Name: Joel Attenborough

Current Population

7”s: ~280

10”s: about 12

12”s: ~200

Test Pressings:

12”s : Avail – 4am Friday, HWM – Flight and a Crash, HWM – Caution, HWM/Alkaline trio split, The Explosion – Black Tape, Face to Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later.

7” (apart from bands I’ve played in): Last Nerve/Internal Affairs Split (there could be more, but I don’t remember)

First Born:

The first record I bought was “Mother Milk – Red Hot Chili Peppers”. I would have been in about year 8 (’94) and I was waiting for a bus to go home from the shops, and across the road from the big bus depot was a second hand record store. I saw the record and fell in love with the big artwork, and the ‘diamond in the rough’ style discovery, that was my ‘hook, line and sinker’ moment.

Latest addition to the Family:

Frenzal Rhomb – Smoko At The Pet Food Factory 12” (FAT WRECK Pink /209)

OFF! – 4 x 7” Box set w/ destroyed/controversial artwork


H20 – California 7” (3 variations)

H20 – NYC 7” (3 variations)

The Pride of the Fleet:

Probably would be my Last Nerve collection:

Internal Affairs/Last Nerve split (black)

Internal Affairs/Last Nerve split (test press)

Internal Affairs/Last Nerve split (green)

Last Nerve - S/T Friends press #/58 (antidote cover)

Last Nerve - S/T, Coke Bottle Clear #/100 (pre order)

Last Nerve - S/T, WHITE /100 (Fuck Corduroy Press)

Last Nerve - S/T, WHITE

Last Nerve - S/T, Clear

Last Nerve Demo Tape (Blue)

Last Nerve Demo Tape (Red)

Last Nerve Demo Tape (White)

The Hen’s Tooth:

Rarest thing I own would be the OFF! 4 x 7” Box set, with deleted art work.

So, apparently the reason the release date was pushed back is because one of the covers for the records was recalled for being "too offensive". They were recalled and replaced the cover with the original 1st ep cover. The original covers were meant to be destroyed… this one slipped through the cracks.

Not Cheap:

Most expensive record I have ever bought was a Descendents first press 7” of ‘Ride the Wild/It’s a Hectic World’ on Orca Records (NOT the repressed version*) $200 + postage.

*High Fidelity reference…

White Whale:

At the moment I’m chasing:

Paint it Black – Surrender 7” (Tour version)

I’m sure there are hundreds more, relatively unrealistic whales to chase… but I look for this a lot online… ALTHOUGH I AM chasing Descendents Bonus Cups… like, literally – the bonus cups they released aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago.

Why Did I Trade That:

I don’t really regret anything I’ve sold, that I can think of. I sold a bunch of things recently, and I looked at it like – if I haven’t thought or listened to this record in the last 12 months, then I think it’s time to move it on.

Bargain Buy:

Until I turned 21, I lived in the South West of Sydney (Milperra… home of the Fathers Day Bikie Massacre, and Ian Thorpe.) One day, when I was about 16, my family were doing some shopping in Liverpool Westfield, which was about 15 mins from home. I wasn’t psyched on the idea of going shopping with them, but I went along, and split to go see some guitar stores. I stumbled across a second hard record store whilst walking from one guitar store to another, and up behind the counter I saw a Blue copy of ‘Bleach’ by Nirvana on Waterfront records ( for $25. I loved Nirvana, and loved the fact that this record was blue (only ever had black ones prior). I only sold it about 2 months ago, for $200ish. I had one of those moments where I thought – someone else will enjoy having this in their collection more than I do… Time to play it forward.

Guilty pleasure or secret shame:

Sabrina – Boys, Boys, Boys 12” Single.

I was with a girl in 2000, whose mum used to be an aerobics instructor in the mid-late 80’s and she had a bunch of singles she was going to throw out. Out of irony, I grabbed a bunch of stuff, Roxette/Technotronic/Collette, but this 12” takes the fucking cake. For some reason, after over 10 years, I still have it.

What’s the absolute limit you would ever pay for a record?

My only limit is set by what I can afford at the time.

Are record collectors all really pretentious arseholes?

Maybe, but they are fun to have around



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