Pour Habit must really like Australia. In December, they will be making their third visit in just four years, having first toured here with Bad Religion and NOFX. We caught up with drummer, Colin Walsh for the lowdown on why they decided to come back again..

In your own words how would you describe the sound of the band to someone who has never heard you guys before?

Basically we sound like the dirtiest porno you ever saw.  Like Lexington Steele with a virgin.   Fast pounding snare like swinging balls smashing and a bunch of slappin the bass like a nice round booty.  Loud beautiful howling melodies coming out the mouth as we go harder and faster.    Finally we will finish it off with a guitar solo exploding all over your face.

Compton is perhaps better known for its rappers with attitude than punk rock bands. Can you describe your local scene when you guys started out in 2007 and how it is nowadays?

Ok first off, here is the story.  Steve and Charles started the idea of Pour Habit way back before 2007,  Like probably 98.  Eric and I grew up north about 45 minutes north in Canoga Park (fucking Google map it)  Anyways, when the band really started with the four of us, we spent every week practicing at Charles house with the support of the legendary Mr. Green.  That was our home base.  Unfortunately my aspirations to be an OG were hindered by the fact I am a big pussy and do not like killing people.   Steve and Chuck are the most individual people I have known.  They are who they are and have never been followers.  So it really did not matter where they grew up, they are who they are and labels are never good.   They love punk rock and that is why we have been playing this shit for years.  I dont really think we have ever been part of a scene.  I think scenes suck actually.  We got to tour with some reggae bands out here like Pepper and the expendables and Iration who became some of our closest friends.  If you stick to a scene you never get to know what you are missing out on.  And a lot of the "punk" bands out there are babies

Growing up did you ever see Ren, Cube, Dre or Eazy around the hood?

I think Steve gave Eazy AIDS but that’s about it.

Who’s side did you take in the Eazy vs Dre beef? 

I think Suge Knight is still around here so I will say Dre

So how does a band from Compton end up on a label like Fat Wreck Chords?

How does any band get on Fat!?!?!?  Obviously Fat Mike had a huge lapse in judgment and we were lucky enough to be the beneficiaries.   Actually, we started playing lots of shows with Strung Out, Guttermouth , Death By Stereo, Authority Zero (just name droppin, Don’t mind me) and Fatty invited us to open some shows for NOFX and signed us when he saw us play.   Also, Chuck had to beat him at thumb wrestling. 

Do you get sick of answering these sort of questions about Compton?

As the great Oscar Gamble said “They Say it be like it is but it Do”


This will be your third time to Australia in 4 years, having toured last time around with Smoke Or Fire. What’s the big attraction to Australia for you guys?

Coopers, VB, expensive as shit Hard Liquor.  Also you have some of the best local bands we have ever seen.  Australia just rules in general.   None of us have gotten any VD out there which is awesome.

On your first tour in 2009 with Bad Religion and NOFX, singer Chuck had a bit of an upset stomach in Melbourne. Too much of El Hefe’s macaroni cheese before the show?

That kind of sucked for Chuck.  He had the flu so he did not get to partake in much of the shenanigans that were had.  Bad Religion and NOFX treated us so well.  They did not treat us like we were any less than they were.  We were all a family on the tour except we were the drunken cousins that no one really likes to talk about.   Me and Eric definitely took full advantage of the perks of a killer tour like that.  

Got a favourite memory of your last tour of Australia?

Damn, I don’t really know.  I can tell you my least favorite memory was the 10 hour drive we had where me and Eric were so violently hungover that we fell asleep on top of each other in the trunk.    Honestly my favorite thing is showing up to the venue and it is still early and you know what amount of kick assery is about to happen.  The last tour was awesome because we got to stay with locals and really get a feel for the country.  Everyone was so accommodating and we are forever grateful.

Any Australian food or drink you discovered last time around that you’ll be recommending?

I think I lost ten pounds last time I was there because we mostly just drink.  I think you should be recommending drinks to us


Apparently half of the band are fitness trainers, does that make you guys punk jockers? Do they bench guitar cabs back stage?

Guitar cabs!!  That is for pussies, we bench taxicabs.

On this tour you’ll be playing 2007 debut album “Suiticide” in full at two shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Have you struggled at all remembering and practicising some of the older songs that you’ve long since dropped from your set?

That is going to be so fun.  I am sure we will be able to pull it off.  We just have a lot of fun playing music together so we don’t get sick of it.  By the way, I insist you leave the word practicising  that was in your question.  That is an awesome word. 

This tour is supported by local bands Hightime and Totally Unicorn? Have you heard of their music at all?

Fuck yeah!  Those bands are awesome.  We played with Totally Unicorn and they put on a great show.  We also listened to a lot of Hightime on the road.  Really, you guys have really great bands out there.  The shows are going to be kick ass and we cannot wait to spend time with them.

What separates a good Pour Habit show from an amazing one?

I really don’t know how to answer that question. I honestly believe we have a great live show that anyone can enjoy.  We love having any chance to go on stage and rock out.  Audiences can really see through bull shit.  They have to believe it, you know.  I think that is why we have a good show.

Why should people come check out Pour Habit this time around?

Sloppy drunks and titties

POUR HABIT release "Punisher Mansion" single exclusively for Australian fans
There is no doubt that Pour Habit have a particular affinity for Australia, evidenced in the fact that 2012 will see them tour Australia for the 3rd time in as many years.  Thanks to the strong connections and relationships they’ve built on their travels a world away from their Los Angeles homeland they’ve decided to treat their Aussie fans by exclusively releasing the “Punisher Mansion” single in Australia. The single features the never before release track “Punisher Mansion,” an alternative version of their hit “Matter of Opinion” and a demo track titled “Survive” which is only seeing the light of day in 2012.

The single will be available for free download with the purchase of a ticket to any date on their Australian tour. All purchasers will be provided with a download link and those who have already purchased their tickets will be contacted by Oztix making sure no one misses out.

Tickets and the “Punisher Mansion” single are available from Oztix right now.


POUR HABIT AUSTRALIAN TOUR w/ Hightime & Totally Unicorn

Wednesday, 28 November - Perth @ Rosemount Hotel - Doors 8PM ** (18+)
Tickets $29 + BF from &
 Friday, 30 November - Adelaide @ Unibar - Doors 7PM (Lic/AA)
Tickets $29 + BF from &
Saturday, 01 December – FEST-MAS! - Melbourne @ The Evelyn Hotel - Doors 4PM (18+)
Tickets $33 + BF from &
Sunday, 02 December - Melbourne @ The Tote – Doors 5PM (18+)
“Suiticide at The Tote” with Pour Habit playing their album “Suiticide” from beginning to end.
Tickets $23 + BF from
Wednesday, 05 December - Hobart @ Brisbane Hotel - Doors 8PM ** (18+)
Tickets $25 + BF from
Thursday, 06 December - Brisbane @ Crowbar - Doors 730PM (18+)
Tickets $29 + BF from
Friday, 07 December - Gold Coast @ Miami Tavern - Doors 8PM (18+)
Tickets $27 + BF from, the venue &
Saturday, 08 December - Sydney @ Annandale Hotel - Doors 8PM (18+)
Tickets $29 + BF from & the Venue
Sunday, 09 December - Sydney @ Valve Bar & Venue - Doors 12PM (Lic/AA)
“Suiticide at The Valve” with Pour Habit playing their album “Suiticide” from beginning to end.
Tickets $23+ BF from
Sunday, 09 December - Wollongong @ The Patch – Doors 730PM (18+)
Tickets $25 + BF from

 Tickets ON SALE NOW through Oztix.


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