2011 has been an incredible year for Vancouver BC's, LIVING WITH LIONS.

After releasing their second full-length album, HOLY SHIT, and embarking on an 11 week tour of North America, they found themselves in a fight to save their album against the forces of the Canadian government!

Living with Lions' record label, Black Box Recordings, received loan money from FACTOR  (the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records), which is an essential program for the arts in Canada.  These funds directly contribute to the costs to record the album and to create the art direction that captures the essence of the album.

When members of the Canadian government caught wind of the album's artistic content, all hell broke loose and pressure was applied to FACTOR for supporting content that some people found too offensive to be supported!

Rather than censor and destroy their artwork to meet the sensibilities of the newly conservative Canadian government, LIVING WITH LIONS is choosing to return the funds borrowed from FACTOR, both preserving their artwork in it's entirety and also showing the Canadian government that freedom of speech and freedom of expression are core, fundamental values that they are willing to defend.

Stand together with LIVING WITH LIONS, in their cause to show the Canadian government that there are enough people in the world willing to spend their money on the arts. Hit the link here to their KICKSTARTER page, set up to try to raise the $7400 needed to cover the loan. So far the amount is at $4233 and there are different amounts once can pledge. Each pledge entiles you to copies of the album and all sorts of goodies.


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