Love him or hate him, Henry Rollins is not one to beat around the bush. He tells it as it is, no matter who is offended along the way. While the majority of America is still jumping up and down, naively celebrating the US government's recent assasination of Osama Bin Laden and mourning the victims of 9-11, Henry sees things quite differently. His recent post on his website, is one of the most refreshing and honest reads about the whole situation and sure makes for a refeshing change to all the recent bullshit in the media.

Rather than reprint the full article, here's a couple of quick quotes..

9-11-01 justifies every demand from the Pentagon for expenditures no matter how pointless, illogical or outrageous. To even question their requests inspires anger.

9-11-01 has turned millions of Americans into terrified idiots claiming victim status. They bask in their cowardice and ignorance. They wear their stupidity like a badge on their overfed chests. They wonder “why people hate our freedom” and rarely have the backbone to look into the history of their country’s foreign affairs. Rarely do they have the fortitude to put the shoe on the other foot and ask themselves what they would do in the same situation that another country’s population has found themselves in when dealing with the America.

9-11-01 cannot surprise anyone who has an understanding of world history over the last one hundred years or who travels internationally.

To read Henry's full article, "TEN YEARS IN A DAY" on his website click here.

Another must read opinion piece on the after effects of 9-11 comes from Noam Chomsky which is also a highly recommended read over here.


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