For the first time in Australia, infamous New York Hardcore legends MERAUDER will be destroying their way across the country in November 2014 thanks to Old School Cartel. We caught with enigmatic frontman Jorge Rosado..


Hi Jorge, firstly can you tell us who is currently in Merauder and would people recognize the members from other bands?

Was up gee! Well these days we still got Bobby Blood from First Blood and Cold Existence on drums, everyone knows Bobby, but on guitar we have Ernesto Colon aka Pito who played for Puerto Rico’s HC band Bajo Presion and last but not least, Kevin Mahon guitarist on bass but also plays for Boston’s HC band Bloodwar. Yeah we rolling as a four piece for now. Then me on vocals, just in case ya don’t know my name, Jorge Rosado.

Is this a touring line-up or are there plans to write new material?

We’re already writing, but the process is slow because of our daily lives, kids work, brotherhood and all the other stuff I can’t say, lol!!!

What happened with the Merauder Australian tour that was booked about a year ago? Why did that one get cancelled?

To tell you the truth I really don’t remember the full details, but it just wasn’t right the amount of shows were way too many, tickets all that was not too secure enough to go out there to wonder if it will go right or whatever the fuck!


What sort of a set list can people expect? How much off “Master Killer” gets played these these days?

We still play songs from all records, mostly first and last, but with a few off the other ones. But we sometimes don’t even write a set list out; we just wing it, free style!!

Have you ever been to Australia before? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to checking out?

Never been there before, don’t know much about the place, so I don’t know what to really expect, but I’m down for whatever and excited just as much. Actually would love to see any kind of old native tribal culture. Or just head to a beach!

Any Australian bands or music you’re a fan of?

Shit this is a hard one, ha-ha! I really don’t know much about your scene or your bands, but are DEEZ NUTS Australian?? I like that band anyways.

Merauder has had a very on and off again existence of touring and releasing albums, why is that exactly?

Brother I wish knew the answer to that one, lol. Seriously things were and still are kind of rough for us. We got jobs, kids, wives, I got another project called AKANI w/members of ENTOMBED, AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED, DEAD REPRISE and MERAUDER, working and doing my brotherhood, it all takes time.

But its not the real reason for our prolonging’s something about people riding what Merauder has already done and not enough of what else we can do. Fuckers get spoiled and lazy, not everyone but a lot. Don’t need dudes like that and if it’s not that, its something else, it’s the fuckin black cloud that’s been over our heads since the early 90’s! Seriously Sob always said that and I believe it now.

Also the industry hasn’t been that kind to us, totally took advantage of us not knowing the ropes n all a lot of bullshit, which also made it hard for us to even want to continue as a band but were still here. SOB R.I.P but he’s still here with me doing Merauder, in the struggle still with me and he’s been looking out for us, that’s why were still here doing this for no one else but yah.

Having formed in the mid 90s, Merauder might have been classified as a metal band back then and yet nowadays most bands classified as hardcore, have a metal vibe to their sound. What’s your take on the modern hardcore scene?

Actually the band formed around late 80’s, early real early 90’s with first singer then I came in 94ish which was when we recorded the Master Killer album, but I was the one who introduced SOB to VINNY he drummer one night hanging outside at Brooklyn’s famous La’mours club and then they formed Merauder. But that music speaks for its self!! Look at the period of time and the style of music Merauder did…its was straight up metal, but not your ordinary style of metal that was going around, it was like Slayer meets Cro Mags!

The fucked up part is we named it what it was…METALCORE! Of course we don’t see any PC aka $$ for any of that, you know how it goes. Seriously were not going to take credit for metal being in HC, there was always some kind of metalish band in the NYHC scene, but we were not your typical metal band, weren’t a dime a dozen, that’s fo’sure and we talked it like we walked it. From the first singer to Sob n me, we were actual real ghetto kids not dudes whom moved there for a lil bit. No were born and raised Brooklyn NY ghetto Latinos and that is what Merauder is, straight up band! Always been! Now as for the scene we had a lot to do with the so called HC bands sounding metal, but I don’t label, them HC! I don’t label Merauder HC, cause were not and never tried or have been. Misinformed people do. Merauder is metal core, period.

What’s your favourite:

Merauder Song: I would say “Forgotten Children” because my son, Devin at 3 years old sang on this with me.

Merauder Album: GOD IS, because that album we poured our hearts into and still we really didn’t get to accomplish 50% of what we wanted to do, but it’s a great album and I love the direction it was going.

Merauder song to play live: Its either Master Killer or Life Is Pain

NYHC Band: Shit I don’t have one favourite. Bad Brains, Cro Mags, Pagan Babies, SOIA

Metal Band: Carnivore

What ever happened to the other band you were doing for a while, RAG MEN?

It was just a side thing bro, that’s all, we had no plans on doing anything other than that. Did a lil touring which in Europe went pretty well considering we were just a small side thing, it had potential, but I need more!

Rumour has it you were going to replace Max Cavalera in Sepultura when he left? Any truth to that?

Bro I’m going to be real truthful with yah right now. That was my rise and fall and rise again! Seriously homie, trying to make this short, but I didn’t know Max had left the band, but all the sudden peeps I know from all around were either saying I was trying out for them, or that I was already in Sepultura. Now here’s a lil something back in the days when they were just starting out nobody knew who they were, few did, mostly Brazilian and South Americans, but I’m Latino so I get some of that too. But, I always talked about them.

Two years later this girl I knew that worked for some kind of metal management or some shit had brought them over so they can play some shows. To make a long story short, this kid Davey and me became friends with them, they took us to shows etc. There was a HC show in NY I told them of, anyways they witness HC for the first in NY! SOIA became their new thing and so their music changed!

Well they went of to become the band that they are and I have never spoken to them since. Now cause of the rumors I spoke about earlier, the news had gotten to them as well about me. So they contacted my A&R guy from Century Media, got on a 3way phone chat, spoke about the past, they said something like they kind of remembered me, or not really? And I was like whaaaattt!?!?!?! But after everything they flew me out to Brazil, I rehearsed with them, things seem to have been going really well, until one they we’re talking and someone says that I sound like Phil from Pantera. I said I didn’t at all and if anyone sounded like anyone, would be him sounding like me, because I came from this scene, didn’t jump around music conforming to where ever I can make money.

Yeah, some of yah are like fuck you man! But the truth is that truth. Not my fault they sound just like Exhorder. Which I don’t care about, but don’t discredit me because you don’t know any facts or history, because you haven’t been around or new jack…. I love all music but when it comes to doing any of it would only be metal, HC, hip-hop or salsa! Yes I said it “SALSA”! But I listen to mostly all.

So getting back to this, after that was said, then I was told them of some peeps I knew that worked in the industry for Pantera that have told some behind the scene type of stuff, not that good either. Don’t know if it’s true, but from some stuff I’ve seen, footage of him speaking on stage doesn’t convince me its not. But fuck it, I don’t give a fuck just don’t lose respect for me to my face, cause you’ll have more than just a problem. Well that’s all I was saying and think that any of yah would have said the same. If anyone fucks with you, no matter who they are, I’ll have that for sure! That’s all, not trying to be a bully just the opposite, I saying be cool and I’ll be cool! Its called respect, not liking a motherfucker, that was all. But the next day, all the sudden because I have been straight up and truthful on where I stand on things is the reason I think. It went from night to day, all they suddenly with me, but they told me I wasn’t what they were looking for… REALLY???  I aint stupid, ghetto yes! But not stupid! Then why all the recordings and calling different friends over, to check me out? Fuck it, I didn’t lose out, they did and it’s all good, I still like the band, nothing but respect. Also tell me this, have they toured with PANTERA after that, not 100% sure, but I think not? But I’m still here with a lot more to offer. But when I came home I was very depressed wanted to be in a band that made money and did a lot. Felt like I was holding Merauder down by myself mostly, which eventually drove me nuts, depression, drugs, violence to the max! I was outta control; that was a long time ago too!


What did you make of the “Life Is Pain” cover Hatebreed recorded for their “For The Lions” album? Did they get it right?

Sounds good. Was the way I wanted to do it, until my drummer Vinny and the producer, were telling me to lighten up on that song, more than I have lightened up on my vocals through the whole album already. I love the album, but just on my vocals they could of just let me do what I wanted to do. Being new in the band and all I didn’t express myself, as much, but you know after that I said “fuck everyone” I’m gonna do it my way, the way I sing, not the way they wanna make me sound.

Why should people come and check out a Merauder show?

Come see first and then you’ll know why! Lol! We got history brother; we're one of kind and with all that we still give it 200%!  Wether its 10 people or 80,000. We're always the same humble but straight up.

Any final words?

Stay positive and strong through out your lives. Believe in yourself before anyone else, and connect yourselves closer to the world. Spirituality not Religion!

MERAUDER Australian Tour November 2014

Wednesday, November 26
Crowbar, Brisbane 18+
With: Against, Crowned Kings, Wilful Damage, Time Crisis
FB event -

Thursday, November 27

Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne 18+
With: Blood Duster, Metalstorm, Against
FB event:

Friday, November 28
Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne 18+
With: Within Blood, Against, Crowned Kings, Outsiders Code
FB event:

Saturday, November 29
Hermann’s Bar, Sydney 18+
With: Grim Reality, Against, Crowned Kings, Straight To a Tomb
FB event:

Sunday, November 30
The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 18+
With: Against, Crowned Kings, Taken By Force, Staunch
FB event:



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