We figured it was about time an official comprehensive Mindsnare discography was put together for all the diehards out there.

Big thanks to Nigel Melder, Graham Nixon, Clint Chapman, Jay Snapshot, Craig Wainwright and Matt Sourdin for helping compile this discography.




Under Fire CD

Deported Records

1000 copies

Notes: Came with a letter from Deported Records penned by Scott Harper explaining the saga behind the release.








Mindsnare / Toe To Toe Split CD

Spent Records

500 copies

Notes: These were printed with a cardboard sleeve as opposed to a jewel case. The Gene in "Gene Rules" is Beltsy's obsession with Gene Wilder. Front cover artwork by Ben Brown, singer of the Hellmenn.




Credulity CD

Trial and Error

2500 copies

Notes: There is a secret track on the CD at the very start. When the first song "Flood" kicks in hit the rewind button and you'll hear Beltsy screaming back ups to "Culture".

The CD also contained the Mindsnare sticker below and a sticker of the Trial & Error grafitti logo.






Credulity LP

Trial and Error

Tests - 4

Black – 1000

Notes: The LP came with no liner, just a copy of the CD booklet instead. Also included were the green poster and wider variation of the sticker and a note from the band explaining the birth of Trial and Error and the addition of the tracks from the Toe To Toe split. The four songs are included at the end of each side.






White EP CD

Trial and Error

1000 copies





Under Fire Reissue 1993 – 1996 CD

Trial and Error

500 copies

Notes: This release featured the 'Under Fire' tracks and the split with Toe To Toe, as both had long sold out.





Mindsnare / Congress Split CD

Trial and Error

1000 copies

Notes: Featured three tracks from Mindsnare.





Mindsnare / One King Down / Day Of Contempt Tour Split 7 inch

Trial and Error

Tests- 3

Black - 300

Notes: Sold on the March 2001 tour of the three bands. Hand numbered out of 300. Featured the track "Spore" off the Congress Split.





Hanged Choked Wrists Slit CD

Blue Murder

2000 copies

Notes: This was the first Mindsnare release to feature some of my photos. When you shoot your fave bands for no other gain than simply your own, it feels pretty amazing to pick up a copy of a release and see some of your work gracing the output of a band you find inspirational. I also had photos used on back cover of The Death and The Bootleg CD and it still makes me smile when I look at them.




Drug Bust 005

Hanged Choked Wrists Slit LP

Drug Bust Records

Tests – 3

Blue Marble – 3

Clear Red - 15

Black - 150

Notes: Vinyl press included the bonus track "Died At Birth".





Mindsnare / Powerhouse / Numb Split CD

HxCEx  (Special "Hardcore" Delivery)

Impak Muzik

1000 Copies

Notes: Japan only release in 2004. Contained demo versions of the Mindsnare tracks "To The Boil" and "Two Reasons Why". Also note artwork typo of "delivary'.





Numb / Mindsnare Split CD

DEA Records

2000 copies

Notes: The cover of the CD is actually a sticker.





Numb / Mindsnare Split 7"

Trial and Error

Tests - 4

First Press – Khaki Marble 100

Second Press – Glow In The Dark 100

Third Press – Orange 100

Fourth Press – Black 100

Notes: On the rear of the cover art are press details and hand numbering. The black press had stamped record labels as opposed to printed for the other 3 presses.


There was also a 7" vinyl press of the CD design that also featured the cover as a giant sticker.

The vinyl sticker features a blue stamped logo.

Also pictured is one of the four test presses with the date it was pressed.






Hanged Choked Wrists Slit CD Reissue

Trial and Error

500 copies




Bootleg 1997 - 1999 Reissue CD

Trial and Error

500 copies

Notes: Contains 21 tracks from Credulity, the White EP, Congress Split, New Tools For The Hunter comp tracks and Youth Of Today cover of "Standing Hard".





The Death CD

Stomp Records

3000 copies

Notes: Was recently voted the #1 Australian heavy release by readers of No Heroes Magazine.




Resist 037

The Death LP

Resist Records

First Press:

Tests – 5

Grey – 100

Black - 400


Second Press:

In 2014 The Death was reissued on LP in Green and Black splatter / 300.

mindsnare the death colour 600





The Death CD Reissue with Gasman 7” Tracks

Trial and Error

500 copies

Notes: Came coupled with the 4 tracks from the Gasman 7" and a Trial & Error compilation.


To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of The Death's release, 50 copies on tape were released for the Melbourne show.


There was also a hockey puck with the Death front cover design on it available at the show, as can be seen in the hand of Troy Lawrence below.





Disturb The Hive LP

Resist Records

Tests – 5

Blue – 100

Black - 400






Disturb The Hive CD

Resist Records

2000 copies

Notes: Features one of the best band photos in Australian hardcore history. Also includes a cover of "Hang The Pope" by Nuclear Assault.




Mindsnare / Toe To Toe Split LP

Snapshot Records (input from Jay below)

Tests – 5

White: 30-60 on white I don't remember this cause I had that many issues with the fuckwit and vinyl factory and I never counted the records till a couple of months later and worked out he short changed me. He was supposed to do 80 in white to make up for the 80 he owed me but didn't I recall.

Black: 400

Notes: One sided LPs with second side containing etches of artwork. Also come bundled with artwork design as a poster. No catalog number.






Gas man 7”

Short Fuse Records (input from Clint below)

Test pressings: 15 w/Death Mission rip-off sleeve.

First press:

100 white vinyl, skateboard bearing art label-large centre
hole. Has silver foil stamped sleeve.
500 green vinyl, small centre hole. Red foil stamped sleeve
500 pink/black vinyl, small centre hole. Red foil stamped sleeve.

Second press: 100 white vinyl, skateboard bearing label art-large centre hole. Sleeve has silver foil stamping as first 100, but is printed on silver card and is without the yellow printing on the inside of the sleeve.

Notes: First 100 were my payment to the band, and come with a Mindsnare skateboard deck, hence the themed label art. So called second press is merely left overs of the first press, but withheld until all the other versions were sold out. 500 pink/black vinyl a total fuck up on the pressing production side of things. It started out as a yellow and black mix-nuclear symbol, ended up being pink and black "half and half" fiasco.

Includes a cover of Septic Death's "Terrorain".

The last 100 copies sold at Gordy's last gigs in Melbourne and Sydney with an alternate sleeve aptly titled 'Gordy's Last Stand', hand numbered out of 100. These were made up of both the green vinyl and pink/black mix vinyl. I didn't keep a tab on how many of each.

The cover features the band at the grave of Bon Scott in Perth, while the insert is a postcard written by Bon Scott.







Mindsnare / Ringworm Split 7”

Your Soul Belongs To Us

Resist Records

Test Presses - 10

Glow In The Dark - 100

Black - 400

Notes: Sleeve artwork doubles as a comic book, drawn by the Human Furnace.

Also there was a limited tour edition of this 7inch as explained below.


Tour edition version of the Mindsnare/Ringworm split - Hand numbered out of 160 in both glow in the dark green and purple.

"I was selling merch at the Melbourne show and I got told the Ringworm guys brought these with them from the States, so both bands would have records for the tour. The comic book covers weren't ready in time, so the American label threw this alternate cover together for the first wave to make it out here.

Melbourne was the second show of the tour and I remember they sold really quickly, so these might not have even made it to any other cities." - Chris Jervis





Mindsnare / Ringworm Split 7”

Your Soul Belongs To Us

A389 Recordings

Tests - 10

Purple -100

Black - 400

Notes: Sleeve artwork doubles as a comic book, drawn by the Human Furnace.

A389 are now on to their second press featuring different coloured labels, but we were unable to verify numbers.

A complete collection looks like this:





Hanged Choked Wrists Slit Repress

Midnight Funeral

Tests 8  

Black 100 

Solid Yellow 250

Coke Bottle 150

Notes: This version of Hanged Choked Wrists Slit was remastered by Alan Douches and features the bonus track "Died At Birth".



Holy Bull

RES - 141

The Holy Bull Rides Fast

Resist Records

Tests - 5

100 copies on black vinyl.

200 copies on black splatter vinyl.

Notes: No insert, lyrics printed on the back cover. Features a Destruction cover of Mad Butcher.






Into Infinity

Resist Records

Tests - 5

100 copies on black vinyl.

200 copies on clear red splatter vinyl.

Notes: No insert, lyrics printed on the back cover. Features a Motorhead cover of Mean Machine.

Infinity Test



Unholy Rush

Resist Records

CD Press - 1000 copies

Artwork by Sawblade.

LP First Press

Tests - 5
100 on Swamp Green Splatter (Resist Records exclusive)
200 on Beer / Bone Splatter
150 on Black
50 on Black with Alternate Cover (7inch preorder exclusive)



LP Second Press
300 Oxblood

 All together the two 7 inches and the LP look like this...






Zombie Head Coffin Deck

1 Made

Artwork by Andy Murphy (www.salvadorgnarly.com)

Hand screen printed.

Notes: Protoype model. Only one made.


Impaled Bats Deck

5 Made

Artwork by Andy Murphy (www.salvadorgnarly.com)

Hand screen printed.

Notes: "These boards were a total DIY effort. We did them in Matt's back yard. There was a third style with a completely different head on it too. We only got put it on one board though because the stencils broke. From memory it was sort of a shrunken head with sewn up lips or something like that. I never got a photo of it." - Andy Murphy

*Upon seeing this article Jelena Goluza realised she had the board Andy was referencing above. A true collector's item 1 of 1 pictured below.



Zombie Head Skate Deck

10 made

Artwork by Andy Murphy (www.salvadorgnarly.com)

Hand screen printed.

Notes: These were released in 2002, Mindsnare had them for sale at Hardcore 2002 at the Green Square Hotel and also at a Melbourne show before that.


Gasman Skate Deck

100 made

Artwork by Andy Murphy (www.salvadorgnarly.com)

Notes: These were an option for the first press preorder of the Gasman 7".


Crucified Gasman Skate Deck

96 made

Artwork by Andy Murphy (www.salvadorgnarly.com)

Notes: These were bundled with the second press preorder of the Gasman 7".

Check out how they came together below..


Unholy Rush Decks

Notes: These were available on the launch tour for Unholy Rush in 2018. Also printed on red and blue coloured decks though not pictured.

TheDeath deck35

The Death 15 Year Anniversary Deck

Notes: Only 35 of these were released at the anniversary show in Melbourne in 2019. These are hand numbered, scroll back up to the photo of Troy to see.



So by now you probably think you are part way there, or perhaps even have a complete collection of Mindsnare releases and what not.

Well hate to burst the bubble, but Clint Chapman from Short Fuse Records has these..


Also no collection is complete without one of these limited clutch bags, as modelled by Ralph.




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