Its that time of the year again when Mindsnare comes out of hibernation and hits the road for the annual visit. It’s been almost a year since you've been to Sydney and probably longer in Brisbane, what's changed in the Mindsnare camp?

Nothings changed in year’s brother. Haaaa.. We did about the same amount of shows as we usually do, keep the pest level to a minimum. We had some great shows this year though, the Arthouse last shows were amazing, and it was really obvious how many people really dig the lifestyle and music these days. Crew were really heart felt about that venue closing. Things move on though, nothing lasts forever.

Second time you've toured the country with Ringworm. How do they rate in terms of bands you've toured with?

One of the best for sure. It felt like we finally met people as twisted and in love with the same era of music we are. There was some pretty good after hours shit going on last time too. It is my forte, well, was. The Ringworm guys were super thankful to be here in Australia. They weren’t the usual "oh we have them at home but their bigger and better" type Seppos we were used to, that’s for sure. 


So when is the split with Ringworm out exactly and how did it all come together?

The Furnace insisted and it took four or so years to come about. Should be about this tour, but with the wrong cover. Hang out for the real one, it’s a bargain, not far off.

Gonna be playing any of the new songs on tour?

Maybe one, sorry we are shit.


Click here to listen to a new Mindsnare and Ringworm track off the split

Off the top of my head the only other bands Ringworm has ever done a split with are Terror and Godbelow. That's some pretty esteemed company to join?

We were pretty happy. We have been big fans for ever- aka, ripped them off for years.


When you think back to the last time Mindsnare and Ringworm team up for a tour what are the first couple of things that come to mind?

A lot of drinking and laughing. The guys all have different personalities and are very amusing and easy to hang with. No egos, just talking about metal the whole time. Man, I had a few drinks during that tour. James and I were drinking from sun up till sun down like kids. He also made some people cry and leave the show in A-Town. Not good at delivering a message after a few Jager shots...pretty much my style of dude.

Favourite Ringworm show from the last tour?

Cambridge show in Newy... the Dropsaw boys were on fire. Hangovers all round.


Favourite Ringworm member to drink with?

They were all rad. Aaron, although gone from the band was out all night, I think he liked Australia. I could listen to The Furnace talk all night. Almost another language gets used when he gets going.

Favourite Ringworm song?

Dollar Whore.... great lyrics.

Favourite Ringworm release?

Venomous Grand Design record is great. Had its own vibe and had some VoiVod moments, what more could one want…

Besides Ringworm who else would be a Cleveland fave you'd love to see /play with?


Any last words or warnings?

If things get weird, jump aboard the weirdo train, it stops to pick up weirdos only.

Check out "Bulldozed" from the Brisbane Sun Distortion Studios show on Friday Sept 16th



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