Southern Californian punk rock supergroup the Adolescents hit Australian shores for the very first time after a 30 plus year career as one of the leading bands of the punk hardcore scene. We caught with founding member and bassplayer Steve Soto.

Why did it take so long for the Adolescents to make it down to Australia and what happened with the tour that was cancelled a few years ago?

That’s a good question and one that I really couldn’t answer … we have had three tours to Australia that have been canceled never by us but by the promoters .. so … who knows but we have always wanted to come down there.

Have you ever been to Australia before? Anything in particular you’re interested in checking out? Are you familiar with any local bands etc?

Yes I have been there with my former band 22 Jacks we did the Warped Tour in ’98 and a tour with Reel Big Fish in ’99. I've seen all the touristy stuff … always loved the Saints .. and the boys from Frenzal Rhomb are awesome great band.

So who will be playing in the lineup of Adolescents that will be touring Australia? Would people recognise members from other bands?

Its Tony and myself from the original line up … our drummer Mike Cambra was just down there playing drums with Death By Stereo for the Hits and Pits tour. Our two guitarists Dan Root and Joe Harrison have played on the last three records we have done. Joe started with us when he was 15 then left at 21 to go to college like Milo now he is back.

How much of the self-titled album makes up the live set? I'm presuming you guys have kids these days and that "I Hate Children" probably doesn't get a run?

Ha … yeah we played "I Hate Children" once because it was Fathers Day that song was a comedy piece from the get go …its funny that some people take it seriously … they miss the irony that we were children when we wrote it. Tony and I having a laugh … mostly we don’t play it much because it’s a tad boring to play but one never knows … we play just about everything off the first record. We love that record but we have also made 7 other records so maybe if you are coming out to the show you should check them out too, the last 5 are quite good really …and Im not saying this to drum up record sales, you may as well steal them like everyone else … just listen ….

Do you see many of the kids of the black hole around these days? Are you guys all still friends to a degree?

Some … Some are dead … some are famous … Some disappeared but there a few still kicking around the scene and yeah everyone’s friendly …

The last four years have been very productive in terms of new Adolescents material; The Fastest Kid Alive, American Dogs In Europe, Presumed Insolent and now news of La Vendetta. Why the sudden boost in productivity?

I don’t know Tony and I have just hit a really productive stride. I think each record gets better and then its like well … lets see if we can top this Im very proud of La Vendetta I think our fans will be stoked … it would be easy to sit back and rest on our past achievements, but that isn’t why we play music and I would stack our new stuff up against the old stuff and say there is just as much angst and conviction …

If you had to recommend some newer material to people, whom may not be that familiar with anything past the self titled album, what would be on the list?

OC Confidential, Fastest Kid, American Dogs and Presumed Insolent and on July 11th check out La Vendetta.


These new albums have all been released via Concrete Jungle Records based in Germany. How did that partnership come into fruition and how do you find working with a record label on a different continent?

We met them through our European booking agent and they are awesome we have had nothing but great relations with them. I think we must surprise them every year when we say ..”we have another record for you", but they are stoked and do a great job.

It must be interesting for you guys to sit back and watch the ongoing saga that is Black Flag and the subsequent Flag feud? What do you make of it all? I’m guessing this was a band you guys all looked up to at one point?

We grew up around those guys, the Adolescents probably played more shows with Black Flag than any other 80’s So Cal band. Its strange, having seen both I preferred Flag and I didn’t like the way Ron was fired. I hope Flag does another run and brings in Ron. I think Stephen did an amazing job filling Ginn's shoes. People should watch youtube vids off both bands and judge for themselves…

Why should people come and check out the Adolescents?

Because we deliver. We play the songs like we mean them because they probably mean more to us now than they did when we were kids. Plus its fun … a lot of fucking fun!

Catch the Adolescents on one of the shows below...

ADOLESCENTS (USA) July Australian Tour

July 3rd Crowbar, Brisbane

July 4th Hermann's Bar, Sydney

July 5th The Evelyn, Melbourne

July 6th The Barwon Club, Geelong

Tickets on sale now



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