Life Lair Regret and Shortfuse Records have just released the debut 7 inch for Newcastle band LATEST GOD. The band features an all star cast of Newcastle's finest. We caught up with singer Luke Dolan to find out more about the band.

When did Latest God come together and how did it all form?

February 2020, just before the world went to shit, I received a random phone call from Scott Dougall who played guitar in Minute Minder, who were my favourite hardcore band from Sydney circa 1994. Mutual friend Clint Shortfuse (who released both the Minute Minder & Arms Reach 7”s) had put us in touch as Scott had told him he had been writing some songs again for the first time in 20+ years.

I had been mates with Scott back in the Minute Minder days but hadn’t spoken to him for over 20 years. I was stoked to hear from him as he was keen to write some new music with the idea of me singing. I said yes immediately even though I was skeptical that anything would actually eventuate. Glad I was wrong



What sort of bands are influencing the sound of Latest God and was there an agreed sound to aim for when the band started?

When Scott and I first discussed it we were pretty much on the same page from the get go, like if Minute Minder kept going beyond the 7” what would an LP have sounded like? I had always had it in my head that I had one hardcore band left in me and I wanted it to sound like the bands I came up on.. Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty.. melodic shit that had hooks but was still fast with zero metal influence. Scott’s ideas fit perfectly- it’s been like coming back full circle to the Minute Minder / Pitfall days but with improved song writing chops. How does the song-writing process of Latest God work? Scott wrote all of the music for the 7” and I wrote all of the lyrics. As Scott hasn’t written or played any music in 20 something years he came in with heaps of ideas ready to go which was cool.

The rest of us, Benno, Mat and myself have been in a number of bands over a number of years so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to create, write and play new music. Musically so far this has been Scott’s baby with the rest of us suggesting ideas here and there regarding song structures, guitar parts etc.

You’ve teamed up with country superstar, record store mogul and a very talented musician in Ben Leece again for Latest God. Previously you mentioned Ben helped you out with vocals in your last band together Hazards, what about this time around with Latest God?

Benno is one of my best mates and a hell of a talented guitarist to boot so when Scott and I discussed recruiting a 2nd guitarist to round out the line up he was the obvious choice. Given how busy Benno is with his solo career and record store his time in terms of song writing for Latest God has been very limited. Hopefully that will change if the band continues and writes more material going forward.

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Where did you record the self-titled 7 inch and how do you find the studio experience nowadays compared to all of the other releases you’ve recorded?

We recorded at Triple Three Records in Maitland with our drummer Mat Taylor at the helm. I have recorded with Mat in previous bands Hazards & White Male Dumbinance and find recording with him a great experience. He is the perfect engineer in the sense that music and recording wise he knows his shit inside out and is happy to contribute to the creative process as much or as little as the artist desires. He’s a phenomenal drummer and all round musician that has ZERO ego, just chilled vibes and solid banter. I’ve been involved in numerous recording sessions over the years that have been more stressful & punishing than enjoyable so working with Mat makes for a rad change.

What is Dolan at war with exactly?

Apologies for sounding melodramatic, but it’s basically about my lifelong struggles with (at times) poor mental health and the cunning ways that it has manifested itself in my psyche over the years. Got a favourite song on the release and why would you choose that one exactly? Hard to pick between the 3 songs that we put up for the digital promo release, “Latest God”, “Dolan’s War”, and “Toxic”. All bangers in my humble opinion.

Having a theme song titled the same as the band name is a tip of the hat to Minor Threat is it not? Is the song Latest God about celebrity worship?

As much as I love Minor Threat and we are obviously influenced by them the ‘self titled’ song wasn’t a conscious tribute. A number of bands I’ve been in have had self tilted jams, Arms Reach, The Dead Walk!, and Hazards to name a few. The song “Latest God” is about celebrity worship and our obsession with social media.

You included a Minute Minder cover of “Clique” on this release, I’m guessing this wasn’t Scott’s idea and how much convincing did it take? Out of the Minute Minder discography (to be released soon by Shortfuse Records) why did you choose “Clique”?

Definitely not Scott’s idea and he did take a bit of convincing haha. I really wanted to cover a Minute Minder song as they were such an influential band for me and the first band I ever sang on stage with (a cover of Youth Of Today’s “Understand”). As “Clique” is a personal favourite and a demo only song that as yet hasn’t had a proper release it’s what we went with. Such a catchy tune that totally brings to mind early 7 Seconds vibes that really stood out in a time when most Sydney bands were heavy on the crust punk tip.

Does this mean the next release will have a Pitfall cover of “Torn Between”?

Hahaha I’m not going to dignify that question with an answer.

How did the split label release between Shortfuse and Life Lair Regret come about?

Originally Benno wanted to launch a label to coincide with his record store Rudderless Records with the 7” pencilled in as the first release. Time and money constraints knocked that on the head. As Clint was the conduit for Scott and I reconnecting and we both have a long history with him I always wanted the record to come out on Shortfuse. I had been in contact with the xLAIRx twins over the course of them digitising some of my old bands for the OZHC Digital Archive project and I sent them a couple of Latest God songs to check out. They immediately offered to put the record out and with Clint offering his assistance the idea of a split label release seemed logical. I’m fucking stoked that we brought older and younger crew together to collaborate on the record.

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Is it weird being a band that hasn’t yet got the chance to play a show due to Covid and yet has a debut release out?

Short answer… yes. Initially Scott and I thought it may just be a recording project and not a band that plays any shows. Once the songs started coming together and things started clicking the desire to play shows coalesced. I was fucking gutted when our first scheduled show with Ill Natured, Nerve Damage, and Post Truth got COVID canned 3 days in advance. Fingers, toes, and ball bags crossed that we can actually play a show in the near future.

Why is all three seasons of The Dark Side Of The Ring essential viewing and your fave episode?

I think the appeal of DSOTR extends beyond just wrestling fans as the stories and characters involved are just so fucking wild and entertaining. The New Jack (R.I.P.) episode is my favourite. The outright insanity and senseless violence that dude brought to the ring was all time.

How can people find out more about the band and keep in touch?

Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook. @latest_god


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