Morning Glory, formed by Ezra Kire (Leftover Crack and Choking Victim), are a group of New York City musicians brought together by their love of making music fun for themselves again. With roots deep in the politi-kil punk scene of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, Morning Glory's lyrical content never strays far from the things they see as axiom, although it tends to be more personal than other bands and projects they've been in over the years. Having gone on to join the Fat Wreck Chords family, Morning Glory are now embarking on their first ever Australian tour playing an extensive run of shows with local favourites The Bennies.

Bennies front man Anty interviewed Ezra (Leftovercrack - Morning Glory) below..

Do you find any challenges in Morning Glory in being attached to former bands?
At first it was a bit of a struggle but not anymore. In the beginning the crusty traveller kids would show up expecting that kind of music, but that came to an end after the first tour.

Do you think these things influence the direction/ideas behind Morning Glory?
No, Morning Glory was conceived when i was still in my 20s and has always been it's own entity with it's own musical direction and ideas about the world. From the beginning it has always been it's own thing, i think.

What are you looking forward to in touring Australia?
Besides getting to hit some of the smaller in-betweeny towns, I've heard you guys have great beer. Do you still have Four X?

You are going to be touring with The Bennies (my band) for your time in Australia - have you gone on a tour with a band you've never met before? What are you looking forward to and not looking forward to?
This will be our first time out with another bigger band. We usually always do our own tours, sometimes taking an opener. I have no idea what to expect. I look forward to getting to know all the boys. I've heard you guys like to smoke weed. We like to drink sometimes so it ought to be an interesting mix. haha

For a band that I assume is heavily anti-war, your latest album ' war psalms' has an undeniable 'war' feeling to it. The use of french horn and similar instruments create an extremely eery feeling. Is this a contrast to attitudes within the band, trying to reshape our understanding of war? Let me in EZRA!!!!
We've always had a military theme going on in our band. I'm not sure why. I think it was an influence left over from the late Clash. We're against war but have always seen our audience as a sort of army of people who believe in another way in life. It's a contrasting idea, i know, but it's one of those contrary idioms which makes sense to me.


The past 12 months has seen local party favourites the Bennies cement themselves as one of the country's hardest working live acts. In the wake of their sophomore album, the Bennies have appeared at Soundwave Festival, completed two tours of China, and announced an upcoming United States tour including a slot at Gainsville's 'The Fest'. But The Bennies certainly aren't taking the keys out of the tour van in the near future. Their relentless touring continues with the announcement of another national tour covering the entire east coast with the addition of two intimate shows in Adelaide. Joining The Bennies on the road will be a Fat Wreck's Morning Glory.

Ezra has returned the favor and asked Anty some questions...

Where does your name come from? Do you guys ever use "Bennie" as a last name, like Anty Bennie?

Hey Ezra!!! how the fuck r ya!? The name Bennies comes from what they used to call Benzadrines… the old happy pills. If I called myself anty-bennie… it may seem like i hated my own band! hahaha.

Rainbows in Space seems to have a deliberately white cover. Did you do that in a juxtapose to the album title or was it an accident?

Steve Baker (mad dude) designed the artwork for us. We gave him some instructions, but it was for the most part his genius. Seems maybe too obvious to have rainbows on the cover maybe???

I notice you guys use some synth sounds and aren't afraid of mixing rock music with dance type sounds and effects (for lack of a better term). Sometimes we do that too. Is that something a lot of other Australian bands are doing right now?

Yeah dude, i play a synth… so try and put it in most songs.. although some songs it just doesn’t work. I don’t think a lot of Australian punk/ska bands are doing it right now… well i hope not, cos then i’ll have to find a new gimmick.

You guys have a lot of sing along type tunes. Do kids come out knowing the words and joining in? It seems like a good time.

I always feel kinda weird describing people at the gigs as kids, cos to me, it kinda sounds a little patronising… but then again with how mental people seem to go… it does seem kinda childish! hahaha.

My band (Morning Glory) and just about every other punk band in the States believes that weed is for hippies, so i have to ask… what's up with that? They must not draw the same types of lines and distinctions Down Under. True or not true? Do you guys consider yourselves a punk band or some other genre? (sorry i couldn't resist asking).

I would say we foremost describe ourselves as a party band. Smoking weed fucking rules - so if that makes me a hippy… then i guess I’m a hippy… hahaha. In reality most bands/people we met smoke the green. I think (I don’t know from experience) that the weed is lighter here in Australia, than it is in America… so people can kinda smoke weed and chill out, enjoy music and be really social… I get the impression the weed in America can be so strong that it just kind of floors you.

Thanks for the questions dude!!! looking forward to hanging out!



12th The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
w/ Bitter Lungs & Jack Flash

13th The Lab, Brisbane ALL AGES
w/ Luca Brasi, The Gifthorse & The Decline

13th Crowbar, Brisbane
w/ Luca Brasi, Army Of Champions, Bitter Lungs

14th The Time Machine, Sunshine Coast ALL AGES
w/ The Decline & The Dumpers << NEW SHOW ADDED

17th Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
w/ Ben Elliot, ExciteBike, The Decline

18th The Beachcomber, Toukley
w/ The Dirty 8's, Kinnection Overload, Driverside Airbag, La'range Bucket

19th Valve Bar, Sydney
w/ Ebolagoldfish, Topnovil

20th Black Wire Records, Sydney ALL AGES
w/ Capa Capo, Chaz H Skally

20th Corrimal Hotel, Woolongong
w/ Steel City All Stars, Wolfpack, UTI & The Acid Monkeys

21st Magpies, Canberra ALL AGES
w/ Mucho Sonar, Wolfpack, Revellers

22nd Captain at Mariner's, Bateman's Bay
w/ Lathan's Grip << NEW SHOW ADDED

24th Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong
w/ Phat Meegz & Nathan Seekts Band

25th Karova Lounge, Ballarat
w/ Phat Meegz & The Savages

26th Gasometre, Melbourne All Ages
w/ Rockenspiele << NEW SHOW ADDED

26th The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Phat Meegz, Foxtrot, Wet Pensioner

27th Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
w/ Hightime, Fresh Killz

28th Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
w/ God God Dammit Dammit, She's The Band

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