Backtrack will return to Australia in early 2014 almost two years to the day that the band first toured the country. This time around the band will be showcasing new album "Lost In Life" due out on Bridge 9 the week before they arrive in the country. Jasper Caverly caught up with guitarist Ricky Singh.

Hey, what’s happening?

Not much, it’s New Years Day and I’m recovering from the festivities last night.

What have you been up to aside from Backtrack related activities?

Me and my friend Che are putting out some records through Flatspot Records. We just dropped pre-orders for the Iron Mind LP and we’re working on the 2nd Extermination Compilation as we speak. I also started working on my 3rd zine…Moment Of Truth Vol. 3 that should be out in a few months.

After your new LP drops in early 2014 (14/01/14) you'll be heading over here for the second time. How does it feel to be at a level where you can headline a tour on the other side of the world? Twice!

It feels very good, we never started the band thinking we would have an amazing opportunity like this, so I think we’re very lucky to be able to play anywhere outside of NY really.

When you were here last time was there a particular city where you noticed the reception/scene was at its best?

I thought all the shows were pretty sick in their own ways. My favorites were probably the ones in Melbourne and Sydney.

Are you excited or nervous for the release of the LP?

I’m excited for it to come out. There’s not much to be nervous about…I’m happy with the way the record came out personally so if it’s not received well I’m not going to be upset or something. Although, I think people will like all the new stuff and be stoked on it like we are.

Just how important are those merchandise sales on tour and through online stores to bands today?

Very important….stuff like that helps bands continue to tour and help chip in on travel expenses. For example a band like Incendiary who doesn’t get to tour very much because of their jobs is able to come out to Cali or Europe because merchandise sales help them cover some of the expenses. If you like a band buy a CD, shirt, or something…it helps them more then you know.

Are you now comfortable working with Nick Jett (Terror) in the studio? Was he the obvious choice of producer after he did so well with Darker Half?

Yeah, it was pretty clear to us when we started talking about a new LP that we’d work with Nick. He’s a very easy person to work with and he knows exactly what’s up with us and what we’re trying to achieve. It’s great having him there to help us with a transition or vocal pattern or something. He works hard at what he does and he makes it a lot less stressful for us to get shit done.

Are you happy with the album? The production? The songs?

I’m definitely happy with the LP. We stepped up in the writing and Nick stepped up in the production. As a whole the LP is a step up and I think people will hear that when they give it a listen.


Where are some of the best places you've been lucky enough to tour since you formed back in '08?

I love going to Southern California. It’s one of my favorite places to play because the shows are crazy and we have tons of friends out there. Australia was one of my favorite places to play and I can’t wait to get back also.

Best and worst thing about touring? Best/worst people to be on tour with?

Best thing about touring is getting to travel and experience a lot of shit most people don’t get to see. Worst thing about it is the long ass drives trapped in a tiny space. One of my favorite people to tour with is one of my best friends, Karebear. He sings in the band Suburban Scum. He did two tours with us in 2013 and just provided hours of entertainment. He’s funny as hell and is down for whatever, so he’s a good person to have around. Worst people to be on tour with are people that don’t drive and people who snore like crazy. We had our friend Doug fill in on guitar once and his snoring was like none I’ve ever heard. We’d make him sleep in different rooms or closets just to avoid staying up all night.

In March 2014 you get to play South By So What Fest on the last day with bands like; Alpha & Omega, Comeback Kid, Cruel Hand, Expire, Neck Deep, The Ghost Inside, The Story So Far and Xibalba (to name a few). Are there any bands on the lineup you haven't played with and interest you to see live? With such an enormous lineup do you expect the reception to be incredible?

I’m not sure how many days we’ll be there but I’d like to catch The Story So Far and Taking Back Sunday…I like both of those bands. Bands we’ve played with wise I’d like to check out Cruel Hand, Alpha & Omega, and the bands on our tour package (Comeback Kid, Xibalba, Downpresser). I’ve heard good things about the fest so I’m sure it’ll be a fun time.

Guilty pleasure band/artist?

I never really get embarrassed about listening to something. Like what you like and who cares if it’s something someone else doesn’t like. I like the Lorde song Royals a lot and it probably makes me a herb but who cares.

Tips for people starting up a new band? How can small acts get recognized?

Have fun with it, play anywhere and everywhere you can, be open minded.

Any last words?

Australia is cool. DPN Forever



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