On the eve of their first Australian tour, Doomriders’ singer/guitarist Nate Newton takes time out from touring with Converge to answer a few questions for us.

In your own words how would you describe the sound of Doomriders?

 I honestly have no idea. We sort of just do what we want and let other people tag us how they please.   It doesn’t really matter to any of us. I can tell you that we all love old rock and roll, metal, punk, hardcore, psych, blues.... the list could go on for days. I think in some way you can hear all of those influences in what we do.

You also play bass in Converge, a band that has a huge following. Is Doomriders like a side project to you or do you approach it as a full time band?

I hesitate to call it a side project because of all the effort we all put into it, but I also hesitate to call it a full time band because that would imply that we are touring most of the year. I guess I just like to keep busy so when Converge isn’t doing anything Doomriders is as active as possible. It’s really just 4 guys trying to have as much fun as possible when we have the time.

Given the conection to Converge, but yet the total difference in the two band’s sound, do you find Doomriders attracts a lot of Converge fans?

I think maybe early on that was a point of interest for people but at this point it seems like we have made our own little niche where we fit on our own. I’ve found that alot of Doomriders fans aren’t fans of Converge at all. Like you said both bands sound very different from one another. Converge fans seem to be very “serious”, whereas Doomriders fans really like to have a good time.

You’re essentially the frontman in Doomriders playing guitar and singing, do your prefer this to taking the backseat in a band like Converge perhaps?

Both have their merits. Being a frontman is terrifying. I’m not very interesting and I don’t have a lot to say, so I usually end up just yelling dumb shit and sounding like an idiot (mostly because I am and idiot). Then after the fact I think about how much of an ass I made of myself on stage and I cringe. In Converge I can sort of hide in the shadows which is nice. I love playing guitar though.  


You list Danzig as an influence and actually teamed up with Coliseum for a split tribute “ Not Of This World” release. You guys covered ‘Possession’ off the first album, is this your fave Danzig release and do you play it live at all?

I can’t really pick a favorite Danzig record to be honest. I love 1-4 equally, and though many might not agree I think all of his albums have great songs on them. We have never actually played “Possession” live, but I did sing “Am I Demon” with Coliseum a few times and that was a blast.

Back in 2007 Doomriders supported Danzig for a run of shows. How did this come about and did you get to meet Glenn at all? Dream come true perhaps?

Absolute dream come true. From what I understand, he just bought our record out of the blue and decided he liked us. Next thing I know I’m getting an email saying Danzig loves our band and wants to take us on tour. We were all floored. None of us could believe it. I did actually get to meet him and he was a super nice guy. We talked about Wishbone Ash. How awesome is that?

Your first Australian tour is supported by locals, I Exist. Have you heard them at all?

I have heard a bit and I look forward to checking them out!

You’ve been to Australia before with Converge. Anything in particular you’re looking forward to doing again?

Having good times, eating good food, playing fun shows, and meeting cool people. If I can squeeze in a tattoo from Rachi Brains then I’ll be a happy man.

Why should Aussies come out to the Doomriders shows?

Because I know for fact that Aussie’s like to party. We will MAKE you have a good time.



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