Tour promoter Glenn Stewart has explained why the Murder By Death tour has been cancelled. The initial tour first announced was set for Feburary and was then rescheduled to May and booked in some more realistic sized venues.

Why I Cancelled My Tour

I actually think that 2011 was a really bad year and everything bad that has happened in 2012 was because of actions or decisions I made in 2011. I had to cancel a tour again this year, but it was almost impossible to put on. Like always, I had a financial backer to put on the tour but he pulled out to put on a punk band at the end of the year by himself. Two weeks later 3 other people approached me because they wanted to finance the tour (that’s right – they approached me). I chose the one who was more flexible with time but when it came to get money for the flights and travel costs the investor had turned his phone off, and so had all of his friends. I was stuck in limbo for a while trying to get the money together. The other person who approached me to finance the tour worked for a massive festival in Australia, and after I accepted the first person he had already put all of his eggs in another basket. The others just weren’t interested because of the slow start to ticket sales. So although 4 people approached me to fund the tour, all of them fell through due to bad timing or just changing their mind at the last minute. It’s hard not to blame my bad luck with tours but in this case I’m going to use that excuse again. It’s not so much an excuse but more of what actually happened – and a group of people close to me all had to experience it as well. I was really angry at first and wanted to name names of the people who fucked me over, but it wouldn’t help the matter. A good friend of mine toured Oasis, Weezer & The Cure in the 90s and early 2000s. When I told him that I was planning another tour his words were “Don’t you like money?”. He was right to question it. This is simply the hardest way to make money, ever.

I wrote this letter to the band, management and venues hoping they would understand:

To everyone involved with the Murder By Death tour;

I sadly have to pull out of this tour. I tried everything in my power to make this tour happen after key investors pulled out unexpectedly; however, I am unable to gather enough money to make it happen. The team I chose to help me on this tour has been nothing short of amazing, hard-working and extremely supportive. Together we racked our brains trying to come up with solutions over the last few weeks but there was nothing we could do.

Personally I have only cancelled two tours – Bad Brains (Health reasons within band) and SNFU (members unable to obtain the right VISA). This is the first tour I have ever cancelled due to financial restraints and it wasn’t easy. Over the last few weeks I have kept quiet trying to find resources to make this work but nothing has come to fruition. In the past I have worked with some amazing people in Australia and around the world who would vouch for my work ethic, but in this situation I admit that I could have approached things a lot better. My original partner pulled out to tour internationally with Guttermouth and then 4 investors have pulled out after agreeing to finance. This has never happened before and it will not happen again. While ticket sales have been low it wasn’t the deciding factor in cancelling the tour.

You’re no doubt thinking that I am just coming up with a rollercoaster of excuses but at the end of the day there is nothing I can do, in my power, to make this tour happen. I can promise you I tried.

I would like to thank Kathy & Glenn (Publicists – Major Label Publicity) for working extremely hard on this tour. They have a bright and exciting future in the music business ahead of them and I wish them well on all their endeavours. And to the band themselves: I was so excited at the prospect of touring one of my favourite bands. The announcement to cancel has drained so much energy out of me and I hope to see them play some day in the near future.

I take 100% responsibility for this cancellation and am fully aware of any repercussions that may occur in the process.

As a show of some form of gesture I will be paying off the guarantee that I promised over the next few months.

Glenn Stewart

So that’s really all I could do. A year ago I would have borrowed the money off my family to try and make this happen, however, I am not borrowing any more shovels to dig any more holes. Feel free to email me if there is any more explanation that is needed. I think Jung Hearts is a cool name and my mate JP designed a really cool logo for it. I am in a little bit of debt again from this tour – because of the upfront costs (posters, design, advertising etc) but unfortunately I have grown accustomed to it. I am not sure if I want to continue using the name or not. Time will tell.

My next blog will be way more exciting. I have been asked to play a show in Malaysia at the end of next month so hopefully more adventures will arise from that.


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