Refrain were a Perth hardcore band with a bunch of releases out on Suppression Records. After sharing the stage with many great local, national and international bands since 2010, the guys will be playing their last shows ever with mates BLKOUT and more on the 8-10th of June at Amplifier Bar and YMCA HQ. Also supporting is refrain drummer Reyne's solo project TRUTHSEEKER playing their first shows with a full lineup, after huge demand since the demo going viral online!

Friday 8th June @ Amplifier Bar 8pm 18+

The Others
Losing Grip

Sunday 10th June @ YMCA HQ 1pm AA

No Regrets

Come down and share in the shout-outs for yet another great band that's come to an end before their time.

There will also be a veg(etari)an food stall with lots of tasty stuff at the HQ show! - Truthseeker video!

They've also put up their final studio offfering, a six song EP, available for free download.

Here's what the band had to say..

"Yo! So just in case nobody knows Refrain have broken up. We did one last recording with 2 new songs, 3 old ones with swapped vocal duties and a cover with our friend Max from Finland singing. It’s available free to download on our bandcamp or you can download it from mediafire Get into it! Let us know what you think!"

You can also download the two REFRAIN demos below and still grab their self titled 7 inch from Suppresion Records over here.


To download the first Refrain demo head here


To download the second Refrain demo head here.



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