React Records has announced there next two releases, which include a 12" LP press of the two amazing oand now out of print EPs from MINDSET as well as an EP for GROWING STRONGER from Seattle. You can even check out a teaser filmed by our very own Callum Preston for the release.


TERROR have announced they will be releasing a new album this year titled "Live By The Code" to be released by Reaper Records. Terror of course last released the awesome "Keepers Of The Faith" in 2010 through Century Media and Reaper Records.


The lead singer of La Dispute, Jordan Dreyer, has a quick chat with Nicky from ShockTV about the tour so far, the process of writing their latest album, Wildfire, and what it's like to be in a band like La Dispute. The interview was filmed in Melbourne during their Australian tour of 2012.


Perth resident Reyne Leeson (Refrain) has just released a demo for his solo project "TruthSeeker", wherein he writes all of the music and plays every instrument on the recording. A few friends are recruited for back ups, with the sound, as you may have guessed from the band name, being heavily influenced by the Cro Mags.


April 2012 sees Adelaide’s NIGHT HAG set to release their 7″ record entitled Confidence Man on MONOLITH. Night Hag is a part of a musical lineage that includes The Rivalry, Space Bong, Hydromedusa, God God Dammit Dammit and more.


Check out a tour video from Relentless of their recent Australian Tour around the country with Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice. Plenty of show footage mixed in with the usual Australian touristy stops along the way.


Richmond, Virginia’s Down To Nothing have posted a new music video for their song “Pipeline,” taken from the All My Sons EP released by Reaper Records back in 2010.  The video is a compilation of live footage from various shows in the past few years.


A new teaser has been uploaded for the Boston Hardcore documentary "All Ages". The movie is premiering in Boston at the end of April and will be finally released on DVD soon after. The documentary explores the early Boston Hardcore music scene from the years 1981 thru 1984.


Kurt Ballou gives a tour of his GodCity studio in Salem, Massachusetts, his other past time when not playing guitar in Converge.  GodCity is where the 38-year-old has recorded and produced some of the most exciting artists in the worlds of metal, punk, hardcore, and everything in between. 


In celebration of the release of his debut E.P "Diamond Teeth" coming out April 13th on Resist Records, Toy Boats will be performing a small run of acoustic in store appearances. All shows are free and if you purchase the E.P on the day of the in store you will receive a limited edition, hand numbered, screen printed Toy Boats poster.

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