diploid – Everything Went Red
Homesick – Wont Let Go

Day By Day – From Now On
xFirm Standing Lawx – Unashamed
Apollo Zen – You
Endless Heights – You Coward
Abuse Of Power – When Then Becomes Now
xServitudex – Path To Amnesty
Petal – Comfort
Enzyme – Abuse Of Power
Eco Strike – Time is Now

The Chain

Favourite Reissue
Racetraitor - Burn the Idol of the White Messiah

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
I can’t think of anything

Top 3 Shows or tours
This is going to sound bias but….
Lair Fest show 1 – Mindsnare, Reactions, Unravel, Sewercide + Enzyme @ The Bendigo
Lair Fest show 2 – Reactions, Ill Natured, Broken, XlairX, Apollo Zen + more @ Phoenix YC
Lair Fest show 3 – Outright, Homesick, Unravel, Masochist, Fearless + more @ Phoenix YC
(Special mention to the Sold out Rebirth last show at Phoenix YC as well)

Biggest disappointment of 2017
In terms of hardcore; Bands breaking up, significantly less shows happening and dudes thinking its ok to purposely crowd kill.
Personally; Moving 4 hours out of Melbourne and having to commute back and forth between Melbourne and Bairnsdale every weekend. Not releasing my 10 Years of Australian hardcore and punk show photographs because my 9-5 job got in the way.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Finally release my book… which will now be 12 years of Australian hardcore and punk show photographs (instead of 10)

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
New bands, more shows, more diversity in sound and people.

Prediction For 2018
People will continue to try to profit from hardcore, leaving all the young bands to starve so they can get a cut of the money.
I will (hopefully) become less bitter ha ha ha



Aaron Osbourne - Mental Cavity, Year Of The Rat, Oblivious Maximus Podcast

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Pallbearer - Heartless
Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black
Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained
Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
Necrot - Blood Offerings
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
Potion - Seven Sorcerers/Gravemaker
Deafcult - Auras
Primitive Man - Caustic

Favourite Reissue
Whatever of my favourite albums were recently remastered or finally uploaded to Spotify.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Deathrite - Revelation of Chaos

Top 3 Shows or tours
Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Gatecreeper - Hi Hat, Los Angeles
Blood Duster 2nd Last Show - The Tote, Melbourne
Eyehategod Band Practice - A Jam Room, New Orleans

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The Hawks not getting that final burst and making it into the Finals.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Continue to riff, sip, chinwag and chill as I have for the last 29 years and keep loving it.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
The above mentioned goals, playing more shows and writing more music with Mental Cavity, Eyehategod releasing more music, going overseas, seeing members of I Exist who I haven't in a long time, and seeing the Hawks return to the finals.

Prediction For 2018
Some more of this world turns to total chaos, some metal bands release music that keeps my faith alive and I drink a zillion more beers.


Michael Fitzsimmons - Life Lair Regret Records

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Mindsnare – Unholy Rush
Year of the Rat – Hell Bent
Code Orange – Forever
Drawing Last Breath – Final Sacrifice
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Forced Order – One Last Prayer
Higher Power - Soul Structure 
Homesick - Won’t Let Go
All Out War - Give Us Extinction 
Eighteen Visions - XVIII
(for a comeback record it could have been a lot worst, especially for them)

Day By Day – From Now On
Ecostrike – Time Is Now
Abuse of Power – When Then Becomes Now
Firm Standing Law – Unashamed
Faze - In Silence
Discrepancy - Thoughts Are Things
Search For Purpose -More Than Us...
Second Sight - Promo
Revolve - Reduced to Ash
Magnitude - Era of Attrition

Division of Mind
The Chain
The Hard Way

Favourite Reissues
Racetratior – Burn the Idol of the White Messiah
Snapcase – Lookingglasself
Damnation A.d – Porngraphy
One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge
Liar - Invictus 
Excessive Force - In Your Blood

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Iron Age – Constant Struggle

Top 3 Shows or tours
Rebirth Final Show
Mindsnare Lp Release Show

Biggest disappointment of 2017
A massive drop in shows/new bands/people being motivated about music.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Finish a new zine, travel more of the world and never stop looking for new bands and records to listen too.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
The return of shows and tours more regularly, hopefully it’ll bring some new blood.

Prediction For 2018
Shows will slowly pick up both in attendance and number. More local shows and weekenders.



Ben Leece - Life Love Regret, The Delta Lions

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Husker Du - Savage Young Du / Am I jaded for thinking the best thing to come out in 2017 were the songs deemed not good enough to be included on Husker Du records 30+ years ago?
Husker Du - Extra Circus / As above
The Replacements - For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986 / Kind of unfair really. A posthumous live release from the greatest band of all time with the greatest discography of songs of all time.
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Navigator / Alynda Segarra is a boss and I love this record.
A Giant Dog - Toy / I can't understand why I don't hear more about this band. They are so damn catchy. Last year's record 'Pile' blew my mind as did Toy in 2017.
No Warning - Torture Culture / I don't care what Luke Dolan says, this record is sick.
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush / Name any Mindsnare album ever that didn't deserve a spot in a top 10 list of of that particular year. I'll wait.
Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria / Great band, nice album. Guitar tone is sweet.
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic / No real surprises, but this album is tough.
P Smurf - Abolone 7" / Easily one of the most underrated MCs in the country. Big Village represent.

Favourite Reissue
REM - Automatic For The People: For the inclusion of the Photograph demo and Ice Cube Death Certificate: For the inclusion of Good Cop Bad Cop

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
XTC - Skylarking: One of those bands that you've always known about but never bothered to check out. This record is killer.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Midnight Oil + AB Original @ The Domain; Pete Rock & CL Smooth @ The Metro; Teenage Fanclub @ Taronga Zoo;

Biggest disappointment of 2017
I'll cop it for this one, but Bronx V. There was/is a lot of hype around this release, but mehhhh.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Eat less and surf more.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
The new Superchunk record and Lemonheads at Taronga.

Prediction For 2018
Sydney Roosters win the minor premiership and grab the chocolates in the GF and there probably won't be a Hazards LP.



Makka - Crowned Kings

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Integrity - Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Nasty - Realigion
World of Pain - No Utopia
Enemy Mind - No Safe Place
Honest Crooks - Suffer
All Out War - Give Us Extinction
Terror - The Walls Will Fall
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare
No Zodiac - Altars of Impurity
Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black

Favourite Reissue
Integrity - Seasons In The Size of Days (Crime Scene Records)

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
No Reason To Live - Only Death Is Certain.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Nasty and Fallbrawl at “Support Your Scene Fest” in Denmark.
H2O at “Mighty Sounds” in Czech Republic.
Overpower at The Brunswick Hotel.

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Range of horror movies and the human race

New Years Resolution for 2018
Travel to Japan to see Aokigahara and get tattooed

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Releasing the new Crowned Kings album. Recording and releasing my new project

Prediction For 2018
Melbourne Storm will win the 2018 NRL grand final




Simon Vera - Fearless

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Homesick - Won't Let Go LP
FREE - Ex Tenebris EP
Exit Order - S/T LP
Rage - Feel The Burn EP
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare LP
Power Trip - Nightmare logic LP
Insist - Here and Now EP
Primal Rite - Sensory Link To Pain EP
Turnover - Good Nature LP
Paramore - After Laughter LP

Honourable mention to the America’s Hardcore compilation that just came out on bandcamp. Bangs hard. No fillers

Favourite Reissue
Not sure if the Uniform Choice reissue was this year or last year, but that's probably my favourite one from the last 12 months

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Uncontrollable by Miserable probably. Not many releases come to mind, but I liked this one.

Top 3 Shows / Tours
Lairfest 2017. It was awesome playing in Melbourne for the first time. Can't thank The Lair enough.
Sound and Fury 2017. First overseas fest didn't disappoint.
Rage / Skylerwhite/ Fearless @ Urge Records. One of the best venues in Sydney with so many of our friends. Can't wait to go back

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The continuous disregard for the environment and for human rights in this country. But hell, that probably goes for every year to be honest.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Put out the FEARLESS 7"
Complete my masters degree
To improve my Jiu Jitsu

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Playing a few shows, watching the Socceroos at the World Cup, new music from Fury, Homesick, and Outright, and the fall of capitalism.




Tom Maddocks - Last Ride Records, Ill Natured, Mood Swing, The Hard Word

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Top 10 LP's

Unified Right - If I Can't Listen To Unified Right In Heaven Then Send Me Straight To Hell
Gleemer - Anymore
Deafcult - Auras
Tigers Jaw - Spin
Protester - Hide From Reality
Citizen - As You Please
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
Trapped Under Ice - Heatwave
Code Orange - Forever
Souvenirs - Posture Of Apology

Top 10 7"s/EP's

Primitive Blast - Primitive Blast
Freedom - Never Had A Choice
Facile - Facile
Candy - Candy Says
Abuse Of Power - When Then Becomes Now
Civic Duty - Burden Of Hate
Give - Electric Flower Cult
Insist - Here & Now
Postblue - Deprogrammed
Unjust - Transparency

Top 10 Demos/Tapes etc

1. The Chain - Demo
2. Fury - 2017 Promo
3. Open Your Eyes - Building A Better World Demo
4. Nerve Damage - Poisoned The River
5. Illusion - Demo
6. Candy - Demo
7. Diztort - Demo
8. Division Of Mind - Demo
9. Engage - Demo 2017
10. Mil-Spec - When The Fever Broke...

Favourite Reissue

Definitely the Killing Time "Bright Side" LP. Can't think of any others that have come out that I've bought this year.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017

Not a particular release, but two bands, Red House Painters and Poison Idea. Both bands I had heard in the past but never really dived into their catalogs properly until this year. High rotation for both of them throughout the year.

Top 3 Shows or tours

Primitive Blast, Oily Boys, Ill Natured, Controlled, Rapid Dye and The Hard Word at The Valve Bar in Sydney.
Life.Love.Regret, Taking Sides, Choke, Stone Age and The Hard Word at the Cambridge Side Bar in Newcastle.
The Others, Death Bells, World View, Apollo Zen and No Future at Amplifier in Perth.

Biggest disappointment of 2017

No international hardcore bands touring this year, which probably contributed to the overall low levels of interest at the moment. Mostly the same people booking shows in every city, and no one else stepping up to fill the void when they take a break. Flowermouth "Serotonin" not being the biggest song on Triple J cause that shit rocks harder than any other song of that genre that got released this year. The Hazards LP still not being released.

New Years Resolution for 2018

Not really sure, I guess to start a few more bands and release a few more records next year. Probably the same stuff I say every year. Some of them happen, some of them don't.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018

Ill Natured LP coming out in January, been a long time coming with that one. Touring Asia at the start of January. New records from Primitive Blast, The Chain, Flowermouth, Born Free and World View. The NRL season starting again. Fury's new LP.

Prediction For 2018

Went back and read my music related prediction from last year and I was pretty off with that one. The Knights will make the top 8 in 2018. More mixed bill shows will happen because everyone is finally realising that seeing the same band five times in a row is boring. Paradise Club will be the biggest band in the country once they release their LP.



Choppaz - Rust Proof, Crowned Kings, 1054 Records

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Nasty - Realigion
Malevolence - Self Supremacy
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
Bodycount - Bloodlust
King Parrot - Ugly Produce
Honest Crooks - Suffer
Cannibal corpse - Red before black
Lionheart - Welcome to the west coast 2
Big Shaq - Mans not hot
Companion - Unbroken

Favourite Reissue
Merauder Five Deadly Venoms, Bluetality, God is I, Masterkiller all done by Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Serpentine Dominion - Self Titled

Top 3 Shows or tours
H2O Mighty Sounds festival Czech Republic
Mindsnare Bendigo Hotel
Evergreen Terrace Berlin Germany
also like to add Raw Power Bendigo Hotel killer band

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Not being able to convince Phil our driver in Europe to go 3 hours the wrong way to see Crowbar play in Germany instead of us playing. I know I tried ha ha ha ha I even offered him 300 euro to do it

New Years Resolution for 2018
To go to shows and once they are finished go home and not stay out for days on end.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Hitting Europe again for the release of our new Crowned Kings album “Sea of Misery”

Prediction For 2018
Alpha Wolf from Tassie will blow up to be one of the biggest bands in Australia and they pay me a ridiculous amount of coin to sell their merch



Graham Nixon - Resist Records

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Polaris - The Mortal Coil
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights
Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare
All Pigs Must Die - Hostage Animal
Converge - The Dusk In Us
Fireburn - Don’t Stop The Youth
Limp Wrist - Facades
Tigers Jaw - Spin
Swingin Utters - Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun

Favourite Reissue
So many great reissues in 2017 - Downset, Jets To Brazil, Killing Time, Poison Idea, The Bronx, were my stand outs.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Nailbomb “Point Blank”. Never really gave it much of a listen when it was first released in 94, but for some reason gave it plenty of listens in 2017.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Parkway Drive - Groezrock, Belgium
Against Me! - Manning Bar, Sydney
Polaris - Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney

Biggest disappointment of 2017
South Sydney’s season in the NRL.

New Years Resolution for 2018
To be more productive, whether it be at home or work.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Watching my son continue to grow. Some of the new releases Resist and many of the Australian labels have scheduled to come out.

Prediction For 2018
South Sydney to make the finals, Australian bands to continue their popularity internationally.




Josh Paulson - World View

Top 10 Releases for 2017

Most of my favourite tracks for the year were either singles or off of pretty average releases so this is just gonna be top releases that I listened to a lot from front to back. Just alphabetical order.

Cigarettes After Sex - Self Titled
Citizen - As You Please
Civic Duty - Burden of Hate
Corbin - Mourn
Drab Majesty - The Demonstration
Future - HNDRXX
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sorry Is Gone
Lil Peep - Come Over When You're Sober
Louke Man - Lil Devil
Tigers Jaw - Spin

Favourite Reissue
Not quite a reissue but this year was the 10 year anniversary of Tegan and Sara's 'The Con'. They re-released the album composed of artists they selected to each cover a different song. The Con is was one of my favourites from Tegan and Sara growing up and got a lot of plays in the past, so to hear the renditions by different artists was cool.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
I'm gonna say every release by Black Marble, I only got on to them early this year and have listened to them heavily since.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Bands and artists rarely make it to Adelaide as is, but this year was lacking with shows and tours in general, so I'll just name the most fun ones we played.

The Others, Death Bells, World View, Apollo Zen and No Future at The Amplifier, Perth.
Damnation Fest, Sydney.
The mini tour we did with Controlled and Broken. The highlight show would have to be Newcastle with our friends in Ill Natured and The Hard Word.

Biggest disappointments of 2017
Jesse Lacey from Brand New. The Chicago Bulls trading Jimmy Butler.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Keep on keepin' on.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
The one thing I can always count on, new music.

Prediction For 2018
Nothing positive.



Adam Mossman - Annihilate Music

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
The Bronx - V
Firewalker - s/t
Sect - No Cure For Death
Terror - The Walls Will Fall
Higher Power - Soul Structure
Forced Order - One Last Prayer
Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea
Year Of The Rat - Hellbent

Top 3 Shows or tours

The Descendents @ Capitol
Battletruk supporting DRI @ Amplifier
Miles Away at YMCA HQ

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Didn’t get to Indonesia

New Years Resolution for 2018
Work less. Surf and travel more

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Travel, Parra having a great year in NRL, From The Ruins reunion show

Prediction For 2018
NSW win State Of Origin
Madball tour (20 years after first Aussie tour!)



Lachlan Dale - Art Of Catharsis

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Milo - Who Told You To Think??!?!?!
Joseph And James Tawadros - Live At Abbey Road
Moses Sumney - Aromanticism
Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World
Jordan Rakei - Wallflower
Hidden Orchestra - Dawn Chorus
The Physics House Band - Mercury Fountain
Oddisee - The Iceberg
Mdou Moctar - Sousome Tamachek
Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Ali Ghamsari - Solo Tar

Top 3 Shows or tours
Hannah Gadsby at the Sydney Opera House
Joseph Tawadros at Camelot Lounge, Sydney
Instrumental (adj.) supporting Plini at The Night Cat, Melbourne

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The Dillinger Escape Plan's performance at The Bald Faced Stag.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Embrace death.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Continuing to help underground Australian bands through Art As Catharsis.

Prediction For 2018
More post-punk, psych rock and indie dance revivalist bullshit.


Sentimental Abuse 

Stephen Kelly - Sentimental Abuse

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Fireburn - Can’t Stop The Youth
Damnation AD - Pornography
Morrissey - Low in High School
Political Crap - Slow Death
Sect - No Cure For Death
Body Count - Bloodlust
Quicksand - Interiors
Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria
Bloodclot! - Up In Arms
Propagandhi - Victory Lap

Favourite Reissue
Battery - For the Rejected, By the Rejected. Fantastic song selection and that new track is an absolute banger!

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
The War Goes On - self titled. I believe there is a ‘No Hope For The Kids’ connection so it’s a wonder I missed it. Well worth your time.

Top 3 Shows or tours
Nick Cave and the bad seeds - Newcastle
Perfect set list and a great vibe.

Rev 30 - Riverside, CA.
Battery and CIV stole the show.

Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina / Chinese Symphonic Orchestra - Florence, It.
Perfect start to the year. Two and a half hour set, great atmosphere and even better company.

Biggest disappointment of 2017
AFI. The love affair is well and truly dead now.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Attend more local shows and release a new record.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
The new Ill Natured and Taken By Force records, Suicidal Tendencies tour, Necessary Vengeance demo and watching Rort Menace dominate the scene.

Prediction For 2018
Another dark year as a Morrissey supporter.



Luke Dolan - White Male Dumbinance, Life Love Regret

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Bloodclot "Up In Arms" LP- what you'd hoped every Cro-Mags record since "Age Of Quarrel" sounded like.
Fireburn "Don't Stop The Youth" 12" EP- what you'd hoped every Bad Brains record since "Rock For Light" sounded like.
Firewalker S/T 12"- '82 style Boston hardcore with fierce female vocals that bring to mind wild 80's Japanese thrash.
Kamanchi Sly "Slycriminality" LP- legendary old school UK hip hop MC from the Hijack crew returns to burn.
Protomartyr "Relatives In Descent" LP- Dark wave darlings just about live up to the hype.
Silent Era 7"- I think this came out last year but I don't care... killer melodic female fronted punk with hooks galore.
Mindsnare "Unholy Rush" LP- I've always been jealous of just how good these cunts are. There, I finally said it.
Gold Class "Drum" LP- didn't blow my skirt up as much as the first album but still gets a decent cool breeze up in there.
Don't Sleep S/T 12"- Dave Smalley may be a bit of a dick but I've always been a fan boy, so here we are.
Tired Lion "Dumb Days" LP- catchy power pop / indie rock from Melbourne... good shit.

Favourite Reissue
Husker Du "Savage Young Du" 4 X LP Boxset- Fucking glorious in every sense of the word.

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
The RVIVR discography. Like a total dick flop I never checked out this band until like a week before they played a free show 10 minutes down the road from my gaff. Absolutely cracking band!

Top 3 Shows or tours
I had to go with four:
RVIVR & Conation @ The Hammo Station Hotel.
Night Birds @ The Small Ballroom.
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth @ The Metro.
Midnight Oil & A.B. Original @ The Domain.

Biggest disappointment of 2017
Royal Headache @ The Factory Theatre- their last album was so phenomenal my expectations were impossibly high... new line up, half arsed performance IMO

New Years Resolution for 2018
Not play any fucking reunion shows with any of my old bands.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Seeing Quicksand play in Sydney... even though the jury is still out on their new album.

Prediction For 2018
I'll probably end up playing a fucking reunion show with one of my old bands.




Robert Fitzsimmons - Life Lair Regret Records, What It Is Fanzine

Top 15 LP Releases For 2017
Mindsnare – Unholy Rush
Eighteen Visions - XVIII
Code Orange – Forever
Out Of Body - Voiceless
Year of the Rat – Hell Bent
Drawing Last Breath – Final Sacrifice
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Forced Order – One Last Prayer
All Out War - Give Us Extinction
Faceless Burial - Grotesque Miscreation
Sect - No Cure For Death
Contaminated - Final Man
Diploid - Everything Went Red
Homesick - Won’t Let Go

Top 15 EPs
Portrayal Of Guilt - Self Titled
Firm Standing Law – Unashamed
Ecostrike – Time Is Now
Abuse of Power – When Then Becomes Now
The New Harmony - Song And Rhyme Answers To Children’s Everyday Questions
Slow Fire Pistol - Beauty
Free - Ex Tenebris
Primitive Blast - Self Titled
Facile - Self Titled
Shackles - Lifeless Paradise
Apollo Zen - You
Fury - Promo
Candy - Candy Says
Otus - Mold
Dregg - The Dregg EP

Favourite Reissue
Racetratior – Burn the Idol of the White Messiah
Snapcase – Lookingglassself
Damnation A.d – Porngraphy
One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge
Liar - Invictus
Excessive Force - In Your Blood
Killing Time - Brightside

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Iron Age – Constant Struggle

Top 5 Shows or tours
Going to Syracuse
Rebirth Final Show
Mindsnare Lp Release show

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The biggest dip in years of new people, people ageing out and people looking inward to fight each other instead of being productive.

New Years Resolution for 2018
Finish issue two ofIt Is What It Is:Hardcore fanzine, try for the third issue. Keep working with bands I find exciting.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
A breath of life into hardcore through shows and tours, punk/grind/metalcore seem to have weathered 2017 a lot better then hardcore did but a lot of people have missed having that space.

Prediction For 2018
An overall attitude of positivity to music and others in our communities instead of just rumours and shit fights. I can’t wait to see shows fun again and people excited to be doing new things.




Ben Van Dyk - Taken By Force, Sentimental Abuse

Top 10 Releases 2017 - In no particular order.

No Warning - Torture Culture
Scour -Red
Stick To Your Guns - True View
Kublai Khan - Nomad
First Blood - Rules
All Out War - Give Us Extinction
Terror - The Walls Will Fall
Lionheart - Welcome To The West Coast II
Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
Macklemore -Gemini (My two year old son's favourite release of 2017)

Favourite Reissue
I have no idea what was reissued this year...
My favourite reissue of the past though would be Biohazard's 1992 release "Urban Discipline" which was reissued in 1999 with 4 demo tracks and a remastering.
Greatest album of all time haha.

Favourite Release You Discovered This Year That Wasn’t Released in 2017
Couldn't think of anything off the top of my head that I discovered this year, which was released prior to 2017. However the band and album that I have been thrashing a lot this year that I had slept on for a while would be Black Breath - Sentenced to Life. Absolute riff fest throughout the whole album, makes you want to bang your head till it falls off.

Top 3 Shows Or Tours
The Acacia Strain with Kublai Khan.
Body Count with A.B. Original
Stick To Your Guns with Knocked Loose

Biggest Disapointment of 2017
That there wasn't somehow a repeat of the 1996 Pantera and Biohazard Australian tour haha.
Sentimental Abuse recorded 12 tracks and then fizzled out. Proud of the boys and what we recorded though.

New Years Resolution for 2018
To record an album with Taken By Force, which will mark 10 years as a band and to tour overseas.

What You’re Most Looking Forward To In 2018
Recording a new Taken By Force record and touring.
Suicidal tour in March.
Buying a house and going on a holiday.

Prediction for 2018
Rick Healey and Stikman to compete in a rap battle over the right to front 25 ta Life.



Simon Walker - Sour Grapes Zine

Top 10 Releases (in no order)

The Menzingers - After The Party
Creeper - Eternity, In your Arms
Able Baker Fox - Visions
Fireburn - Don't Stop The Youth
The Dopamines - Tales Of Interest
Racquet Club - Self Titled
Trapped Under Ice - Heatwave
Sciatic Nerve - Self Titled
The Riptides - Canadian Graffiti
Direct Hit/Pears - Human Movement

Favourite Re-issue
Godspeed - Swimmers Ear

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Able Baker Fox - Voices

Top 3 Shows or tours
Joyce Manor @ The Rev
The Menzingers @ The Rev
Lair fest III

Biggest disappointment of 2017
No Warning - Torture Culture

New Years Resolution for 2018
Drop some KG's

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Essendon Bombers Season 2018
William Geoffrey Walker turning 3
New Bad Religion Album

Prediction For 2018
Bad Religion will release a new album and it will be better than True North



Thomas Sweetman - The Chain

Top 10 Releases For 2017

Primitive Blast – 7”
Apollo Zen – You
Glue - Self Titled
Freedom – Never Had a Choice
Quicksand – Interiors
Candy – Candy Says
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Higher Power – Soul Structure
Ivan Ave – Every Eye
Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love

I’m sure I missed a bunch

Favourite Reissue
Battery – For the Rejected, By the Rejected

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Delved into a lot of shoegaze bands back catalogues (MBV/Slowdive/Swervedriver etc)

Top 3 Shows or tours
The Others / Death Bells / World View – Dec 2017
Planet Perth (Miles Away’s only show of 2017) - Jan 2017
The Chain’s first show at 208

Biggest disappointment of 2017
I didn’t get to many 208 shows

New Years Resolution for 2018
Go to more 208 shows

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Playing more shows, hearing new Australian bands

Prediction For 2018
Crocs as a mainstay fashion item across the younger demographics



Kelly - Deafcult

Top 10 Releases For 2017 (In no particular order)

Beaches- Second Of Spring
Hans Zimmer- Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Perfume Genius- No Shape
Mount Eerie- A Crow Looked At Me
Gnod- Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Gold Class- Drum
Batpiss- Rest In Piss
Chelsea Wolfe- Hiss Spun

Favourite Reissue
Jah Wobble- The Lago Years

Favourite release you discovered this year that wasn’t released in 2017
Post-Regiment – Post –Regiment (1992)

Top 3 Shows or tours
Xiu Xiu play the music of Twin Peaks @ GOMA
Alcest @ Crowbar
Warpaint @ Brisbane Riverstage

Biggest disappointment of 2017
The biggest disappointment of 2017 was definitely the results of the Australian Bird of the Year poll. Whilst the Magpie is wonderful, it is obvious the Superb Fairy Wren should have been crowned victorious. Also The Last Jedi failed to live up to expectation :(

New Years Resolution for 2018
Resolutions for the New Year would be to write another great record, tour more extensively and with great bands. ALSO to smash the state and seize the means of production.

What you're most looking forward to in 2018
Looking forward to getting into the studio, experimenting with sound and tone, touring around Australia again and perhaps getting to places we haven’t been before.  Also, 3D printers that print food are apparently a thing and there will be some rolling out for mass production. This is exciting because the printable food has been designed to ease the burden of chewing. Chewing is cumbersome, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Prediction For 2018
Lord of the Fries to open in Brisbane (it better or else).
Trump will be impeached.






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