Originally for their 20 year anniversary I planned on doing a four part interview with each of the members of Mindsnare. I figured I'd aim questions that covered 5 years of the band's existence to them indiviually. Then when I thought about it, I realised that perhaps rather than having them rehash their past, we should all really be thanking Mindsnare for their contribution to the Australian hardcore scene instead. With that in mind I fired off a similar series of questions to people who the band have impacted on over the past 20 years and let the photos and flyers tell a story instead.


Sean Lipsett (Toe To Toe, Downtime, AVO)

There has always been a friendly rivalry between the Sydney and Melbourne hardcore bands. I always saw the Sydney bands as looser and more punk and the Melbourne bands as tighter and more professional. Hell, even the most crusty grind core bands from Melbourne were more rehearsed than the best hardcore bands Sydney ever produced. My loyalty is with Sydney of course but I have to admit one of the greatest hardcore bands to ever come from Australia is Mindsnare.

My association with the guys in Mindsnare goes back 20 plus years. I first met Matt Maunder on the second Toe To Toe tour of Melbourne when he and Shane Carter interviewed the band for their fanzine Kickback, in the back of Bibs panel van, outside The Arthouse. Matt mentioned he was singing in a band that was about to play out. At the time I was booking bands around Sydney so I told him to let me know when they were ready to make the drive north. We'll put them up and throw them on a show.

Less than a year later Mad Circle hit Sydney. Like a fucking bomb. Their first Sydney show was at The Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo for Subversion’s 'Pig Nation' record launch. Boiling Point, Fly Cop and Price Of Silence were also on the bill. An amazing show. During Mad Circle’s set I remember turning to the person next to me and saying something about the changing of the guard. They were so good and they were only just starting out. A year later they played Sydney again and were even better. They stayed with us again and played in our backyard with Minute Minder and Nation Of Hate. The line up had changed as well as the name. They were now calling themselves Mindsnare.

I booked Mindsnare a few times since those days. They played the first Hardcore Superbowl in 1996 before it turned into a three-day festival and a hell of a headache. The best show I saw them play was at The Iron Duke for the East Coast Street Assault, alongside Forward Defence. An insane day. Booking shows as No Deal was all about paying bands fairly but there were never any guarantees. They played those big festivals and never complained about their time slot or how much they got paid. Fucking gentlemen.

Beltsy is one of the best guitarists I know and has the greatest AC/DC tattoos I've ever seen. Nigel is solid on bass, Gordy is a fucking machine on drums and Matt is one of the best frontmen out there. I haven't seen ex-members Brad and Anibal in a long time but Bomber still spends Xmas with my family most years.

Mindsnare changed the face of Australian hardcore. So many bands have tried to copy them but they did it first and did it better. They still do. Modern hardcore can bore the shit out of me, but a Mindsnare show still gets my heart pumping. They can pull off a Septic Death cover without it sounding nostalgic and blow away any overseas bands of the same genre effortlessly. Incredible band. And dammit, they're from fucking Melbourne….


Matt Horvath (Stolen Youth, Crisis Alert, Starvation)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

The Death

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Any Arthouse show!

Why Mindsnare?

I will always remember the first time I heard “The Death”. I was sitting in a lounge room with a group of mates and someone mentioned how they picked up the new Mindsnare album. We all sat around and listened to every note as our jaws dropped and faces melted. I absolutely loved all the older releases, but this one took it to the next level for me. 

Congratulations on 20 years and 20 more to come. Please come to Adelaide at least one more time in those next 20 years.


Lloyd Denovan (Higher Power, Within Blood, Hit List)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Under Fire, coz it takes me back to an exciting time in my life when hardcore music was pretty new to me.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Mindsnare & Samsara at the Arthouse, Summer 2007. Emillie and I had just moved back to Australia from living in the UK for over 2 years. We got back the day of a Mindsnare show and we hadn't told anyone we were coming home. It turned out Samsara were covering a Within Blood song with Maunder on vocals, and coz I'd just turned up, I played bass, which was awesome. Then, Beltsy turns up right as Mindsnare are going on stage. We stood right at the front, waited and then surprised the hell out of him just as they were about to play. Being at that show with all of our mates after being away from them for so long was fuckin' awesome.

Mad Circle were the first real hardcore band I'd ever seen. Growing up on this side of the planet and your whole music scene is on the other side was tough. So as a junior, having one hardcore band to see at the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond is something that changed my life forever, and for the better. I'll never forget how stoked we were when Ultimatum got to play our first show with Mad Circle at the Mordi house. During our set, Dan breaks a string, and Beltsy lends him his Firebird, which Dan then smashed on the doorway as he's rushing to get back 'on stage'.

Why Mindsnare?

Hardcore shows back in the early 90's were pretty terrible, and to see where they've come blows my mind. In Melbourne all I wanted was a hardcore scene like in the US & Europe and I reckon Mindsnare pretty much started what we have now.

Dudes to stick at doing a band for this long is insane. (Even if Matt is the only original member.. Ha-ha) I dunno how you guys have all put up with each other for so long, but fuck I'm glad you have.


Greg Appleby (Against)

Fave Mindsnare Release: 

For me Credulity has a special place for being the first Snare record I heard, but I would have to say Hanged choked to me still has allot of the old Mindsnare style that I love, heavy, fast, and full of an urgency that most bands lack today. The guys all play the shit out of their instruments like its the last time they are ever gonna see em again, Beltsy's back ups are crazy and Maunder sounds like a staffy that’s had his tail stood on… Brutal cunts!   

PS. The Death is a shit hot record also… can I have 3 favourites?

Fave Mindsnare Show: 

We did a small string of shows in Perth with Mindsnare and Hit List a few years back and I still remember Mindsnare tearing Amplifier apart, that show has always stood out to me. I think some of the best shows I have seen them play would be some of the smaller Brisbane and Sunny coast shows back in the day and of course every Arthouse show I saw them play!!!!

Why Mindsnare?

Against have been lucky enough to do a heap tours and shows with these guys, there is no bigger inspiration to Against and I would like to think Australian hardcore in general, one of the most honest and original bands around anywhere not to mention the guys are always good for a laugh, to me Mindsnare ARE the most important band in Australian hardcore.

Congratulations on the milestone guys, couldn't happen to a better bunch of blokes or for that matter a better band… all hail the true kings of Australian hardcore


Cory Day (Battletruk)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit

Fave Mindsnare Show:

In 2000 my first band PC Thug got to support them in Perth, this gig changed everything for our city. We all realised we needed to get heavier immediately! Then in 2007 on the Hard Luck East Coast tour we got to support them in Battletruk at the Arthouse with Meatlocker. Shit was sold out by 9 and batshit crazy all night long. Best band in Australian Hardcore. Ever. End of story.

Why Mindsnare?

There has not been any band who have played as long, as fast, as hard as Mindsnare. Not only that but with each recording they push it further and gnarlier than before. They have great fucking taste in music (except for the Beatles) and it shows. Don't even pretend you are into 'hardcore' if you don't listen to Mindsnare.

You all may be short, but your music stands tall and as a band you are fucking huge. Battletruk covered The End to gain street cred and it worked. You deserve to be recognised as the reason a lot of us even play fast music. All hail the kings of OZHC.


Dave Jiannis (Within Blood, Samsara)

Fave Mindsnare Release: 

Under Fire, with Credulity close behind.

Fave Mindsnare Show: 

WAX studios in Richmond, late 90’s. Can’t remember who with, maybe Force Fed 9, crazy pile-ons, room was packed. Vibe was amazing.  Most of the shows there were off the hook. Special mention of the Flinders Uni shows in Adelaide, whether supporting an international or with other local acts, those shows were nuts and a hell of a lot of fun.

Why Mindsnare?

First time I saw them live, mid to late 90’s (I do have the worst memory btw) playing with One Inch Punch at Collingwood Town Hall. Here were these dudes playing hardcore/punk with a metallic edge. Coming from the metal scene I really dug what they were doing musically and the energy of the show is what dragged me in. Pretty sure I met Maunder and Nigel on that day, and we’ve been best mates ever since.

Props to a band that have always done things their own way! When THEY want and how THEY want. Respect!


Pete Abordi (Level, No Apologies, Last Nerve, Restraint)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

“Credulity”, the first Mindsnare record I heard and like “Threats and Facts”, a record that holds a special place in my heart due to me just finding out about hardcore and becoming more and more interested in it. But a very close second is “Disturb The Hive”, because to me it proves why Mindsnare are the kings of Australian Hardcore, they have not only managed to survive for 20+ years which is a feat in itself, but they have also managed to stay relevant and release better and better records rather than most "older" bands who tend to rely more on their older material and release not so great newer records, ha-ha.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Too many to try and pick one, but probably any of the times I was lucky enough to see them on their home turf in Melbourne. Or the next time I see them. They just keep getting better and better. The 4 of them individually are the best at what they do in the Australian hardcore scene and put them together and it’s all over.

Why Mindsnare?

So many awesome/funny memories, whether it be at the actual show or not. Vig smashing beers on his head and screaming at the band in between/mid song, Pete Bursky trying to mosh but instantly falling over and knocking over half the crowd every song, hitting the town (literally in some instances) the first time Restraint went to Melbourne, road tripping around NSW to go to shows, seeing them on a boat and gear almost tipping over mid song, getting my first tattoo (in my lip) at age 16 in their hotel room. So many good memories.

They wont accept any congratulations anyway, as they are four of the most humble guys you would ever meet so I wont bother, ha-ha, plus it already sounds like I am talking about a band that has broken up or are past their prime, but they are only just getting started! I can’t wait for the next record!


Matt Sourdin (Bad Blood, Boneless)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Fucking tough question. I would say that this week my fav is The Death, although I have been smashing Credulity a bit lately. And those songs on the Congress split are absolute crackers too!

Fave Mindsnare Show:

The next one.

Why Mindsnare?

In my opinion, Mindsnare are by far the best band to ever come out of Australia, regardless of genre. Over their time they have crossed styles, progressing and morphing into some kind of face melting riff machine that gets more and more aggressive and intense as the releases go on. They are relentlessly providing the public with the best fucking songs I have ever heard, and it seems they are unstoppable. Without this band, there would not be bands. Your band sucks if you don’t like Mindsnare, fuck off.

Thank you and don’t stop.


Callum Preston (Her Nightmare, Miles Away)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

I’d have to say "The Death" is my favorite release. It was their first record to come out after I was old enough to go to the Arty.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

The 10 year Mindsnare show at the Arthouse in 2003. At the time I knew no one in the band and only a few people at shows, just the small group of friends I would attend shows with. Mindsnare were a band of 10 years at that point, they had history, I remember being struck by their track on the "Chainspotting" comp back in 98 when I got it in highschool, but nothing can compare to seeing them live on the mishaped Arthouse stage.

When Mindsnare kicked off, it was chaos, start to finish. They played faster than hell, tore through one song into the next without missing a beat. The crowd was wild and more to the point they were men. In reality, I was a baby at 18 these were big bearded tattooed men, stage diving and beating the shit out of each other in the pit, beer jugs and bodies flying around the room. When there was a break between songs, the crowd was like a rowdy mob, with Maunder taunting them only making them more mental, that’s the thing with a Mindsnare show, they bring out the weirdos. You get that many Skaters/BMX/ Hardcore Kids and crazies in a room and shits always gonna get weird, and it always did, just the way Mindsnare and the fans like it.

I had survived my first Mindsnare show at the Arthouse. Soaked in beer and sweat, my shirt ripped and a smile on my face from ear to ear. I knew that I never wanted to miss them playing there. I think from that time till they Arty closed I only missed them there twice. I was honored to design merch and poster art for their final ever show there, which happens to be one of the ones I missed, as I was overseas. I truly believe that the Mindsnare and The Arty is one of those amazing combinations of band and venue that you cannot replicate anywhere. To me their music sounds like the Arty and when I think of the Arty I picture them playing in it. In my mind, it cannot and will not be beaten.

Why Mindsnare?

Mindsnare are a funny bunch, they are so low key with how well they do that it’s almost funny. Working on merch stuff with them, and suggesting bigger orders of whatever item, Nigel has said on multiple occasions “no one’s gonna wanna buy our shit", or "I don’t want to have a bunch of this shit left over" then it all sells out in no time. They are 4 of the funniest people I know, especially when they are all together. Individually on their chosen instrument, they are some of the best players you will ever see, and that sets a standard. If you are playing in a scene where people will get to see them play, you wanna be able to play tighter and faster, just to at least attempt to hold a candle to their set. You can't, but you wanna try. To keep it together for 20 years is a massive achievement, a lot changes in that amount of time, but a few things are certain no matter how many years pass. I’ll still be stoked on Mindsnare, Maunder and Gordy wont be any taller, Nigel and Beltsy will still be laughing at them and Australian Hardcore will be in awe of what they have done.

Well done Mindsnare, full on legends. Thank you for the inspiration and the laughs. Why not shoot for 20 more!


Simon Walker (Lookin In, Washed Up Records)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Hanged Choked Wrists Slit with The Death a close second.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Too many to mention. One of the many packed out Arthouse shows they played. They always managed to bring such a mixed bag to their shows, which made it a lot more enjoyable.

Why Mindsnare?

For me Hanged Choked really took Australian HC to another level. Bands just weren't doing records that sounded that good! I think with the addition of Gordy they took their live shows to a new level also. They gave bands in Australia a measuring stick that was home grown instead of looking to overseas bands. Every young bands goal was to play with Mindsnare and still is/should be. They managed to outlast almost every one of their peers and become one of the most influential HC bands Australia has ever had whilst being extremely humble and accessible.

It's crazy to think they have been around for 20yrs and keep going strong. Congrats to everyone in the band. I dare say they could go for another 20 if they really wanted too, and I'm sure no one would be disappointed about that.


Emilie Reader (Ultimatum, Meatlocker)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Credulity. I can still clearly remember the day Credulity turned up in the mail and the Summer it blared non-stop on my disc-man. In '97 I was a teenager travelling overseas alone for the first time ever, working at a Summer camp in Pennsylvania surrounded by Amish farms and cornfields. The internet didn't exist so it was a pretty isolating time and getting a package from home with my mates new record was unforgettable. So yeah, power to the lonely in the corn fields.

But also, Credulity reminds me of a really exciting and significant period in Australian HC history where a lot of different people and bands shaped the scene we take for granted today.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

It's impossible to pick ONE! The whole Meatlocker/Mindsnare tour was great fun, especially the Arthouse show. Hardluck played and there was a line all the way around the corner so people were sneaking in any way possible, dudes were wearing hand drawn merch and there was just lots of mischief and fuck-arounding going on. It was one of those perfect Minsdnare at the Arty nights.

Why Mindsnare?

One of my favourite memories ever was the day Lloyd and I returned to Melbourne after living overseas for 2 and a half years. We didn't tell a soul we were moving home and just rocked up early one Mindsnare night at the Arthouse. One by one all of our closest friends in the world turned up for the show and being reunited with them was the most fulfilling feeling ever. Beltsy was the final mate to surprise, he was running late straight from another gig so we hid until they were just about to play and I'll never forget that moment he spotted us. Best night ever.

And I guess that's the thing about Mindsnare for me. Yes the music is fuckin' sick and yes the shows are mental. But most importantly, when this band is on the bill it will always be the one place in the world I can find my friends.


Jarrod McIntosh (Dropsaw)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

For me it would be Hanged Choked Wrist Slit. From start to finish it's a banger. Think I was around 14 when it was released, and every time I hear that record it reminds me of times when life was pretty basic and stress free. School, surf and skate. Simple.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

There are many Mindsnare shows that stand out, but one in particular was one that my band Dropsaw was lucky enough to play. Mindsnare, Dropsaw, Bulldog Spirit at the Lucky Country hotel in Newcastle. Tiny venue that was absolutely packed. You could not have fit another person in the venue that night. Everybody was having a dance and singing along. No bullshit, just good times, lots of friends and happy punters.

Why Mindsnare?

In my opinion this band has played the biggest role in Australian Hardcore. Twenty years as a band that has held down their style from start to finish. Never following trends, always sending a message. True Australian hardcore done 100%.

Big props to four of my good friends and arguably Australia's greatest band. 20 years is a massive feat that not many bands even get close to. They have helped me in many ways over the years, from hooking my band up, to just general life advice. I'm proud to look up to guys like this & have them as mates. On ya Mindsnare.


Adrian Shapiro (Lo! Huntsman)

Fave Mindsnare Release: 

Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Pretty much all of them, although there was one I flew down to Melbourne for at The Arthouse sometime in 2006, which was a particularly mental show.

Why Mindsnare?

One of my favourite Mindsnare related memories, was producing the Burning Black clip for the dudes. We wanted to find Matt a gas mask for the clip and I had to visit some pretty rough looking places before I found the right one. We shot the clip over two shows, one at Hermanns in Sydney and one at The Arty in Melbourne. I feel like it really captured a Mindsnare show well in both the band performance and the crowd involvement, and it's one of the clips I'm most proud of mainly because of the respect and love I have for Mindsnare.

Congrats Matt, Nige, Gordy and Beltsy! Here's to another 20 years and I look forward to zimmer-frame moshing with you in 2033 at the old age home. Metal!


Luke Dolan (Hazards, The Deadwalk, Pitfall, Arms Reach, Life Love Regret)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

The Death, Hanged Choked Wrists Slit, & Under Fire. 

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Their first Sydney show in 1994 at the Vulcan Hotel when they were still called Mad Circle. 

Why Mindsnare?

I'll never forget that first Sydney show. I was wearing a No For An Answer shirt and Shane Carter (Kickback Fanzine) who was travelling with the band introduced himself to me and said, "You're gonna love this band, they do a No For An Answer cover". And sure enough he was right. They were fucking great. Not only did they play NFAA's "I Spy" (& Agnostic Front's "Genesis" too from memory) but they were the first Australian band I'd ever heard playing New York style hardcore when every other band was more on the punk side of things. When you think of the 23738 Aussie bands that have come after them to be influenced by NYHC being the first is a big deal, pioneering in fact. 20 years later they're still ahead of the game, evolving as a band and putting out great records, when all of their contemporaries have either hung up their boots or well and truly should have. 

Congratulations, you old mother fuckers!


Joel Attenborough (Jungle Fever, Taking Sides)

Fave Mindsnare Release:


Fave Mindsnare Show:

Some show in Canberra w/ Jungle Fever (and maybe 4 dead) in about 07…  SHIT.GOT.REAL!!!

Why Mindsnare?

I still remember the first time I heard Mindsnare...  It was on a compilation that came out in 1998 called ‘Chainspotting’ and featured Australia’s best Punk Rock and Hardcore bands. Being from Sydney (and only 16/17 at the time) I’d seen TTT a fair bit – but as far as Australian Hardcore went, that was the extent of what was out there for me. I reckon I listened to their track 10 times more than any other song on the comp… it was this different sound… short, explosive, ‘dangerous’ and I had zero idea what the fuck they were singing about… Seeing them a million times at The Iron Duke in Sydney (one of the first over age shows I ever got into when I was wellll underage) and Bizzo's in Caringbah never EVER got old.  Fast forward 15 years (and 20 in their existence) and I’m still as blown away by the music they’re releasing now, as I was when I heard ‘What is Mine’ for the first time.

They’re one of those rare bands that have done it their way, without compromise – and that’s what made them still relevant – 20 years on.

Congrats lads…



Nick Horsnell (Miles Away)

Fave Mindsnare Release: 

Does the Mindsnare/Congress split count? I think those three songs are my favourite, especially at a time when I was obsessed with Goodlife Records and Euro Metalcore. It's pretty hard to go past Credulity & Hanged Choked... though, those two are definitely up there for me also!

Fave Mindsnare Show:

There is only one answer to this question if you're from Perth, and I’m sure some of the other West Coasters will say the same thing and that's the first time Mindsnare came over and played at the Flag & Whistle in Freo. To this day there has never been a show at that pub, fuck knows why, because it was the probably the best show I've been to in my entire life. I think it was 1999? Mossy might be a little clearer on that, but anyway at that point bands weren't coming over to play shows because we were a bit behind the times over here. Anyway the tiny little punk/hardcore scene we had here had started to grow around that time and luckily for us Mindsnare were one of the first bands to come over by themselves (not with another bigger touring band or something). I remember there was so much anticipation building in the months leading up to the show, more than ever before. The show was packed with a complete mish mash of people from every little splinter scene in Perth and the vibe was just great. All of our favourite bands like PC Thug, Boredumb and Ballpoint played and we were proud to finally show those bands to Eastern Staters.

Notorious heads were going mental, I remember Jim Boredumb's brother was doing front flips off the stage onto no-one during one of the first bands. People had waited so long to just go spazz in the pit to a band, bash into someone or dive off the stage and finally there was enough people for them to do that. The Belgians Tim & Tom were in town and they had just introduced the Euro Windmill fury to Western Australia. Everything just fell into place. Half the people there probably didn't know the words to the songs, but from start to finish it went off, and it was just a room full of your mates from different places.

I remember a bunch of us just punishing Matt or Nigel about the Morning Again shirt they were wearing. Like WOW, where did you get that! We could go to our record store and buy like an XXL SOIA shirt that would fit a square cow if we were lucky and it would cost $50. And I'm pretty sure the show was December 30, so the next night was like Y2K, New Years Eve to end all parties...but instead we went to some lame fest because 28 Days were playing and we wanted to see Beltsy do his part in that song off the first album. Well that was really long winded, but I get really stoked thinking of that show and all the people involved...

Why Mindsnare?

I just gotta go with what I wrote above, that night really changed things over here. 10-15 years later those guys are still coming over here (maybe a few more years between drinks) and people are stoked. Just seeing them all over the country over the years, how they respected they are, and how down to earth the guys have always been. I looked up to them when getting into this and I still look up to them. Actually here's a good story...Having to play after them on our first East Coast tour (at HC04 – Gaelic Club) was one of the worst things ever.   

Congrats lads, 20 years well deserved. Look forward to having a beer in August. Just play Bunbury as well, why wouldn't ya? It might be as nuts as that Freo night. Thanks for the inspiration, advice & for just being top blokes.


Brett Eitzen (Day of Contempt, ShotPointBlank, Samsara, Outright)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

The Death

Fave Mindsnare Show:

The 'Last Drinks' Final Show at the Arthouse. It was by far one of the craziest and most fun/silly shows I've been to. And on top of this, I spent the entire set in a Lucha Libre mask along with my mate Woody (drummer for Samsara), which was a re-enactment of a time the two bands toured WA together and Woody and I spent the entire Mindsnare set clothes lining each other amongst various other wrestling moves. Mindsnare shows bring the crazies!

Why Mindsnare?

I still crack up at the thought of them driving interstate with the back seats of the tarago folded down so that they could wrestle to pass the time (at 100km am hour). Completely not safe, incredibly stupid, but fucking genius!

Are you guys seriously that old?


Dave Immerz (Vigilante, Last Nerve, Bad Blood)

Fave Mindsnare release:


Fave Mindsnare show:

Saturday 6 December 1997 at Civic Centre, Katoomba with Fuzznut, Downtime, Mid Youth Crisis and Toe To Toe on the Hardcore BBQ tour. It felt weird having a hardcore show in the Blue Mountains but somehow it worked and well.

Why Mindsnare?

Mindsnare are what every hardcore band should aspire to be – uncompromising live show, touring to only leave us wanting more, raging recordings and an absolute unique sound.

Thanks Mindsnare for showing us for the past 20 years how a real hardcore band should exist. Not only have we loved watching, listening and discussing everything you've given to the scene, you gave us a lesson in how hardcore should be, beyond the music.


Carl Whitbread (Omerata, Lo!)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

The White EP. Not sure why, but this just struck a chord with me, even more so than Crudelity did. I lent it to a friend but his house was robbed, and the CD was stolen and I couldn't find it for sale again anywhere. I even emailed Nigel and he said they were completely out of print. I was lucky enough to get an original copy off another friend a few years back.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

There are honestly too many to choose from. I guess the one that sticks in my mind from recent years was when they played at the Annandale with Ringworm in 2011. That was just an all round awesome night and probably the first time I had staged dived since I was a teenager.

Why Mindsnare?

I remember the first time a friend showed me Credulity when I was 15 and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was fast, heavy, dark, technical and like nothing I had heard before... and it was Australian! Since that day they have always been my favourite Aussie band and have rarely missed a Sydney show. I'm still waiting for the day I get to hear 'fire' live, but according to Beltsy, "we wouldn't even know how to play it anymore"

Good work dudes. You guys have truly been a massive inspiration to the Australian music scene and hopefully there will still be many more years to come!


Jelena Goluza (Outright)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

The Death - for its depth and diversity and the ridiculous transitions from thrash and metallic licks straight to groovy old school hardcore breakdowns and dance parts. It shouldn't make sense but it does. Don't argue formula when the result fucking works. I think this record is the best culmination of all their influences, passions, and the breadth of their skills, and its tracks are always the stand outs in any set. Untouchable.

Honourable Mentions: Credulity for being my game-changer back in the day. Hanged Choked Wrists Slit for the fresh air it breathed into Australian Hardcore at the time of its release. White EP for nostalgia's sake.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

I was part of a very packed, hot and sweaty crowd in a sold out show at the Arthouse in Melbourne in its last years. As I understand it, the guys wouldn't let Maunder have a smoke machine so he improvised with throwing talcum powder into the crowd. Sure, it created an atmosphere and it certainly improved the scent and texture of the smelly and sweaty shirtless drunks in the pit but the look of Beltsy's caked up guitar and strings and his cranky yet sweetly defeated face may have seen things differently. Meanwhile, there were countless stage dives (including boogie boards, props and beach balls), nudity, battle vests, stupid grins, misplaced shoes and plenty of fists in the air. I'm pretty sure Nigel either fell into the crowd or clocked someone with his guitar. Agnostic Front and Youth of Today covers raised the energy levels even higher. I ruined my favourite Warzone shirt and it will always remind me of this show.

Honourable mentions: Their last gig at Goo where they appeared dressed as terrorists, complete with character-specific turbans, beards, dynamite, gas mask and a friend moshing in his fluffy bunny suit (relevant!). The crowd spent more time on Gordy's drums than he did. My face hurt from laughing. A fight later ensued and they were asked to never play there again. I also remember a backyard gig at a house party in 2007 with bikes popping skids in the pit and Maunder just watching from behind the guitar cab as we all invented new words on the mic.

Why Mindsnare?

Favourite story:

Hearing that one of the few handmade DIY skateboards designed by Andy Murphy and sold at a show in 2002 is actually a one off because the stencil broke, and only just realising now that it’s the one I bought on the day and have had it hung on my wall ever since. Maunder felt bad selling it to me at that show because he couldn’t justify asking for the cash. I scoffed at him for being an idiot. I scoff harder now.

Mindsnare prove that:

Longevity does not mean staleness and if you keep perspective but prioritise doing only what you want to do you can keep achieving whatever the fuck you want despite what is happening around you.

Don't forget your roots and be sure to always celebrate them - punk is hardcore is thrash is metal is hardcore is punk. Fuck your labels and have some fun.

Supporting new and young bands not only strengthens the scene but also unites a whole community to make sure you still have shows to play and enjoy in the future.

Doing it yourself means doing it right.

Make the band about more than just yourself by involving your friends in artwork design, production, distribution, merch, posters, venues, zines and touring, and you will have a better product, better company to share, and a legacy beyond your chords.

Being open-minded doesn't mean selling out on the shit you care about.

And finally, MIXED BILLS RULE.

Congratulations on this incredible milestone. You've set a record and an example no one can match but still made sure that it's about us in the crowd so we all have fun and take care of each other along the way. You diversified Australian hardcore and defied industry tactics and trends to still come out on top over all the ebbs and flows of a fluctuating scene. Most importantly, you've remained humble, energetic, creative, independent, fun and still the best bunch of dudes to chat to after a long and loud night. Saying "thanks" doesn't even come close. Bloody good on yas.


Grant Lawrence (Hostile Objects, Twin City Faction)

Fave Mindsnare Release: 

UNDERFIRE / Hung Choked Wrists Slit are on par. Can't choose between the two..

Fave Mindsnare Show: 

Way too many to choose from...every show is always wild...possibly seeing them for the 1st time at Waterloo Tavern in '93, or at the old Sando, and the many times at the Iron Duke and everywhere else in between...once again, can't pick just one.

Why Mindsnare?

One of my fave times was finally getting the chance to play on the same bill with them at The Arty back in 2004 when Twin City Faction toured Melbourne. Also on the bill was Beanflipper and Fast Times, such a rad night.....They have always stayed true to themselves and I love the fact each album just gets more and more brutal....I always walk out after a Mindsnare show with a massive smile after picking my jaw back up off the ground....Playing with them at the Sydney show to help celebrate their 20th birthday is an honour for me and the other lads in Hostile Objects....can't fuckin' wait.

Happy 20th birthday lads..hope there is many more bday's / shows to come..


Thanks for the amazing times...


Ryan Willmott (Rest Assured, Perish The Thought)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

As a complete album probably "The Death", but I think my fave Mindsnare songs are on the Congress split.

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Being a part of the 10 Year Anniversary show at the Arthouse is a memory I will take with me to the grave. When I joined Perish The Thought, the very first song we jammed on was "Culture" from Credulity and our only real goal as a band was to one day share a stage with Mindsnare. It took us four years to get there, but to do it in their own hometown, on the hallowed Arthouse stage for their 10 Year Aniversary was a real trip. Mindsnare shows at the Arty were always off hook, with the relaxed 'anything goes' regulations. They tend to bring all types out of the woodwork. From the first note, the place just erupted and people went nuts, the Gasman even made an appearance that night. I clearly remember this one drunk punk got up on stage to dive, slipped over, fell into the drum kit and sent Gordy's ride cymbal straight into his neck. He never missed a beat and shook it off, while bystanders helped him out. He wasn't real stoked about it being the happy bloke he is, but its the sort of mayhem they've come to expect from playing in Mindsnare. Its this mayhem that always makes every Mindsnare show one to remember.

Why Mindsnare?

For me Mindsnare embody everything a hardcore band should be and are really the perfect role models for the Australian hardcore scene.

They have always been totally down to earth, really approachable dudes. The first time I saw them I totally punished Nigel and Beltsy and they happily talked to me for ages. Decades later I see other people who meet them for the first time doing the exact same thing and nothing has changed.

As a band they have always done things on their terms. For a while in the 90s, Sydney stupidly decided Mindsnare were too metal and would boycott when they played. Mindsnare decided to stop coming to town which devastated us loyal and tragic fans, but I respected that attitude. Even now, it is comon knowledge that some of the scenes around the country aren't doing so great, so they don't waste their time going there. They don't want to play a shit show. They don't care about building a fan base or any of the other bullshit bands are caught up in, they'd rather play shows they know will be enjoyable. Those who love them accept they need to make the effort to see them.

They have always stayed true to how they wanted to sound and have proudly worn their influences on their sleeve, constantly progressing as a band and maintaining relevance. They have morphed into the perfect mix of NYHC and traditional thrash metal, bands they all love the most. Check the thanks list on the Death to see what I mean.

Individually they are all amazing musicians (yes even you Nige, it ain't easy to keep up with Beltsy and Gordy), yet they are totally humble about it and have absolutely zero ego about it and take it in their stride. I always felt Mindsnare could have made a real impact on a global level, but they never really gave a fuck about it. The amount of times I've seen them blow an international band off the stage they are supporting are endless. Yet their ambitions were always about fun over fame.

They play with bands they want to play with and don't give a fuck who it would piss off, that is coming to the show.  They make you feel privileged to see them once a year, and its become an annual event bigger than Christmas.

They are all really good friends and have a blast in each other's company. I was privileged enough to photograph Beltsy's wedding a few years ago. He had three best men alongside him, Nigel, Matt and Gordy. I thought that was fucking awesome and a real testament to their friendship and the longevity of Mindsnare!

Congratulations on 20 years fellas. Dont change a thing. Stay brutal!


Alicia Bayly (Baylstorm)

Fave Mindsnare Release:

Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit

Fave Mindsnare Show:

Mindsnare/Numb tour 2001 - Green Square Hotel

Why Mindsnare?

Every show they play is brutal. I honestly want to punch a brick wall whenever I see their shows; that's how amped I get.
I got this Mindsnare tshirt/hoodie design tattooed on my leg in 2004 (I think), by the very talented Davo at Voodoo Tattoo in Gosford. A couple years later I found out that Danny Young also tattoos out of Melbourne so I figured I should pay him a visit and get him to add a little shading/somethin-somethin since it was his original artwork. I love it, but I am sick of explaining who the fuck Mindsnare are.

Whenever Mindsnare come to town; it's always going to be two things: 1. a reunion and 2. a hangover. I get to see many familiar faces and shoot the shit with these rad people that I've met through going to Mindsnare shows over the last 15 years. Thanks for the memories and bruises guys; here's to a few more. Congratulations on 20 years of awesomeness.


Perth don't miss your chance to pay tribute to Mindsnare this Saturday..



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