Way back in early 2009 three friends agreed on the logo and line up for a little one day soiree they called Blood, Sweat & Beers.

With a premise of giving younger bands a chance to get on bigger stages alongside their more popular peers in a nice inclusive space with no bigotry towards style or people, it worked 8 times then had a nap…

Now nine years later some of those friends are doing it one last time at The Factory Theatre, there won’t be another after this so it’s your last chance to have a good time with the BSB crew and this generally excellent line up of bands spread over three stages around the Factory Complex

Not only is it value for money, a dollar a ticket is going to Don’t Fret Club and Support Act to help our friends who need a helping hand.

I guess you’ll want to know who’s playing now right?

Well here’s the first lot, still got some acoustic types to come too just like the good ol’ days

The Bennies – party, bong on, 420, yiewww, got a new album too
Gooch Palms – sweet outfits, good tunes, touring with The Bennies
Game Over – late 90s Melbourne punk rock this is their first Sydney trip since the early 2000s
Old Music For Old People – you’ll never sing harder to Bro Hymn
Outright – outright hardcore, outstanding vegan cupcakes
Lo! – the heaviest band in Oz, go listen to A Tiger Moth’s Shadow right now
Nerdlinger – melodic punk rock meets gratuitous nudity
Young Offenders – why are Adelaide bands so good?
Hightime – look, another good Adelaide band but with bonus weed
Antonia & The Lazy Susans – are the best friends you didn’t know you needed making you feel things you didn’t realise you could feel
Paper Thin – featuring the lord mayor of Newcastle
Flangipanis – straight from their bio… they’re not shit
The Bottlers – watch nine people try and fit on one stage
Vetty Vials & The Sandpit Turtles – the longest name on the line up
Ess-Em – possibly the only piano based band we’ve ever had play
Lionizer – queer punk rock from Perth
Jack Reilly Band – the pride and joy of Kiama, now with a full band too
Nothing Rhymes With David – DJY not only writes...he also plays
Idle Threat – some riffy fast punk rock from Sydney
Mole Men – Featuring Tom from Lungs, and some other guys who have been in other bands with Tom from Lungs

The Final Chapter
30th June 2018
Tickets on sale 04/5/18 from The Factory Theatre, Marrickville


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