All photos featured are by the very talented Nicole Goodwin including the one above of Forgive who released our fave demo of 2022.

Welcome to our annual end of year wrap up, as we celebrate and dissect 2022, the year that was in terms of music releases. This year marked the return of live music and touring again and there was no shortage of quality releases being pumped out to keep everyone entertained. Australia had a plethora of LPs released in 2022 probably the by product of COVID downtime, which also seemed apparent with the rest of the world with a ton of quality LPs released and a shortage of EPs.

This year also sees a return of our vox pop interviews with a bunch of other people on what impressed them in 2022. Some clear cut choices and a lot of similarities on what was everyone's fave releases this year. Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped organise.

Below is what a list of what impressed in 2022. You may or may not agree with the selections, but by all means do yourself a favour and click play on anything you've never heard before. Variety is the spice of life and you might just find your new favourite band while you're at it... 


Top 12 Australian Releases

1. Rage – Want To Feel (Resist Records)

2. Boudicca – Tapestry (Self Released) 3. No Peace – Something More (Life Lair Regret) 4. Outright – Keep You Warm (Reason and Rage) 5. Extortion – Seething (RSR / Hate Ape) 6. Speed – Gang Called Speed (Last Ride Records) 7. Cherish – Your Suffering (Life Lair Regret) 8. Procession – Self Titled (Team Glasses) 9. Two Faced – Everlasting Pain (Self Released) 10. The Others – Dive Into My World (Last Ride Records) 11. Masochist – Bloom (Reason and Rage) 12. J.O.Y. – Promo Tape (New Ethic)


Top 5 Australian Demos

1. Forgive (Life Lair Regret)


2. Instance (New Ethic) 3. Crossface (Team Glasses) 4. Informant (Bonus Round) 5. Winnerz Circle (Life Lair Regret)


Top 15 Overseas LPs

1. Praise – All In A Dream (Revelation Records)


2. Combust – Another Life (Cash Only Records) 3. Drug Church – Hygiene (Pure Noise) 4. Berthold City – When Words Are Not Enough (WAR Records) 5. OFF! – Free LSD (Fat Possum) 6. Long Knife – Curb Stomp Earth (Beach Impediment) 7. Mindforce – New Lords (Triple B) 8. Spark – Supernova (Sunday Drive) 9. Regulate – Self Titled (Flatspot/Last Ride) 10. Hammered Hulls – Careening (Dischord) 11. Mutually Assured Destruction – Ascension (Triple B) 12. Inclination – Unaltered Perspective (Pure Noise) 13. Superchunk – Wild Loneliness (Merge) 14. Soul Blind – Feel It All Around (Other People’s Records)

15. Grid Iron – No Good At Goodbyes (Triple B)


Top 10 Overseas EPs

1. End It – Unpleasant Living (Flatspot)


2. Sunstroke – Buzzer Beater (New Morality) 3. Feverchild – Witching Hour (Sunday Drive) 4. Statement Of Pride – A Fire Inside (From Within Records) 5. Squint – Wash Away (Sunday Drive) 6. Stand Still – In A Moments Notice (Daze / TripleB) 7. Envision – Sacred Heart (From Within Records) 8. Squint – Feel It (Sunday Drive) 9. Rule Them All split (Flatspot) 10. Weight - Violence of the Devine (Control Records)


Top Reads of 2022


Black Heart Fades Blue by Jerry A. Lang (Vol 1-3)

Three volume autobiography by Poison Idea frontman Jerry A. If you can't be bothered to read all three books, then be sure to pick up the second book as it is the most entertaining, spanning Poison Idea's legendary album "Feel the Darkness", his time in Australia with the Hard Ons and a lot of stories about being a heroin junkie.


Corporate Rock Sucks: The rise and fall of SST Records by Jim Ruland

Fascinating insight into SST Records set up and run by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn that released albums for the likes of the Descendents, Minutemen, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets and more. Charts the label's rise and subsequent downfall.



Enough of what we thought of 2022, here's what hyped up everyone else's year. No surprise that SPEED, pictured above, featured very heavily.

As Nicole contributed all of the photos you see here, she gets to go first.


Nicole Goodwin – Life Lair Regret / More Than Ever Zine

Top 5 LPs:
Praise – All In A Dream
Future Suck - Simulation
Mindforce – New Lords
Swab - Big City
Anxious - Little Green House

Top 5 EP/7”s:
Firewalker – Demo 2022
Extortion – Seething
The Others - Dive Into My World
Cherish - Your Suffering
Jokes On You – Promo 2022

Top 5 AU releases
The Uglies – Planet Uglies
Speed – Gang Called Speed
No Future - Death
Masochist - Bloom
Outright - Keep Your Warm

Top 3 demos:

Highlight of 2022:
In hardcore; watching hardcore pop and be bigger than it’s been in Australia in the last 10 years. Seeing more diversity in lineups, less all white male shows, more encouragement and inclusion = hardcore is for everyone. Being able to release issue 7 and 8 of More Than Ever and MTE #8 being the fastest selling issue (and most sold to date) which is exciting because it was the Australian focus issue. Lots of new bands, new labels, new zines! Melbourne is killing it.
Personally; starting a new job, becoming head of the arts department in said new job, celebrating my 9 year anniversary with Michael by getting married in front of our closest friends and family.
Huge year of highlights!

Disappointment of 2022:
Too many shows being booked resulting in clashes and over booked weekends. Is this a disappointment or am I just old? Haha

Predictions for 2023:
Australian hardcore keeps getting bigger and better.


Footy – Clarity Records / Division

Top 5 LPs:
Bonobo – Fragments
Vieux Farka Toure & Khruangbin – Ali
Osees – A Foul Form
The Uglies – Planet Uglies
The Flex – Chewing Gum For The Ears

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Extortion – Seething 7”
Fucked Up – Oberon 12”
No Future – Death 7”

Top 5 AU releases:
Extortion – Seething 7”
The Uglies – Planet Uglies LP
Grout – II
No Future – Death 7”
The Uglies – We Are Still

Top 3 demos:
The Uglies – We Are Still
Grout – II
Cherish – Your Suffering

Highlight of 2022:
Seeing my 8 year old daughter play a Kiss song by herself in front of her school
Being able to go interstate again and seeing old friends

Disappointment of 2022:
My Football team
Still not owning an original copy of Agnostic Front “United Blood” 7”

Predictions for 2023:
Time travel will finally be made available for the general public


Toby - Entrapment

Top 5 LPs:
Mindforce - New Lords
Terror - pain into power
Gridiron - no good at goodbyes
Buckled - champagne lifestyles /lemonade wages
Speed - gang called speed

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Mud - clear as mud
Winnerz circle - da demo
The Meat - primordial pummel

Top 5 AU releases
No Peace- something more
The Chats- get fucked
Crossface - demo
Epifane - continuum
Drudge/eviction split tape

Highlight of 2022:
Dancings back!

Disappointment of 2022:
Shows with 5 or more bands

Predictions for 2023:
A new golden age.


Pic: Hacker

Charlie – Hacker / Frame / Charlie Ick Creative

Top 5 LP’s
Mindforce - New Lords
Grid Iron - No Good at Goodbyes
Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs
Dir en Grey - Phalaris
Foreseen - Untamed Force

Top 5 EP/7
Extortion - Seething
Gaoled - Bestial Hardcore
The Prize - Wrong Side of Town
End It - Unpleasant Living
Mongrel - Off the Leash

Top 5 Au releases
Speed - Gang called Speed
The Uglies - Planet Uglies
Swab - Big City
Gravitate - Clarity of Distance
Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration

Top 3 demos:
Instance - Demo 2022
Forgive - Demo 2022
Winnerz Circle - Demo 2022

Highlight of 2022:
Getting Married - marriage is a beautiful thing.

Disappointment of 2022:
I had a very big low this year, but I’d rather keep that to myself haha.

Predictions for 2023: More of what we had in 2022, more bands starting up, more local Melbourne / Naarm bands getting bigger and better. A lot more happening. And just better vibes. I know everyone’s been saying this but Aussie HC is having a renaissance period right now. Hacker and Frame are gonna get busy so watch our space!


Mark Beaven – RAGE

Top 5 LPs
No Pressure - No Pressure LP
Drug Church - Hygiene
Joey Bada$$ - 2000
Soul Blind - Feel It All Around
FleshWater - We Are Not Here To Be Loved

Top 5 EPs/7”s
Crosses - Permanent.Radiant
Joey Valance & Brae - The Underground Sound
The Arrival Note - Self titled EP
Foreign Hands - Bleed The Dream
Soft Cult - Year of the Snake

Top 5 AU Releases
Slowly Slowly - Daisy Chain
Idle Eyes - Keep Me For Yourself
Parkway Drive - Darker Still
King Stingray - King Stingray
Dear Seattle - Someday

Top 3 Demos
Trust - Mixtape (Soundcloud)
Wild Red - Promo 2022
Fall Apart - Hazel

Highlight of 2022:
Being able to travel overseas again. Releasing Want to Feel after waiting 2 years. Pennywise @ Gosford. Arlo Parks @ Enmore

Disappointment of 2022:
That racist, homophobic people & abusers still exist.

Predictions of 2023: To many tours for this old guy to attend.


Gretchen – Deadbeat Publication

TOP 5 LPs:
1. Inclination - Unaltered Perspective
2. Spice - Viv
3. Praise - All In A Dream
4. Mindforce - New Lords
5. Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead To The Gun

Top 5 EPs/7”s:
1. Statement Of Pride - Out Of The Ashes
2. Speed - Gang Called Speed
3. Heat/Tunnel Vision Split
4. The Others - Dive Into My World
5. Jivebomb - Primitive Desires

Top 5 AU Releases:
1. Speed - Gang Called Speed
2. Masochist - Bloom
3. Gravitate - Clarity Of Distance
4. J.O.Y. - Promo 2022
5. Outright - Keep You Warm

Top 3 Demos:
1. End It - Unpleasant Living
2. Forgive - Demo
3. Instance - Demo ‘22

Highlight of 2022:
Definitely the lift of the interstate travel ban. Was privileged enough to travel from Meanjin/Brisbane for shows like Back on the Map and Iron Mind’s 10 Year Anniversary of ‘Hell Split Wide Open’. Got to see loads of pals and give ‘em cuddles/high-fives.

Disappointment of 2022:
Envision’s ‘And Still…’ EP - I was excited for this release, alas… I did not enjoy it one bit.

Predictions for 2023:
If Heat doesn’t bring out an LP, I’ll be super sad. I’d love to see bands like MOVE, Buggin and Zulu in Australia. An Inclination Aus tour would also be very okay with me.



Pic: Forgive

Robert Fitzsimmons – Life Lair Regret

Top 5 LPs:
Praise – All In A Dream
Gridiron – No Good At Goodbyes
Spark – Supernova
Fleshwater – We’re Not Here To Be Loved
Mindforce – New Lords

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Firewalker – Demo 2022
Fuel – When All Else Fails
Glitterer – Fantasy Four
Stand Still – In A Moment’s Notice
Dead Last – Where Do We Go From Here?

Top 5 AU releases:
(Sorry Willy, I’m going to do LPs then 7’’/Eps it’s been a good year)
The Uglies – Planet Uglies
Outright – Keep You Warm
Swab – Big City
Future Suck – Simulation
Salt Money – Love Of My Life

Extortion – Seething
Jokes On You – Promo 2022
Speed – Gang Called Speed
Gaoled – Bestial Hardcore
No Future - Death

Top 3 demos:

Highlight of 2022:
Watching the impact Turnstile and the internet have globally on the proliferation of hardcore but then locally seeing everything in our world change thanks to Speed. People are able to connect with and see how fun shows are instantly as well as find bands that personally resonate with their own ideology. Never before have has there been such diversity of bands or sounds and god damn it’s cool hearing what it coming out of those different spaces. Also the Crushed On You EP getting a vinyl press was so sick, keen to finally get my hands on the Groundwork reissue too, seeing more older releases come to streaming always rocks and makes car trips more fun. On the older releases now streaming front I’d like to especially mention Crusher by Grimlock, a band with a very low profile who I feel with the advent of streaming will now get more of the look in they deserve, ass beating hardcore similar to Earthmover, Hatebreed or 100 Demons.

Also personally I’m thankful we’ve got to do a good amount of things with the label and feel each release represents what we enjoy, believe in and sonically vibe with well. Variety is the spice of life.

Disappointment of 2022:
The only major downside to a boom period is people who don’t get what our world is about and do weird shit that makes people uncomfortable, like yo my brother in Christ read the room and the space then be cool? Also weird oi shit, conservative military image? Nah, no thanks mate.

Predictions for 2023:
Who knows what’s next but I’m super excited for the near future of hardcore in this country, every city is firing and so many bands are going for it which is only going to ramp up more and mroe. It’s going to be psycho for tours, shows and fests. Save your Christmas money and have a credit card ready.


Pia Crawford

Top 5 LPs:
New Lords - Mindforce
Big Time - Angel Olsen
Groin – Groin
Te Kaahu O Rangi - Te Kaahu
Hard Core from Fort Worth Texas - Ozone

Top 5 EP/7"s
Clique – Looters in Paradise
Statement of Pride – Out of the Ashes
Speed – Gang Called Speed
Heat / Tunnel Vision Split
The Others – Dive Into My World

Top 5 AU releases
Da demo - Winnerz Circle
Demo - Forgive
Bestial hardcore - Gaoled
At The Foothills of Deliration - Faceless Burial
Dive into my world - The Others

Top 3 demos
A Fire Inside - Statement of Pride
Weapon X demo - xWeaponx
Demo 22 - Instance 

Highlight of 2022:
Back on the map!!! I was really on my “mosh to every band” shit that day. Stoked to meet so many women who love hardcore the same way I do and see so many old friends. Candace did such an amazing job.

Disappointment of 2022:
Not being able to make it home to see Winnerz Circle in Aotearoa. So stoked that AUS bands are making the effort, just needa make sure I’m there to cause the damage.

Predictions for 2023: 

Speed booty shorts. JOY covering my life would suck without you. Melbourne x Sydney straight edge Unity.


Luke Dolan – Latest God

Top 5 LP’s
Hammered Hulls “Careening” LP
Hi Vis “Blending” LP
Beach Rats “Rat Beat” LP
OFF! “Free LSD” LP
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” LP- I know it came out last year but I recently got the record and have been rinsing it

Top 5 EP / 7”s
V/A “First Six Dischord Releases” 7” Boxset
End It “Unpleasant Living” 12”
Bent Blue “Where Do Ripples Go?” 12”
Sunstroke “Buzzer Beater” EP
Quakers & Sampa The Great “Approach With Caution” 7”

Top 5 Aus releases
Boudicca “Tapestry” LP
Human Failure “The Wolf’s Head” 10”
Western Pleasure s/t LP
Extortion “Seething” 7”
Masochist “Bloom” LP

Top 3 demos

Highlight of 2022
Finally playing Latest God’s first show with Rort Menace, Blind Faith, & Human Failure. Super stoked on the whole show. Also- Circle Jerks!

Disappointment of 2022
Deaths, injuries & illness plus the usual COVID related cancellations & bullshit

Predictions for 2023
Follow up & final 7” for Latest God followed by Melbourne Weekender.
Speed will do a cameo on Neighbours and Harold Bishop will come out of mosh retirement.


Pic: Gravitate

Cale – Gravitate / Boundless

Top 5 LPs:
High Vis - Blending
Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future
Joey Bada$$ - 2000
Drug Church - Hygiene
Militarie Gun - All Roads Lead to the Gun (Deluxe)

Top 5 EP/7"s:

Top 5 AU releases:
Tunnel Vision/Heat Split
Winnerz Circle - Da Demo
No Peace - Something More
Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration
Terminal Sleep - Chapter 1: No Solace

Top 3 demos:
Fuel the Fire - Demo '22
Instance - Demo '22
Forgive - Demo '22

Highlight of 2022:
Finishing my Community Services Course
Playing a buttload of shows
Hugging and kissing my friends
Eating Lui Boss

Disappointment of 2022:
Lil Ugly Mane cancelling his tour this year.
Wanting to buy a Slim Guerilla shirt from the states but with the insane prices at the moment, it would cost me $160.

Predictions for 2023:
Crawling - Demo
A new Shiny Coin release
The release of the Persecutor 7"


Brooke – J.O.Y

Top 5 LPs:
The Flex - Chewing Gum for the Ears
Beyoncé - Renaissance
Mindforce - New Lords

Warfare - Doomsday
Hi Vis - Blending
Honourable mention: Regulate - S/T (mainly for ‘Hair’)

Top 5 EP/7"s
Gaoled - Bestial Hardcore
Problem - Anti-You
The Others - Dive into my World
No Future - Death
Big Laugh - Mask (one song promo, not nowhere else to put it) 

Top 5 AU releases
Speed - Not That Nice
Informant Promo
Swab - Big City
The Uglies - Planet Uglies
Future Suck - Simulation

Top 3 demos
Firewalker - Demo 2022

Highlight of 2022:
Playing Ballarat with Speed/playing interstate with my silly little hardcore band Getting a sick new job.

Disappointment of 2022:
Parramatta Eels losing the premiership

Predictions for 2023:
New Ethic Summer
More stage dives, less stage potatoes


Adrian Kelly – Phantoms / BeerWolf

Top 5 LPs:
Curren$y - Continuance
Tribal Gaze – The Nine Choirs
Boldy James – Fair Exchange No Robbery
Soul Blind – Feel It All Around
Action Bronson – Cocodrillo Turbo

Top 5 EP/7"s
Peace Ritual – S/T
Demolition – Under Blackened Mountains
The Others – Dive Into My World
MUD – Clear As Mud
Nerve Damage - Drip Fed. Misled.

Top 5 AU releases
Aglo – Collector
Cherish – Your Suffering
Shitgrinder – S/T
Outright – Keep You Warm
Faceless Burial - At The Foothills Of Deliration

Top 3 demos
Winnerz Circle
Weapon X

Highlight of 2022:
Back On The Map fest was truly wild, when’s Vol 2? Speed world and meme domination. The Liberal party repeatedly eating shit.

Disappointment of 2022:
Keeping it music or the list is too long. Quite a few records that didn’t live up to the anticipation, no naming and shaming.

Predictions for 2023: Aus HC on top


Allan Reid – Frame

Top 5 LPs:
Outright - Keep You Warm
Masochist -Bloom
No Peace - Something More
Sigrid - How To Let Go
Pulso- Enfrentamiento Total

Top 5 EP/7"s
Be Well -Hello Sun
Terminal Sleep - Chapter 1: No Solace
Spark - Supernova
Weight - Violence of the Divine 

Top 5 AU releases
Forgive - Demo
Cherish - Your Suffering
Pulse - Demo
Heat/Tunnel Vision Split
Blind Faith - Seeking Refuge Single

Top 3 demos
Forgive Demo
Instance Demo
J.O.Y. Demo

Highlight of 2022:
Outright release show.
J.O.Y headline show in Melbourne.
Recording with Frame.

Disappointment of 2022:
I haven’t gotten into the mindset of buying tickets to local hardcore shows, so I missed a decent number of great shows that sold out while I was thinking I’d just get $20 out on the way to the show to pay at the door.

Predictions for 2023:
Hardcore for me feels fresh for the first time in a long time, and I’ve spoken to a stack of people who feel the same way. Hoping the post-Covid hardcore wave continues to explode and bring in new perspectives and refreshing attitudes!


Pic: Masochist

Rose Wadsworth – Masochist / BUST

Top 5 LPs:
Keep You Warm- Outright
Hygiene- Drug Church
Crash- Charli XCX
Diaspora Problems- Soul Glo
Self titled- Regulate 

Top 5 EP/7”s
Your Suffering- Cherish
Rotoscope- Spiritbox
Promo ‘22- J.O.Y
Clarity of Distance- Gravitate
Rosemary/Saltwater- Mortality Rate 

Top 5 AU releases (Here’s some others so I don’t double up on the ones above)
Tapestry- Boudicca
III- Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys
Drip.Fed.Misled- Nerve Damage
A Vary Beautiful Bird- Thunder God of the Multiverse
The Weight of Everything- Blind Girls

Top 3 demos
Demo 22- Firewalker
Demo 22- Anklebiter 

Highlight of 2022:
Music wise- Getting to release the album Bloom and do our first headline tour with my band Masochist.
Personal life- adopting our greyhound Benji 

Disappointment of 2022:
Catastrophic Feb floods in the Northern Rivers.



Tom Maddocks – Last Ride Records / Mauler / Ill Natured

Top 5 LPs:

Raw Brigade - Aggressive City
Regulate - Regulate
The Flex - Chewing Gum For The Ears
No Pressure - No Pressure
Drug Church - Hygiene

Top 5 EP/7”s
Warthog - Warthog
Dead Last - Where Do We Go From Here?
New World Man - New World Man
Killing Pace - Killing Pace
Gleemer - Here At All 

Top 5 AU releases

Speed - Gang Called Speed
The Others - Dive Into My World
Phantoms - Hell Is Empty
Nerve Damage - Drip Fed. Misled.
Peace Ritual - Peace Ritual

Top 3 demos

Echo Chamber

Highlight of 2022: 

All of the crazy shows that happened this year after being restricted from doing that for most of the last two years. Getting to travel to the US for the first time. Couple of specific highlights:
Primitive Blast, Nerve Damage and JOY at Oxford Arts, Sydney
Ill Natured, Downside, Splinter, Succ and Mauler at Hamilton Station, Newcastle
Back On The Map
Saves The Day at Starland Ballroom, New Jersey
Candy and Restraining Order at The Meadows, Brooklyn
Sound And Fury
Speed at Crowbar, Sydney

Disappointment of 2022: 

Didn’t release any new music personally this year. Sitting on a few unreleased recordings at the moment and have a few others that are being worked on, so hopefully a lot more in 2023. Also the Knights season, seemingly a recurring answer when I do this one.

Predictions for 2023: 

No Pressure/Regulate/AWOL tour is going to be off it’s head. Likewise for One Step Closer and all of the other ones I’m working on at the moment. New releases for Engage, Succ, Born Free, AWOL. Downside LP will finally be released. Speed are going to keep flying the flag for Australian hardcore and become even more of a force worldwide.


Pic: J.O.Y

Adam Coyle – J.O.Y / Controlled / Society's Chain

Top 5 LPs:
Speed "gang called speed babeeee"
Weight "violence of the divine"
Jade Dust "wild geese"
Savageheads "service to your country"
Mess "fuego fuego fuego" 

Top 5 EP/7"s
End It "unpleasant living"
Fugitive "maniac"
Thatchers Snatch "s/t"
Erupt "left to rot"
Heaven "starless midnight"

Top 5 AU releases
Speed "gang called speed"
Winnerz Circle "da demo"
Reaper "Viridian Inferno"
Gaoled "bestial hardcore + flexi"
Shitgrinder "s/t"

Top 3 demos
(Fuck this category being limited to 3, who fucking writes a good full length these days?? Hardcore bands should only be allowed to release demos from now on)
No Uniform "crimes 22"
Informant "demo"
Paranoid "demo 22"

Highlight of 2022:
Hardcore is thriving again!! Heaps of venues throwing stupid dollars at bands, take it while it lasts I say. Lots of scene unity and new faces. The punks are playing with the preppies, the lefties are pitting to the conservatives it's fucking beautiful! Perth is back killing it, Melbourne with the new breed and just an all round general sense of enthusiasm nation wide. 

Disappointment of 2022:
Sydney's AA scene still dead and new faces aren't transpiring into new bands. Old bands getting back together or old heads doing new bands isn't sustainable for Sydney's future unfortunately. 

Predictions for 2023:
Heaps of sick tours from international acts trying to recoup their losses from Covid. Rapid Dye to drop my favourite LP of 23'. Sick Rick to come back to hardcore and headline B.O.T.M. with a live podcast of The Harsh Truth. Hardcore is not a fucking hobby it's a way of life, live it or leave it!


AJ – Histamine

Top 5 LPs:

Top 5 EP/7"s

Top 5 AU releases

Top 3 demos

Highlight of 2022:

Disappointment of 2022: 

None that are relevant

Predictions for 2023:


Pic: The Uglies

Moose – Hacker / The Uglies

Good to be back on the REST ASSURED hit list. However, I must admit that I didn't really buy any records that weren't Australian this year so my list is all local stuff. I did buy the ELECTRIC CHAIR - SOCIAL CAPITAL 7" though, and the NO PRESSURE LP. But I mainly listened to the new WARPAINT record lol. I probably forgot heaps of stuff so if I did and you're reading this - I'll get ya next time!

Top 5 LPs
Rot TV - Tales of Torment
Split System - Vol. 1
Skid City - Greetings From...
Swab - Big City
Future Suck - Simulation

Top 5 Eps / 7s
The Neuros - S/T 7"
Speed - Gang Called Speed
The Prize - Wrong Side of Town
The Condos - Attachment (this is a 10" - does that count as an EP?)
Gaoled - Beastial Hardcore Flexi

Top 3 Demos
Semtex 87 - C.I.B. (I know it's from 2021, I don't care, it's that fucking sick that it's demo of the year all years)
Winnerz Circle - Da Demo
Instance - Demo

HM: Forgive, Informant and JOY Promos (how do you qualify a PROMO? Is it an EP or a demo? Whatever).

Highlight of 2022:
Being stuck inside for two years re-invigorated my love for music, going to shows and so on, and it was nice to get some reward for effort with the Hacker EP coming out at the end of last year and playing heaps this year off the back of it, as well as The Uglies album (which was literally in the works for three years) at last coming out a few months ago. It was great to go back to Perth, Brisbane & Sydney and see so many familiar faces. Every time I saw Speed was crazy as well.

Disappointment of 2022:
Probably Hacker having to pull out of Hardcore Victim Fest, and then seccies ruining the whole show. Also, not getting Turnstile tickets!

Predictions for 2023:
Someone will read this and sell me their Turnstile tickets.


Adam McArthur – Team Glasses Records / Vestiges

Top 5 LPs:
Earl Sweatshirt ‘Sick!’
Nas ‘King’s Disease III’
Rome Streetz ‘Kiss the Ring’
Gel ‘Shock Therapy’
MIKE ‘Beware of the Monkey’

Top 5 EP/7"s
Gil Cerrone ‘Coronach’
MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist ‘One More’
Tumour ‘S/T’
Keratin ‘Only Eye’
Sunami ‘LP Promo’

Top 5 AU releases:
Travels ‘Death Throes’
Blind Girls ‘The Weight of Everything’
Salt Money ‘The Love of My Life’
Western Pleasure ‘S/T’
Extortion ‘Seething’

Top 3 demos:
Procession ‘S/T’
Crossface ‘Demo 22’
Informant – Demo

Highlight of 2022:
- From the Floor Up and sideshows: What nearly broke me in the first half of this year I ended up being super proud of.
- Stompin’ on the State in Sydney & Newcastle: Usual setbacks after setbacks before and after the shows but the weekend itself exceeding my expectations in terms of how much fun I had. The Sydney show alone was 5 bands from 5 different cities! (Histamine / Persecutor / The Meat / Burn in Hell / Facecutter).
- Successful interstate visits from: Gil Cerrone, Keratin, Geld, Adore, Diploid, Liesinashes plus all the FTFU bands.
- The label as busy as always

Disappointment of 2022:
- The stresses caused by the amount of cancelled shows due to covid lockdowns, outbreaks and scares.

Predictions for 2023:
- The continuation of the new wave of skramz and screamo in Australia. That and our healthy stream of releases will continue into what will be ten years of Team Glasses. There is so much planned; it’s going to be the label’s busiest.


Reece - Diploid

Top 5 LPs:
The Body - Enemy of Love
Extortion - Seething
Trophy Hunt - The Branches On Either Side
Lil Peep - Live Forever (it's finally up on spotify)

Top 5 AU releases
Extortion - Seething
Shitgrinder - ST Album
Tumour - EP
Shove - Shove 2
Kilat - Rantai Penjinak

Top 3 Demos
Some of these weren't released in 2022, but I found them this year
MARA'A BORKAN / مراة بركان - Demo (2020)
Speech Odd - Demo (2022)
Together (DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter) - Call On Me Live
as the title suggests, this is a live performance and was released in the year 2000.

Highlight of 2022:
Getting to tour again and getting to play at Dark Mofo. 2022 was still a pretty rough one.

Disappointment of 2022:
Getting covid and missing playing with Internal Rot and playing Hurrican Fest in Adelaide.

Predictions for 2023:
Hopefully just a nicer place for everyone after a few hard years



Pic: The Others


Cam Gillard – Apparitions / To the North / Via Studios

Top 5 LPs
Pedro the lion – havasu
Earl sweatshirt - sick
City of Caterpillar – Mystic Sisters
Drug church – hygiene
Birds in Row – Gris Klein

Top 5 EP/7"s
Keratin – Survive Snake
Botch – One Twenty Two
Gil Cerrone – coronach
End/Cult Leader – split
Spitn Nails – N.M.F

Top 5 AU releases
Sun Run – Sun run
Blind Girls – The weight of Everything
Garage Sale – Shimmer
Speed – Gang Called Speed
Tumour – Tumour

Top 3 demos
Crossface – Crossface
Trim Reaper – Discipline Farm
Trust - Killer

Highlight of 2022:
Going to Furnace Fest to see a tone of my favourite band bands. The new Botch song and reunion news.

Disappointment of 2022:
Shitty governments not doing enough about climate change.

Predictions for 2023: Its shaping up to be a phenomenal year for new music and tours. Cant wait to see how it unfolds. Apparitions next record may see the light of day.


George McNab – Adore / Resenter / Mess

Top 5 LPs/12” OS
⁃ Ubu boi / r hunter - A Symbol for Disguise
⁃ Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems
⁃ Vermin Womb - Retaliation
⁃ Fleshwater - We’re Not Here To Be Loved
⁃ The Garden - Horseshit On Route 66

Top 5 EPs / 7” OS
⁃ Ask - Death Around The Corner
⁃ Burial - Streetlands
⁃ Otus - Morgue
⁃ Burial - Antidawn
⁃ Two Shell - Home

Top 5 AU releases
⁃ Blind Girls - The Weight of Everything
⁃ Gil Cerrone - Coronach
⁃ Keratin - Only Eye
⁃ Bad Ambulance - Auto-Image
⁃ Super Death - Noise Breeder

Top 3 demos
⁃ Gaoled - Bestial Hardcore Demo
⁃ Forgive - Demo
⁃ Crossface - Demo ‘22

Highlight of 2022
There’s too many highlights to pick just one: both bands I’m in put out EPs that I’m super happy with, one of which was my first label release for Team Glasses Records, and I had so much fun playing interstate for the first time, both with Adore in qld, act and NSW, and Resenter in NSW. Just making music, meeting amazing people, and playing shows with bands I love , too many to name here.

Disappointment of 2022
Having to put a band on hiatus due to members battling with chronic illness was really hard. The pandemic sadly isn’t over, especially for those in the community who are immunocompromised.

Predictions for 2023
Australian hardcore will continue to explode and plenty of great bands have records coming out, particularly hyped for Silurian’s LP and the new Contaminated LP.


Froshybigbluntz - Entrapment

Top 5 LPs
Mindforce -new lords
Pint glass- blood ,sweat and Stella
Last wishes-organised hate
Gridiron- no good at goodbyes
End it-unpleasant living

Lost to life -fear tactics
Fkrc- grooves from the bong street
Cycle of abuse-ultimate suffering
Hood brawl-big smoke

Top 5 Aus
Speed -a gang called speed
Outright- keep you warm
No peace- something more
Terminal sleep-chapter 1 no solace
Cold blood- bound/dead check

Top 3 demo
Juice bc-demonic frequency
Cold piece- cold piece
Final form- demo 2

Highlight- playing with evergreen terrace

Disappointment- size of king lears throne stage too small

Predict- entrapment, teamglasses and loudmouth takeover



Pic: No Peace

Jeremy Wittkopp - Meanjin/Brisbane

Top 5 LPs:
Viagra Boys – Cave World
billy woods – Church
Chat Pile – God's Country
Pusha T – It's Almost Dry
Russian Circles – Gnosis

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Full of Hell – Aurora Leaking from an Open Wound
END | Cult Leader – Gather & Mourn
Death Grips – Live from Death Valley
Extortion – Seething
Tropical Fuck Storm – Moonburn

Top 5 AU releases:
Burial Pit – Subhuman Scum (2021 but it’s so heavy it takes up two years)
Extortion – Seething
Blind Girls – The Weight of Everything
KILAT – Rantai Penjinak
Salt Money – Love of my Life

Top 3 demos:
Toy – Dogs of the North

Highlight of 2022:
Gigs. Both attending and playing gigs this year has been fucking incredible. Witnessing
countless Shackles sets once again. Being absolutely crushed at Dark Mofo by both Black Sheep
Wall and Perfume Genius. My band SLOWCUT getting to play different style gigs with the likes
of Geld, Deafcult, Burial Pit and Hope Drone. Tonight, Nick Cave & Uncle Waz will fuck me up.

Disappointment of 2022:

Predictions for 2023:
Play / attend heaps of mixed bill gigs and travel to other states. I hope AA gigs pop up more
often and to finally press our own record to vinyl with help from an epic local label.


Lucas- Shitgrinder / Wetwork

Top 5 LPs:
Vomit Forth- Seething Malevolence
Gridiron- No Good At Goodbyes
Malevolence- Malicious Intent
Tribal Gaze- The Nine Choirs
Mindforce- New Lords

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Extortion- Seething
Peeling Flesh- Human Pudding
Speed- Gang Called Speed
DJ MOURN- Immolated Hessian
Volcano- Fool 2 Tha Game

Top 5 AU releases:
Extortion- Seething
Faceless Burial- At The Foothills of Derilation
Winnerz Circle- Demo
DJ Mourn- Immolated Hessian
Shitgrinder- S/T

Top 3 demos:
Informant - Demo
Winnerz Cricle- Demo

Highlight of 2022:
Shitgrinder S/T LP babyyyy

Disappointment of 2022:
Only ONE new Snuffed On Sight song 🙁

Predictions for 2023:
Sanguisugabogg- Homicidal Ecstasy AOTY.
Hopefully a Sunami tour.
Extortion arena tour with Shitgrinder.


Ned - Tumour

Top Five LPs:
All That Was Promised - Hath
Eternal Steel - I Am
Frostbitten - Grima
False Light - White Ward
Midnights - Taylor Swift

Top Five EPs:
Lowest Form of Animal - Kublai Kahn TX
No Ground to Give - Zous
Apologetica - Patristic
Aperture of Body - Tomb Mold
Gather and Mourn - End/Cult Leader

Top Five AU Releases:
Gang Called Speed - Speed
Only Eye - Keratin
Unconsecrated//Ascendancy - Resin Tomb
Leviathan - Circle of Blood
Sun Run - Sun Run

Top Three Demos:
Demo 2022 - Crossface
...can't think of any others

Highlight of 2022:
Getting out and seeing so many shows again

Disappointment of 2022:
Minnesota Timberwolves

Predictions for 2023:
Minnesota Timberwolves to turn it around and win the chip


André - THE MEAT

Top 5 LPs:
Crash - Charli XCX
Heavy Pendulum - Cave In
Bloom - Masochist
III - Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys
Keep You Warm – Outright

Top 5 EP/7"s
Warthog (2022) - Warthog
Yes, Thanks - Mitch, Please
Gang Called Speed - Speed
Bimbocore - Scene Queen
BIMBOCORE VOL. 2 - Scene Queen

Top 5 AU releases
Bloom - Masochist
III - Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys
Keep You Warm - Outright
BUNNY MODE - Jaguar Jones
Tapestry - Boudicca

Top 3 demos
Demo - Forgive

Highlight of 2022:
THE MEAT / Histamine / Persecutor Sydney and Newcastle shows
Disappointment of 2022:
The Village Pickle is closing down 😔

Predictions for 2023:
The debut / 10 year anniversary of Louie Lewis and the Deadbeats release will finally see the light of day.


Dennis - Entrapment

Top 5 LPs:
-buckles champagne lifestyle lemonade wages
- grid iron no good at goodbyes
- epifane continueum

Top 5 AU releases
- speed a gang called speed
- buckled
- no peace something more
-Druge eviction slit
-Teen mortgage smoked

Top 3 demos
-Fast johmmy and the slow burners commit crimes
- maylene and the sons of disaster
Burn the witch
-Power drill hit the legs

Highlight of 2022:
The rise and re-rise of aus hardcore

Disappointment of 2022:
kanye west

Predictions for 2023:
2006 resurgence


Jarrod Birch - Procession

Top 5 LPs:
In no specific order I listened to a lot of: Viv by Spice, Blending by High Vis, Deadbody by Deadbody, Bronco by Orville Peck and Retired to the Ground by Not Good, Not Bad.

Top 5 EP/7"s
For a few weeks each, I was obsessed with Strength in Numbers by Cold Showers and Vanity Spawned by Fear by Ceremony. I also loved a bunch of streaming singles including Godstar by Cold Cave, Hush by Stephen Mallinder, Nite Life by Adult. and B.O.T.A by Eliza Rose.

Top 5 AU releases
This year I tried to make time to check out the new things from Nerve Damage, Faceless Burial, Winnerz Circle, Death Bells, Extortion and Not Good, Not Bad.

Top 3 demos
Shout out to anyone who wrote a demo by themselves during the pandemic and put it out this year.

Highlight of 2022:
Writing and recording music for the first time in years, travelling overseas and surviving a huge year at work.

Disappointment of 2022:
Getting hooked on Dr Pepper while in America and struggling without regular access to it back home.

Predictions for 2023:
Procession may or may not release new music and play a show.


John Mercer -Grieg

Top 5 LPs:
Cryptivore - Celestial Extinction
Terra Pines - Downbeats
Golden Bats - Scatter Yr Darkness (comes out real soon, but I heard a sneak peek)
Wormrot - Hiss
Revocation- Neatherheaven

Top 5 EP/7"s
Fuxache -self titled
World of Joy - self titled (I think this came out late 2021, but I only got it recently)
Western Pleasure - self titled (I think they meant it as an album, but it’s very short and fits on one side of a 12’)
Oratory - Inner Pyre
Biolysis- Peverse Psychology

Top 5 AU releases
I think most of the above are AU releases, but a few I haven’t mentioned would be
Altars - Acsetic Reflection
Halfheads - One Two Few
Idle Ruin - everything they have teased of their upcoming album
Salt Money - as above, all the songs that are about to come out on their new album

Top 3 demos
Haven’t gotten many demos this year, but I’ve heard some in progress stuff of Oratory and Golden Bats and it’s all pretty sweet.

Highlight of 2022:

Seeing Blood Incantation. I knew nothing about them, and they blew me away.

Disappointment of 2022:
2 things. A) how hard it’s been to get a physical copy of Wormrot’s new album and Spirit Bunny breaking up

Predictions for 2023:
I keep on ruling, still no-one notices…..



Pic: Terminal Sleep

Jrod McKay - Drummer of Drudge and Eviction, Bass in Slurpee Jerks, host of 4ZZZ punk show

Top 5 LPs:
SHITGRINDER - Shitgrinder
TRASH RIG - Walking On Life’s Edge
SPACED - Spaced Jams
DISPARO! - The Hot Mess Express 

Top 5 EP/7"
GAOLED - Bestial Hardcore flexi
MUD - Clear as Mud
GEL - Shock Therapy
SPY x MANIC - Split
JIVEBOMB - Primative Desires

Top 5 AU releases
EXTORTION - Seething (Best release of the year)
FUXACHE - Fuxache S/T 7”
PROTOSPASM - Unreachable Summit
SWAB - Big City
SEPSIS - The Divide

Top 3 demos

Highlight of 2022:
- Finally seeing extortion both nights in Melbourne at the tote
- Starting my newest band Drudge in January playing so many awesome shows
- Split with both bands I play in coming out on bad habits records 

Disappointment of 2022: 

Not really sure on a disappointment I had a pretty awesome year the only thing would of be a few shows I was meant to play had been canceled due to Covid but most of them got rescheduled or we ended up jumping on a better line up on the same night.

Predictions for 2023:
- Extortion coming to Brisbane and ripping shit up
- The new Zulu record dropping in Feb 2023 is going to take over
- SPY and SCOWL tour in aus
- Drudge and eviction tour together


Gavin Barrett -Procession, RAGE

Top 5 LPs:
Mindforce – New Lords
Drug Church – Hygiene
Militarie Gun – All Roads Lead to The Gun
High Vis – Blending
Praise – All in a Dream

Top 5 EP/7"s:
The Meat – Primordial Pummel
Drudge – Life’s a Drudge
Gil Cerrone - Coronach
Gloam – Self Titled
Chubby and the gang – Labour of Love

Top 5 AU releases:
Extortion - Seething
Cherish – Your Suffering
Johnny Hunter – Want
Heists – Troubled Souls
Acts of Insanity - “Mob of The Dead”. Some very talented up-and-comers to keep an eye on.

Top 3 demos:
Tunnel Vision / Heat Split
Forgive – Self titled
Crossface – Demo ‘22

Highlight of 2022: Touring with Dregg and Heists was sick. Being able to release a tonne of new music with Rage, Procession and as a solo artist was also mad. Even just shows getting mostly back to normal has been a big highlight.

Disappointment of 2022:
Still the odd covid cancellation, the world being in a generally sorry state of affairs, airlines being perpetually cooked.

Predictions for 2023:
1. Cenco synth-pop reaches dizzying new heights
2. More gang called Speed baby


Big Pimm - Vestiges

Top 5 LPs:
Little Green House by Anxious
Radiator by Sadurn
Where the Heart Is by Sweet Pill
Hygiene by Drug Church
Crash (Deluxe) by Charli XCX [bc Sorry If I Hurt You]

Runners up:
honeybee table at the butterfly feast by teen suicide
Havasu by Pedro the Lion
S/T by Pool Kids

Top 5 EP/7"s:
Blight by Stay Inside
Old Clothes by Tigers Jaw
Apeshit by The Sound of Animals Fighting (!!!)
Rotoscope by Spiritbox
Snake Eyes by 100 gecs

Top 5 AU releases:
High Spirits//Low Life by Totally Unicorn
Love of my life by Salt Money
The Weight of Everything by Blind Girls
Love Songs by Bloom Parade
Only Eye by Keratin

Top 3 demos:
Rediscovered that demo of Airblade on PS2 that never got a full release in Aus. Fond mems. Doesn't hold up at all sadly.

Highlight of 2022:
Becoming a dad (of cat).

Disappointment of 2022:
Having to hide all my cables and leads because of said cat.

Predictions for 2023:
Spending more money replacing destroyed cables and leads. Cat.



Al McKal - Drudge

Top 5 LPs:
1. Hygiene – Drug Church
2. Deprogram – PLANET ON A CHAIN
3. All Roads Lead To The Gun – Militarie Gun
5. Diaspora Problems – Soul Glo

Top 5 EP/7"s
1. Shock Therapy: A Split With Cold Brats - Gel
2. Watchman Decree – Bryan Lothian
3. The Cost Of Living – Stupid Stupid Henchmen
4. III - Warthog
5. Can We Be Free? - Standard Issue

Top 5 AU releases
1. Seething - Extortion
2. Primordial Pummel – The Meat
3. Keep You Warm - Outright
4. Gang Called Speed - Speed
5. Drive Not Detected – Endless Bore

Top 3 demos
1. S/T - Crossface
2. S/T - Choof
3. Anti Club // Club – Beat Panic

Highlight of 2022: Discovering the beautiful scene blossoming in Meanjin (moved back at the start of the year after living in Naarm for close to 10 years).

Disappointment of 2022: The invasion of Ukraine. The various individuals, organisations and “powers that be” that put far right/fundamentalist/archaic ideals above human life.

Predictions for 2023: It’s all too easy to be nihilistic so instead I’ll keep it music related and say - a connected, vibrant interstate hardcore scene. Aussie HC well and truly on the map.


Pic: Heat


Tom McEwen- Idle Threat

Top 5 LPs:
- Taylor Swift – Midnights
- A Wilhelm Screen – Lose Your Delusion
- Age of Apocalypse – Grim Wisdom
- Mindforce – New Lords
- Gauze – 言いたかねえけど目糞鼻糞

Top 5 EP/7"s
- Extortion – Seething

Top 5 AU releases
- Nerve Damage – Drip Fed. Misled
- Faceless Burial – At The Foothills of Deliration
- Loose Fit – Social Graces
- Press Club – Endless Motion
- Outright – Keep You Warm

Top 3 demos
- X Weapon X – Demo

Highlight of 2022:
There is a lot to be stoked on this year, spending time with my family, playing shows with Idle Threat, watching mates go from strength to strength, stage dives, a lot of great records came out and a lot of amazing shows.

Disappointment of 2022:
There’s not enough time in the day to get around to everything. That and burn out ain’t fun.

Predictions for 2023:
There will be more great records and shows. Stage dives will continue to be the best fun.


Sam Bowker - Hugs

Top 5 LPs:
Press Club - Endless Motion
Raised As Wolves - Nervous Feelings
Amends - Tales of Love, Loss and Outlaws
Pinkshift - Love Me Forever
Turnstile - Glow On

Top 5 EP/7"s
Talk Heavy - Jump Into Nothing
The Cutaways - Hot Blood/Cheap Curtains
Violent Soho - Kamikaze
jacob - Not Only When You're Lonely
Radolescent - Tough

Top 5 AU releases
Private Wives - Never Again
Satin Cali - One of These Days
Hoon - Propane
The Kilbeys - Air Bay
Final Girls - Carrie

Top 3 demos
The Skarntz - Fully
fuhri - daisy duke's disco ball
Princes Unit - Stallion

Highlight of 2022:
Blink 182 - Edging

Disappointment of 2022:
Blink 182 - Edging

Predictions for 2023:
Tom's back in blink woo hoo!!


Emmy Hour - The Cutaways

Top 5 LPs:
- Titus Andronicus: ‘The Will To Live’
- Murder By Death: Spell / Bound
- Cory Branan: ‘When I Go I Ghost’
- King Stingray: ‘King Stingray’
- The Beth’s: ‘Expert In A Dying Field’

Fave EP
- Sabaton: ‘Weapons Of The Modern Age’

AU releases mentions:
- The Disables: ‘No More Rulers No More Ruled’
- Stabbitha and the Kinfey Wifeys: ‘III’

Demo Mentions
- Mistakes: ‘Mistakes


Matt Budge - Resin Tomb // CROSSFACE

Top 5 LPs:
Artificial Brain - S/T
MICO - Zigurat
Hexis - Aeternum
Birds In Row - Gris Klein
Chat Pile - Gods Country

Top 5 EP/7”s
Speed - A Gang Called Speed
Extortion - Seething
End It - Unpleasant Living
God Mother - Obeveklig
Warthog - Warthog

Top 5 AU releases
Travels - Death Throes
Descent - Order Of Chaos
Shitgrinder - S/T
Blind Girls - The Weight Of Everything
Faceless Burial - At The Foothills Of Deliration

Top 3 demos/singles
MUD - Clear As Mud
Law of Power - Born Into War

Highlight of 2022:
- Watching the resurgence of sold out shows in Brisbane.
- Getting melted by ‘Dead Congregation’ at The Brightside.
- Seeing ‘Travels’ live for the first time in 8 years.
- Finally making some interstate trips with Resin Tomb after 2 years of rescheduling as the world fell apart.

Disappointment of 2022: Watching ETID call it quits in a very public and ugly was pretty shitty, ah well.

Predictions for 2023: Aussie hardcore on top. Resin Tomb will release a heater 😏




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