Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate 2014, the year that was. Hard to believe another year has slipped by so fast. 2014 was a busy year in the realms of local and international punk/hardcore. A lot of established bands put out new releases while a lot of new bands turned some heads by putting out some awesome debuts and demo releases.

Below is what we thought we're the most impressive releases of 2014. You may or may not agree with our selections or those of the other people featured, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before, as variety is the spice of life. You might just find your new favourite band while you're at it...

Without any further ado...


Top 10 Australian Hardcore Releases of 2014

1. OUTRIGHT – Avalanche LP (Reason and Rage Records)

What felt like a long time coming, has definitely been so damn well worth the wait. Melbourne's Outright follow up their awesome debut 7" with 11 new crushing songs that mix the best of the mid 90s metal influenced hardcore movement with that modern day crossover vibe, that is as varied, as it is technically brilliant, kind of like Strife meets Indecision. Jelena's delivery has definitely found it's own voice, topped off by a very intelligent lyrical approach that is as challenging as it is confronting. This is so far from the norm of by the numbers dumbcore that has become so commonplace in hardcore. This is a collection of thought provoking, inspirational anthems that are catchy, moving and so damn moshable. Brilliant from start to finish. Hats off to Outright, this will take some topping!

2. SHACKLES – Forced To Regress LP (Resist Records)

3. HURTxUNIT – Wired Wrong 7” (Arrest Records)

4. RIGHT MIND – The Paradox Of Our Age CD (Life Lair Regret Records)

5. BORN FREE – Evil Hands 7” (Shaman Records)

6. CURSED EARTH – Vae Mortis Tape (Life Lair Regret Records)

7. IRON MIND – S/T LP (Resist Records)

8. STAUNCH – Hurt To Learn EP (Hombre Records)

9. LEGIONS – Apparition Songs 7” (Broken Hive Recordings)

10. CHOKE – War Of The Suburbs 7” (Splitting Headache Records)


Honorable Mentions:

SICK PEOPLE – In My Nightmare 7” (Urbn Rage Records)

THE WEIGHT – Suffer Eternal 10” (Lethal Dose Records)

INTERNAL ROT / MANHUNT Split 7” (Lethal Dose Records)

SUMERU – Holy Lands LP (Arrest Records)

CONTROLLED – Self Suffice 7” (Shaman Records)


TOP 10 Australian Not So hardcore Releases Of 2014

1. THE GIFTHORSE - Give My Body To This Town (Poison City Records)

After a few years on hiatus and a couple of new bands forming out of the ashes of the initial breakup, Brisbane's melodic punk rockers return with an absolute masterpiece of an album. Instantly likeable from the first haunting and harrowing guitar lead combined with the infectious vocals of Shane Collins, one soon realises just how fucking good the Gifthorse really are and just how much they have been missed, as the momentum doesn't  let up for the next eight songs that follow. Songwriting really doesn't get any better than this and yet this is a band that is still gowing in stride and stature. Praise whatever mythical creature of your choice and rejoice in the return of the Gifthorse, just don't go looking them in the mouth.

2. TROPHY EYES - Mend, Move On. (UNFD)

3. LUCA BRASI - By A Thread (Poison City Records)

4. SOUNDS LIKE SUNSET - We Could Leave Tonight LP (Tyms Records)

5. SUNDIAL / Ringfinger Split 7" (Lacklustre Records)

6. HARBOURER - S/T 7" (Broken Hive)

7. INITIALS - Leave Expired (Arrest Records)

8. TOY BOATS - Wedding Town (Resist Records)

9. POSTBLUE - I Hope They're Praying For Me (Poison City Records)

10. CERES - I Don't Want To Be Anywhere But Here LP (Hobbledehoy Records)


Top 5 Australian Demos

1. REGRETS - 2014 Demo

Could easily have been released as a new A Death In The Family EP and no one would have been any wiser. Sadly they have broken up.

2. WORLD VIEW – Face It

Jungle Fever sounding revivial out of Adelaide.

3. RUNNING THIN - Demo 2014

Sydney heads return to their roots of the old school variety.

4. REBIRTH - The Rebirth Demo

Melbourne revives the mid 90s, ala Morning Again and Unbroken.

5. TIME CRISIS - Demo 2014

Brisbane drops one of the most promising demos ever heard from the QLD area. Hard, heavy, riff-laden and polished.

Honourable Mentions


Perth brings the riffs.


Newcastle delivers the hard and heavy.


Top 10 International Not So Hardcore

1. JOYCE MANOR – Never Hungover Again (Epitaph)

Joyce Manor return with their third LP, their most catchiest and accessbile yet, which delivers 10 songs in just under 20 minutes. Playing a mix of well crafted upbeat pop punk songs, ala Jawbreaker fused together with the influence of The Get Up Kids and even The Smiths, Joyce Manor somehow manage to find that middle ground that makes them appealing to both fans of indie and punk. Not only has the songwriting improved, but so has the production and though one might not imagine Joyce Manor to sound more appealing with a polished sound, they certainly do. This is a really great feelgood album that will have any listener transported back to the days of their carefree youth.

2. ONLY CRIME – Pursuance (Rise Records)

3. WHIRR – Sway (Graveface Records)

4. BOB MOULD – Beauty & Ruin (Merge Records)

5. MASKED INTRUDER – M.I. (Fat Wreck Chords)

6. LAGWAGON – Hang  (Fat Wreck Chords)

7. THE COPYRIGHTS – Report  (Fat Wreck Chords)

8. RANCID – Honor Is All We Know (Epitaph)

9. AGAINST ME! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Resist Records)

10. GAMEFACE – Now Is What Matters Most (Equal Vision)



Top 10 International Hardcore

1. BANE – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision Records)

Final farewell album from the always reliable and always amazing, Bane. These ten new songs will appease those with an appetitie for insightful meldoic hardcore, but will disappoint you once the end track "Final Backwards Glance" is over and you then suddenly realise that this was the last new Bane song you'll ever hear. Ever. Fuck. But at the same time, what a way to go out. Amazing record. Having had a ticket on the Bane train since the first stop of "Holding This Moment", they've steadily improved and surprised with each new release. The songwriting always offers a slight variation on past releases and they certainly aren't afraid to tread new ground and forge their own path. I've always set big expectations for each Bane release and they always deliver.

2. PRAISE – Lights Went Out (React Records)

3. SWEET JESUS – Box (Triple B Records)

4. IRON REAGAN – The Tyranny Of Will (Relapse Records)

5. ANGEL DUST – A.D. (React Records)

6. OFF! – Wasted Years (Vice Records)

7. 7 SECONDS – Leave A Light On (Rise Records)

8. GIVE – Electric Flower Circus (Moonflower Records)

9. MIZERY - Survive The Vibe 7" (Lion's Share Records)

10. BOSTON STRANGLER - Fire (Fun With Smack Records)

Top 5 Reissues

1. BL'AST – The Expression Of Power (Southern Lord) LP

Now this is how you do a reissue justice. Southern Lord did an amazing job with the reissue of "Blood" in 2013 by legendary So Cal hardcore band BLA'ST that you just knew, this one would be just as amazing. A triple LP packaged with a 28 page booklet that features three different recording sessions of the same album. 

2. MINDSNARE – The Death (Resist Records) LP

3. 411 – The Side You Cannot See (Workshed Records) LP

4. THE BOMB – Indecision / Extras (No Idea) LP

5. 100 DEMONS – In The Eyes Of The Lord (A389 Recordings) LP


Top 5 International Demos

INSIST - Demo (FFO The First Step)

MODERN PROBLEMS - Demo 2014 (FFO Ignite)

DISCREPENCY - Where The Strength Lies Demo (FFO Hardstance & Insted)

COMING DOWN - Demo 2014 (FFO Swiz & Dag Nasty)

WESTPOINT - Demo 2014 (FFO Joyce Manor)


Top 3 Shows / Tours

1. POISON IDEA / AVO - Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney

2. PROPAGANDHI / CRISIS ALERT - Manning Bar, Sydney

3. HARD ONS (30th Anniversary) / COSMIC PSYCHOS - Manning Bar, Sydney


So enough of what we thought were the highlights of 2014, below is a collection of what a bunch of people from around the country, from all walks of life made of 2014...

Thanks again to everyone who participated.



Top 10 LP's

Nothing - Guilty Of Everything

Toy Boats - Wedding Town

Postblue - I Hope They're Praying For Me

Code Orange - I Am King

Self Defense Family - Try Me

The Flex - Wild Stabs In The Dark

Whirr - Sway

Give - Electric Flower Circus

Tigers Jaw - Charmer

Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You

Top 10 7"s

Criminal Instinct - Fever

Controlled - Self Suffice

Headroom - Carry Me Away

Forced Order - Eternal War

Legions - Apparition Songs

Fury - Kingdom Come

Downside - All My Love Returns To Me

Nai Harvest - Hold Open My Head

Step Forward - Step Forward

Shrapnel - Frenzied State

Top 10 Demos

Fury - Demo 2014

Primitive Blast - The Demo

Forced Order - Demo '14

Shrapnel - Demo 2014

Red Death - Demo 2014

World War 4 - Demo 2

Insist - Demo 2014

Snail's Pace - Demo 2014

Unified Right - Demo #2

Discrepancy - Where The Strength Lies Demo

Favourite reissue ?

I'm not sure if I've even purchased a reissue this year to be honest with you. I should probably pick up a copy of the Buried Alive LP. Or does the vinyl pressing of No Warning "Suffer Survive" count? I got one of those and it's pretty good.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

The three sets I think I've enjoyed the most this year were:

The Menzingers at The Small Ballroom in Newcastle

The Others at Break The Ice in Melbourne

Basement at The Bald Faced Stag in Sydney

Biggest Disappointment?

Not seeing Violent Soho every time they've played in Newcastle or Sydney. Something has made me miss them every single time and I still have never seen them. Maybe 2015 will be my year.

New Year's Resolution?

Play guitar more. Start another new band. Go back to Perth more than once. Be better at whatever I do.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Ill Natured releasing a 7", Mood Swing writing, recording and releasing an LP. Both bands playing a good amount of shows once they have dropped. New records from Title Fight, Blacklisted, Superheaven, Freedom, Cloakroom, Stick Together, Clear, Miles Away, Break Even, No Tolerance, Self Defense Family and whatever else will be released. Hearing new bands that haven't even started yet.

Prediction for 2015?

Title Fight and Blacklisted will put out two of the best LP's of the year. Nai Harvest will gain some real heat when they drop their new record. Newcastle will still be mad.

Choppaz – Old School Cartel / RUST PROOF

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Bodycount - Manslaughter

Madball - Hardcore Lives

Throwdown - Intolerance

Earth Crisis - Salvation of innocents

Confession - Life and death

Southpaw - That's how we roll

Slapshot - self titled

Sheer Terror - Standing up for falling down

Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Exodus - Blood in blood out

Favourite reissue ?

Mindsnare - The Death (one of my favourite records of all time)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Poison Idea (Aus Tour)

Slapshot ( Everything wants to kill you Aus tour)

Blood Duster set at the Evelyn with the Dwarves (Fuck the dude who sings in the Dwarves, total wanker)

Biggest Disappointment?

Testament side wave show. (Worst mixer of all time. You don't watch Testament to not hear Alex Skolnick)

New Year's Resolution?

Don't make them because I never keep them.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Watching King Parrot take over the world

Prediction for 2015?

Crowned Kings will be in everyone's top 10 of 2015 with new album Forked Road

Mitchell – REACTIONS

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Postblue - I Hope They're Praying For Me

Basement - Further Sky

Suburban Scum / Xibalba - Split

Imprisoned - The Other Side of Hell

Twitching Tongues - World War Live

Full of Hell and Merzbow

Legions - Apparition Songs

Cursed Earth - Vae Mortis

Raccoon City Police Department - Nightlife

World View - Face It Demo

Fave Reissue?

Incendiary / Suburban Scum Split

Top Shows/Tours

Basement w/ Toy Boats and Apart From This

Twitching Tongues w/ I Exist

Backtrack w/ Iron Mind and The Others

Biggest Disappointment

2014 has been pretty sick to be honest. The only thing that kind of sucks is how long the Reactions record has taken to record and press, considering we finished writing it in April.

New Years Resolution

Become SSB4 world champ.

Looking Forward to in 2015

What I'm really looking forward to in 2015 is releasing the Reactions LP. We've been working non-stop on it since the start of the year and it's killing me that it's been such a slow process. Over the past year it feels like we've really discovered who we are as band, so it'll be sick to show people what we've come up with.

Prediction for 2015

I think 2015 will be an awesome year, especially for hardcore. I've already heard rumours of numerous tours being organized including the recently announced Harms Way tour and that's sick. The new year also being kicked off with the new Imprisoned album promises cool things from the word go and I'm sure there will be plenty more around the corner.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Youth Decay - Older Fatter Drunker

Vices - We'll make it through this

Outright - Avalanche

The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

Comeback Kid – Die Knowing

Rancid - Honor Is All We Know

Lagwagon - Hang

Mariachi El Bronx - III

Black English - No

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Notable Mention

Boneless's new album (I'll call that a 2015 release, even though I have the MP3's from the pre-order)

Descendents - Filmage (doco... but it was THAT good - it needed to be mentioned)

Favourite reissue?

Nofx - The Decline (15 year anniversary)

Fugazi '88 Demo

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year? (I'm making it 5)

Hits and Pits - Sydney Uni

Comeback Kid/Rotting Out - The Wall

Nofx/Frenzal Rhomb - Enmore Theatre

The National- Sydney Opera House

Propagandhi/Crisis Alert - The Manning Bar

Biggest Disappointment(s)?

Rodrigo leaving Atlas Losing Grip - hopefully this means he's going to revive Satanic Surfers.

Last Nerve are STILL broken up

Stu Harvey leaving Short Fast Loud... I'm sure the new guy will be fantastic, but it's still a bummer

The continuing shit fight that was the Hits & Pits Festival... I was lucky enough to play two shows, and be joined on stage by Trever Keith for two songs, and it will probably be one of my personal highlights of 2014 - but the ongoing shit fight with bands being owed cash, TM's having to pull money out to cover costs (and not be reimbursed) - and then to top it all off, the con that seemed to be 'Hits & Pits - The Expansion' - where nearly $10k (non-refundable) was crowd sourced - for a future festivals that will never happen.

That sucked for everyone involved.

New Year's Resolution?

Try and discover new music - I'll always go buy whatever NOFX release, but I need to take a chance on music outside my comfort zone.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Backstage Passport 2

Hazards Full Length

Atlas Losing Grip Full Length

Awakening the Dragon Dog Mullet

The 90's coming back

Prediction for 2015?

The 90's will come back. In the song 'Move the Car' - by Lagwagon on the 1995 'Hoss' album - Joey Cape sings "I might as well go for it, the nineties won't be back again, til I'm forty-eight years old"

Joey Cape turned 48 in November 2014.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Postblue - I Hope They're Praying For Me

Warpaint - Warpaint

The Preatures - Blue Planet Eyes

Mac Demarco - Salad Days

FKA Twigs - LP 1

The Creases - Gradient

The Horrors - Luminous

Whirr - Sway

Roku Music - Collider

Lanie Lane - Nightshade

Favourite reissue ?

Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Pity Sex

Veruca Salt - The Zoo

Poison City Weekender

Biggest Disappointment?

The new Smashing Pumpkins record

New Year's Resolution?

Record heaps of bands

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Touring heaps, writing and recording a new Postblue record

Prediction for 2015?

Failure will finally tour Australia

Jarrod - CHOKE

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

No particular order but here goes:

Shackles - Forced To Regress

Born Free - Evil Hands

Downside - All My Love Returns to Me

Rort - Warpath

Imprisoned - The Other Side Of Hell

Toy Boats - Wedding Town

Legions - Apparition Songs

Sundial/Ringfinger - Split 7"

Cold World - How The Gods Chill

Brain Freeze - Demo

Favourite reissue ?

Mindsnare - The Death

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Ill Brigade w/ Relentless, Vigilante, Upperground & Deadly Visions @ Hermann's in January.

Born Free/Controlled w/ Time Crisis, Sundial, Guilt Trip & Ill Natured @ The Small Ballroom in July.

Ringworm w/ Against, Internal Rot, Caged Grave & Party Vibes @ The Bendigo - Break The Ice pre-show.

Honorable mentions to the BTI weekend, the Slapshot tour and the NOFX tour.

Biggest Disappointment?

A bunch of friend's bands breaking up, RIP The Takehold, Guilt Trip, Brain Freeze...

New Year's Resolution?

Spend more time appreciating the positives around me.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Real life stuff - starting my Primary Teaching degree.

Hardcore stuff - A bunch of fresh sounding Australian bands touring and putting out new quality records.

Prediction for 2015?

A NAILS tour (I'm desperately hoping ha-ha).

A stronger focus on slam dancing in Sydney.

Downside's 10" selling out with in a week of being in press.


Top 10 Releases of 2014

Give "Electric Flower Circus" LP- Long haired youth crew dudes (?) with flower logos and body paint (?) playing some of the most powerful & original sounding jams this side of the Swiz discography.

Fugazi "First Demo" LP- You'll never hear another demo this fucking good. Ever.

411 "The Side You Cannot See- Complete Discography" LP- Dan O Mahoney's best band, hands down. Memorable skate rock influenced melodic hardcore, if you're old enough to know what that means.

Ringworm "Hammer Of The Witch" LP- A ferocious return to form from Clevo's finest thrash metal / crossover hardcore kings. Contains legit westie riffs.

Bob Mould "Beauty And Ruin" LP- Legendary Husker Du frontman doing what he does best... belting out bullshit good tunes.

Outright "Avalanche" LP- 'Riff heavy HC' generally bores me shitless in 2014 but these Melbournians stand out well above the pack with unbridled passion, intelligence, and Jelena's incredible vocal delivery.

7 Seconds "Leave A Light On" LP- Old Kevbo and the gang with their best record by far since they quit hardcore and tried to be U2 in the late 80's.

Shellac "Dude Incredible" LP- Steve Albini is a dead set lord. What makes this different to any other Shellac album? Nothing. That's why it would make my top 10 any year they decide to grace us with an album.

Manlifting Banner "Red Fury" LP- Whilst your favourite long running HC band is busy wearing their own merch and congratulating themselves for staying loyal to da scene MLB are busy playing unapologetically political raging fast hardcore punk.

OFF! "Wasted Years" LP- If it ain't broke don't fix it. Keith Morris is an American Hardcore treasure.

Favourite reissue:

Brotherhood "Till Death" LP + 7"- Often overlooked first wave youth crew band (from Seattle not NY) gets the deluxe Southern Lord treatment. Tough as shit hardcore, heavy on the SSD influence featuring old mate from the Foo Fighters (not Dave Grohl or Pat Smear, the other guy).

Top 3 shows / tours of the year:

Lemuria & Hazards @ The Hammo Station.

Slapshot & Straight To A Tomb @ Hermans Bar

Ringworm @ The Small Ballroom

Biggest disappointment:

Liverpool almost won the Premier League, but fucking didn't.

New Years Resolution:

Pretty sure I said this last year, but by hell or high water the Hazards LP will finally see the light of day in 2015.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015:

Turning 40 ha-ha

Prediction for 2015:

The Manhunt LP will be the album of the year.

Brandon – MOOD SWING

Top 10 Releases of 2014

Code Orange – I Am King

Isaiah Rashad – Civilia Demo

Angel Du$t – A.D.

Criminal Instinct – Fever

Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden

Whirr – Sway

Toy Boats – Wedding Town


Pyramid Vritra – Palace

Nothing – Guilty of Everything

Special Mentions - Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata, Postblue – I Hope They're Praying For Me, Downside – All My Love Returns To Me, Jhene Aiko – Souled Out, Colossus – Unholy, Whirr/Nothing – Split, The Others – Rain Dance, Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You.

Favourite Reissue

Saw that a 100 Demons LP got re-issued... better get that ha-ha

Top 3 shows

Break The Ice

The Others, Mood Swing, Downside, Controlled, Primitive Blast @ Red Rattler, SYDNEY, NSW

Born Free, Controlled, Time Crisis, Mood Swing, Sundial, Upperground @ Valve Bar, SYD, NSW

Biggest disappointment


New Year's resolution


Looking forward to in 2015

Harms Way/Legions Tour. Writing more music. Hang out.

Prediction in 2015

Chameleon Sound aka Elliott continues to make engineer music that will sonically destroy you.


Top 10 International Releases of 2014?

Young and In the Way- When Life Comes to Death

Nothing- Guilty of Everything

Code Orange Kids- I am No King

Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls

Trap Them- Blissfucker

Whirr- Sway

Tigers Jaw- Charmer

Every Time I Die- From Parts Unknown

Lana Del Ray- Ultraviolence

Schoolboy Q-  Oxymoron

Top 5 National Releases

Colossvs- Unholy

Legions- Apparition Songs

Warbrain- The Pain of Rebirth

The Weight- Suffer Eternal

Downside- All My Love Returns to Me

Favourite reissue ?

Anything Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath or Megadeth

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?


Russian Circles

Break the Ice-what a lineup, cant wait to see what those guys have instore for next year.

Biggest Disappointment?

Half of Megadeth leaving the band.

New Year's Resolution?

Write more riifs and hopefully make our way over east for some shows.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Miles Away new album.

The upcoming tours hitting out shores next year and the release of our new EP "Bones to Dust" on Death Grips.

Prediction for 2015?

Megadeth getting a new line-up and doing a world tour with Metallica, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

1. CHEAP GIRLS 'Famous Graves'

2. THE SMITH STREET BAND 'Throw Me In The River'

3. TAPE/ OFF 'Chipper'

4. HARMONY 'Carpetbombing'

5. LUCA BRASI 'By A Thread'

6. FUGAZI 'First Demo'


8. BAD DREEMS 'Badlands'

9. BOB MOULD 'Beauty & Ruin'


Favourite reissue ?

SCREAMFEEDER 'Burn Out Your Name'

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

1. KNAPSACK - Reverence Hotel

2. SCREAMFEEDER - Yarra Boat Cruise

3. SEBODOH - Corner Hotel

Biggest Disappointment?

How fast this year went by!

New Year's Resolution?

Get fit, quit drinking - then forget all about it by February.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

The Bennies vs. Village People at Golden Plains Festival.

Prediction for 2015?

Midnight Oil reunion.

Matt, Chris, Andreas - SUMERU

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Eyehategod - Eyehategod

Legions - Apparition Songs

Civil War - Alone.Crucified

Watchtower - Absinthism

Sumeru - Holy Lands

Down - IV Part 2

Shackles - Forced To Regress

Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown

Mastodon - Once more Round The Sun

Favourite reissue?

Tama Bell Brass Snare (Andres)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Alice In Chains / Down at The Enmore Theater 25/2/14

Neurosis at Manning Bar 9/9/14

Legions at The Hive Lair 17/8/14

Biggest Disappointment?

Civil War breaking up...

New Year's Resolution?

Sleep better, drink less, eat healthy, plant a tree and make music.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Finally getting our hands on the 'Holy Lands' vinyl.

Predictions for 2015?

ACID VAIN will rule, a Fall Of Troy reformation, Andres will break more gear and Chris wants a Hover Car.

Stephen – HURT x UNIT

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

1. Autistic Youth - Nonage.

2. Whirr / Nothing - Split.

3. No Problem - We're already dead.

4. Morrissey - World peace is none of your business.

5. Fugazi - First demo.

6. Neighborhood Brats - Recovery.

7. Only Crime - Pursuance

8. Pianos become the teeth - Keep you

9. OFF! - Wasted years

10. Moth - First second.

Honourable mentions:

The Flex - Wild stabs in the dark.

Nothing - Guilty of everything

Choke - War of the suburbs

Hysterese - Self titled

Favourite reissue ?

Rollins Band - Life Time. My favourite Rollins record brought to life with a respectful remaster.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

1. Iron Mind - Any show they played. The undisputed lords of Australian hardcore,

Unmatched on every level live and gracious, humble people off of the stage. I can't think of a better band to be representing the nation on a global level.

2. Quicksand - Somewhere in London. They never fail to deliver.

3. The Approach - Melbourne. I had never heard of them before they hit the stage but they left a lasting impression. It was chill inducing, raw and ridiculously powerful. If any members of the band happens to read this, please make a record.

Biggest Disappointment?

Missing most of the great tours that came through town.

New Year's Resolution?

To spend more time in the ocean, play more shows and to make it through one airport without having intimacy forced upon me by the security personnel.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Completing the HxU record and not being so terrible at yoga.

Prediction for 2015?

More local releases with personality and the return of Rick Ta Life.


Top 10 Releases of 2014? (no particular order)

Basement "Further Sky"

Pianos Become The Teeth "Keep You"

Bane "Don't Wait Up"

La Dispute "Rooms Of The House"

Against Me! "Transgender Dysphoria Blues"

Iron Mind "S/T"

Shackles "Forced To Regress"

Joyce Manor "Never Hungover Again"

Rancid "Honor Is All We Know"

Code Orange "I Am King"

Favourite reissue ?

100 Demons "In The Eyes Of The Lord" and Mindsnare "The Death"

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

La Dispute / Balance And Composure @ The Metro, Sydney

Crisis Alert @ Black Wire

Iron Mind @ Newtown Social club

Biggest Disappointment?

The Annandale Hotel no longer doing live music.

New Year's Resolution?

To be more active.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

To release all the new releases we have in the works and announce all the tours we have planned for 2015.

Prediction for 2015?

South Sydney to go back to back.


Top 10 Releases of 2014? (in no particular order)

Lagwagon "Hang"

Cold World "How The Gods Chill"

Interpol "El Pintor"

Bane "Don't Wait Up"

Nothing "Guilty of Everything"

Angel Dust "A.D."

Circa Survive "Descensus"

Backtrack "Lost In Life"

Pennywise "Yesterdays"

Cruel Hand "The Negatives"

Favourite reissue ?

Gorilla Biscuits 'Start Today' 25th Anniversary

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Down @ Soundwave

Ten Foot Pole @ Hits&Pits

Local shows in general

Biggest Disappointment?

Can't think of anything that bothered me that much.

New Year's Resolution?

"It is what it is..."

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Finally putting our new record out, getting married, spending time with my dog and another great winter of waves.

Prediction for 2015?

Bands will continue to put out all sorts of music, some people will like it, some people won't and it will be discussed thoroughly on the internet.

Taj Burrow will finally win a World Title.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?


1. The War On Drugs – Lost in A Dream

2. Thurston Moore – The Best Day

3. Angel Dust – A.D.

4. Mogwai – Rave Tapes

5. Shackles – Forced To Regress

6. Mastodon – Once More 'Round The Sun

7. Failures – Decline And Fall

8. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

9. Outright – Avalanche

10. Rancid – Honor Is All We Know


1. Canidae – Nowhere Else But Here

2. Step Forward – Step Forward

3. No Action – Never Close

4. Controlled – Self Suffice

5. Hygiene – Void EP

Favourite reissue ?

The Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds LP reissues.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Radio Birdman at The Gov

Propagandhi Australian Tour

Canidae 7" launch at The Metro

Biggest Disappointment?

Adelaide Crows not making the 8 and the absolute inconsistency displayed throughout the year. I was really looking forward to the new Boston Strangler LP and I thought it was a bit of a let down. Also a number of bands coming to Australia that I would have liked to have seen, but missing Adelaide.

New Year's Resolution?

Finally record the new Stolen Youth LP, do a couple other records with other bands, be the best Dad in the world.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Playing another season of Football for the Payneham Norwood Union Football Club and watching the Adelaide Crows under new coach Phil Walsh.

Prediction for 2015?

Adelaide Crows to make the 8


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

1. BANE - Don't Wait Up


3. BACKTRACK - Lost In Life

4. OUTRIGHT - Avalanche

5. ONLY CRIME - Pursuance

6. COMEBACK KID - Die Knowing

7. SICK OF IT ALL - Last Act Of Defiance

8. SOUTHPAW - That's How We Roll

9. PUNCH - They Don't Have To Believe

10. BONELESS - Gratitude

Favourite reissue ?


Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

1. SLAPSHOT @ The Bendigo Hotel 29/03/2014

2. OUTRIGHT ('Avalanche' Launch) @ The Bendigo Hotel 17/10/2014

3. WATAIN @ The Hi-Fi Bar 17/01/2014

Biggest Disappointment?

Having to change our band name from Declaration, a name that we had been playing under for 4 years. That being said, I'm very happy with the new name GANBARU.

New Year's Resolution?

To take the band on the road and play a show somewhere that we have never played before, be it interstate or across international waters.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Finally releasing the debut GANBARU album "Declaration." We've worked so hard on it for so long, and I can't wait to kick it out there for other people to (hopefully) enjoy.

Prediction for 2015?

If 2014 taught me anything, I predict that nothing will go as planned.

Jackson - MANHUNT

Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Shackles - Forced To Regress

Iron lung - Savagery

Legions - Apparition Songs

Roku Music - Collider

Silver Mt Zion - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

Single mothers - Negative Qualities

Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene

Idylls - Prayer For Terrene

Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Hygiene - Void

Favourite reissue ?

Mindsnare - The Death

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Supporting Mindsnare when they came up and being reminded that all they need to do is come out of the dust a few times a year to show everyone that they're still the best in Australia.

Seeing AFI play two seperate 4 song encores in Mexico City.

Thee Nodes (and Shackles) set/s in Brisbane that more so resembled a riot. Nudity, unplugged guitars, flying milk crates, beer sprayed from the floor to the ceilings and people being socked with a half eaten pineapple.

Biggest Disappointment?

Tony Abbott

New Year's Resolution?

Kill Tony Abbott

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Our LP release tour with Internal Rot in February, playing drums/writing more music and seeing more of the world.

Prediction for 2015?

I noticed a lot more smaller DIY labels in Australia putting out loads of great records and putting together some phenomenal tours in 2014, definitely a highlight.

It's inspiring to see how much hard work, time and money these people are willing to pour into these things to keep the Australian scene moving. I hope this continues and grows.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

1. Future Islands - Singles

2. Sheer Terror - Standing Up For Falling Down

3. Drive by Truckers - English Oceans

4. Propagandi - Failed States

5. The Hold Steady - Teeth Dreams

6. Chief Kamachi - Radio Raheem

7. Mark Lanegan Band - Phantom Radio

8. Luca Brasi - By a Thread

9. Night Birds - Monster Surf

10. Eyehategod - Eyehategod

Favourite reissue ?

411 - The Side You Cannot See

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Agnes Obel @ The Old Museum Brisbane

Merauder @ Crowbar Brisbane

Morbid Angel @ The Hi Fi Brisbane

Biggest Disappointment?

Paying for bad food

New Year's Resolution?

Ride my bike to work

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Writing new Against songs and going back to Perth for some shows, also new Mindsnare 7"

Prediction for 2015?

You're asking the wrong guy, but I'm hoping for wild and original new Aussie bands... fingers crossed


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

History - The Union Pacific

They Don't Have to Believe - Punch

No Peace - Trash Talk

Don't Wait Up - Bane

When Life Comes to Death - Young And In the Way

Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!

World War Live - Twitching Tongues

I Am King - Code Orange

The Tyranny of Will - Iron Reagan

Void EP - Hygiene

Favourite reissue ?

The Death - Mindsnare

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Foundation – Break The Ice

Carcass - 170 Russell

The Weight - Pheonix Youth Centre

Torche - The Corner Hotel

Biggest Disappointment?

Didn't get a new band up and running in 2014 (again).

New Year's Resolution?

Not to commit to getting a new band up and running again this time next year (if it hasn't happened by then).

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Getting a new band up and running.

Prediction for 2015?

Will not get a new band up and running!

More importantly though, over the course of 2014 there was a lot more discussion and engagement on issues relating to entitlement, family/sexual violence and feminism in general, than I remember being in the mainstream dialogue in previous years (and even within the punk/hardcore scene).

Whilst I predict that the voice of change will (and must) continue to grow in 2015, unfortunately those voicing resistance against this will become more fervent, and more aggressive, which also increases the personal risk to those challenging the existing balance of power.

In 2015, it will be more important than ever that we each don't remain silent, and that we don't let any of our sisters, mothers, female friends, partners and their male allies stand alone or be left vulnerable.


Top 10 releases of 2014? (Sorry but I couldn’t get it down to ten so I had to do two lists!)

Sick People - In My Nightmare 7”
Shackles - Forced to Regress
Ill Natured Demo
Outright - Avalanche LP
Oily Boys - Majesty 7"
Primitive Blast Demo
Time Crisis Demo
Legions - Apparition Songs 7”
Watchtower - Absinthism
Hygiene - Void 7"

Death Wish - Tailgate LP
Hard Stripes - Hard Stripes 7”
Spine - Time Has Gone 7"
The Boston Strangler/Waste Management/Peacebreakers - The Stompilation Tape
Not Afraid - Locked Out LP
Shrapnel - Frenzied State 7"
Protester 7”
Mind Trap - Life Among Liars and Thieves 7”
Criminal Instinct - Fever 7”
Freedom - Pay The Price 7”

Favourite reissue?
Death Wish - Tailgate LP (It counts as both a new release and reissue to me haha!)

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
The Born Free and our 7” release tour
Total Attack 2014
Red Rattler show of the Outright record release tour

Biggest disappointment?
Oily Boys wrapping up things (for now…?)

New Years resolution?
To book more shows.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015
More and more new bands and new faces at shows.

Prediction for 2015?
Shows will get more and more welcoming and supportive. People will challenge the norms and experiment with different styles and sounds.


Top 10 Releases of 2014?

1 Outright - Avalanche
2 Iron Reagan - Tyranny of Will
3 Cruel Hand - The Negatives
4 Iron Mind - Iron Mind
5 Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch
6 Boneless - Gratitude
7 Civil War - Alone.Crucified
8 Staunch - Hurt To Learn
9 Street War - Street War
10 Southpaw - Thats How We Roll
Still haven't had a chance to check out new Vices, Sumeru and Taken By Force but I'm sure they will be up there for best release of 2014.

Favourite reissue ?
Mindsnare - The Death

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?
Struggling to remember shows from earlier in the year but heres a few from not so long ago that come to mind-
1-  Merauder, Against, Grim Reality, Crowned Kings and Straight to a Tomb @ Hermans Bar
2- Iron Mind, Vigilante and Upperground @ Red Rattler
3- Civil War, Boneless, Deadly Visions, Choke, Controlled and Ill Natured @ Valve Bar

Biggest Disappointment?
Civil War calling it a day.

New Year's Resolution?
Play shows, make music, surf waves.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?
New Modest Mouse, Miles Away and Crowned Kings Albums.
Harms Way tour.
Hoping for Mindsnare tour.
New Deadly Visions release.




Top 10 Releases of 2014?

10. Downside - All My Love Returns To Me (Death's Grip)

9. The Weight - Suffer Eternal (Lethal Dose/Death's Grip)

8. At The Gates - At War With Reality (Century Media)

7. Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene (625/crucificados)

6.Code Orange - I Am King (Deathwish inc)

5.Renounced - The Melancholy We Ache (Carry The Weight)

4. Shackles - Forced To Regress (Resist)

3.Rort - Warpath (RSR)

2.Iron Mind - Self Titled (Resist)

1.Outright - Avalanche (Rage And Reason)

Favourite reissue ?

This one is a no brainer. Life.Love.Regret. being repressed by Indecision Records and giving it the respect it deserves.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Favourite shows would have to be seeing Foundation playing the Monday night show in Melbourne for the Hornetz Nest first show and Vicious Cycle record release show. Second would be Oliver at Broken Hive Records having us help out with Break The Ice showcasing some of the best bands in Australia and overseas. Finally Unbroken, Strife and Endzweck three times, twice in tiny venues and once at a fest show with Code Orange, Expire, Otis, Loyal To The Grave and others.

Biggest Disappointment?

Dropout sadly having to stop operating as a venue.

New Year's Resolution?

Buy more records, read more zines and travel more. Maybe 2015 will see the Lair band, maybe it won't.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Rebirth and the 90s coming back. Dont Need You to continue to put out amazing releases and Melbourne to pick up again.

Prediction for 2015?

Repentance and Rebirth to conquer all.



Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Shackles - Forced To Regress

Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene

Hygiene S/T 7"

Legions - Apparition Songs

Hydromedusa - S/T 7"

Stompilation Tape (for the Waste Management songs)

Step Forward - S/T 7"

Inmates - S/T LP

Outright LP

Favourite reissue ?

Didn't buy one

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Seeing North Melbourne win an Elimination Final at the MCG was better than every show I went to this year, put together. Especially because it was against Essendon.

Biggest Disappointment?

Hawthorn winning the premiership, again. Also flying to Sydney to watch the Kangas get smashed by Buddy Franklin in the Prelim was an expensive and soul crushing weekend.

New Year's Resolution?

To make a million dollars, and to get a new Starvation record out.

What you're most looking forward to in 2015?

Making a million dollars, North Melbourne winning the premiership.

Prediction for 2015?

That I will make a million dollars, and North Melbourne will win the premership. No thanks to Levi Greenwood you prick



Top 10 Releases of 2014?

Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene LP

Legions - Apparition Songs 7"

Hygiene - Void 7"

Sick Machine - Muzzled 7"

Shackles - Forced to Regress LP

The Weight - Suffer Eternal 10"

Melchior - S/T Demo Cassette

Primitive Blast - Demo Cassette

Controlled - Self Suffice 7"

If Burning Season or Human Ruins released anything this year it would be here so I'll leave this last spot empty to make them feel bad for not releasing anything.

Favourite reissue ?

To be honest I didn't really pay attention but Mindsnare - The Death LP got repressed by Resist and that is an A+ record.

Top 3 favourite shows/tours of the year?

Seeing Foundation was a highlight for me. Playing with Mindshare earlier this year was insanely cool. Shackles LP/Crisis Alert LP launch in Brisbane was really fun.

Biggest Disappointment?

The attrition rate in people attending actual punk/hardcore shows, grouped with the inflation of people talking shit about each other on the internet.

New Year's Resolution?

I'm with Moose on this one, making a million dollars


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