Currently Australian hardcore is experiencing a revival of social conciousness and charitable values. Numerous hardcore charities have sprung up and are making amazing efforts at fund raising and helping shine a spotlight on those less fortunate. Bands like Vigilante and Crisis Alert are donating portions of their record sales to charities and then there are incredible people like Thomas Hill, who are really going all out to make a change!


You might be familiar with Thomas from his bassplaying skills in Sydney band Mood Swing (as pictured above), but what you really need to recognise, is the impact Thomas is having on impoverished and sexually abused children in the Phillipines. You see, Thomas is also the brains behind the Youth of Today inspired Make A Change Foundation.

The Make A Change Foundation was born from an international love for the Philippines and it’s children. Thomas Hill first visited the Philippines in 2007 on a school immersion trip (The St. Augustine’s College Sydney Orphanage Project), which included the building of an infirmary and the development of a strong relationship with the children of TMMR (Tahanan Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita). Thomas was deeply affected and fell in love with the country and it’s people within the first few days.

After volunteering for five years, Thomas felt the need to take things a step further and thus the Make A Change Foundation was born. Seeing a direct need for specified care for children of sexual abuse, MACF aims to build a home that not only keeps the children safe but also offers them the individual psychological rehabilitation they need as well as a healthy and holistic home that they can grow and develop in.

After a number of fund raising incentives, including recycling and reselling unwanted merch at shows, Thomas has managed to raise a staggering $30,000, enough to set up a portective home in the Phillipines.

Having been in the Phillipine since late June, Thomas is going to be reguarly blogging and throwing up video edits of his progress and sharing the information he learns about setting up a chairy along the way.

As he states in his first video you can view below.. 

"There is very little information out there for young people who want to start charities in Australia or Overseas so hopefully we'll be able to test the process and let you all know how to do it!"

"Pro bono legal support is one of the most important things you will need to attain when trying to start your own NGO. Make sure to check out the link to Justice Connect below for a great starting point for new organisations."

"It's pretty empty right now but over the next few months we'll be filling it with furniture, staff and as many books and toys that we can find.

If you'd like to donate to a specific room, appliance or running cost please get in contact with us."

We'll update this page so you can keep track of Thomas' endeavours, but do check out some of the links below..

Drop Thomas some randoms words of encouragement on his email address:

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Visit the Make A Change website:

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To donate:

Direct Bank Transfer -

Make a Change Foundation Limited

BSB – 082052

Account No. – 838901590

Or direct donations through the Make a Change Foundation PayPal – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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