Name: Brett Eberhard

Current Population

7s: Maybe 600 give or take

10s: Maybe 30?

12s: 200- 300?

Test Pressings: Never counted… a few!

First Born:

Hmmm first record I bought seriously might have been either Possessed, Spermbirds, The Stupids or Cryptic Slaughter. Before that it was tapes, like Beat Street and Run DMC.

Latest addition to the Family:

Weekend Nachos- Worthless 12"

The Pride of the Fleet:

This week? The Lovely Lads 12"

The Hens Tooth:

The rarest, that's hard to say. At a glance I have a test press of “Haymaker -Love the Music, Hate the Kids” 7" #12 out of 20, but then there’s the Arms Reach “Thanks for Nothing Corduroy” friends press #10 out of 35.

Most Expensive Record You’ve Bought:

Fuck I block stuff like that out. I seriously can’t remember and even if I did it would be too embarrassing to say.

White Whale:

I’m chasing a Last Rights 7"... any cover.

Why Did I Trade That:

Oh Negative Approach 7", I sold it for $400 and the YDI “A Place in the Sun” 7". I was going through some lame phase where I thought "these are just possessions and I should let other people enjoy them"...fucking hippy bullshit.

Bargain Buy:

Hmmm Breakdown “demo” 7", it was like 10 dollars or something.

Guilty pleasure or secret shame:


Whats the absolute limit you would ever pay for a record?

These days? Maybe 300 for something that is rare that I know I would enjoy. It's pretty fucking ridiculous how much people spend on records...

Are record collectors all really pretentious arseholes?

Perhaps so, but not as pretentious as modern hardcore kids.



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