Napalm Death

NAPALM DEATH. One of the most influential and legendary acts in the history of heavy metal, and considered by all, as the fathers of grindcore. Over 40 years on and seventeen albums in, NAPALM DEATH are in no way, shape or form of slowing down. As stated in their own words, silence sucks, noise is always the answer and they continue to create music that confronts, confounds and eviscerates in equal measure.

Grinding faces with the best of them will be Singapore’s vitriolic extreme noise terrorists WORMROT. Released in 2022, their latest album HISS has been heralded as one of the best modern grind albums, period! Their performances are intense, spectacular, furious, a barrage of unrelenting, head-caving abuse, honed by a singular determination to fucking destroy the competition. Get it or get out of the way!!

NAPALM DEATH with WORMROT performing at:
Sept 5th - Magnet House, Perth w/ Hexx
Sept 7th - Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide w/ Meth Leppard
Sept 8th - The Factory Theatre, Sydney w/ 12Gauge Rampage
Sept 9th - The Croxton, Melbourne w/ Extortion and Remains
Sept 12th - The Triffid, Brisbane w/ Awful Noise
Sept 15th - Meow, Wellington w/ Cuck
Sept 16th - Loons, Christchurch w/ Dole Bludger
Sept 17th - Galatos, Auckland w/ Knifed




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