Pennywise have cancelled their upcoming tour due to the back problems being suffered by Zoli Teglas. Soundwave Touring's AJ Maddah broke the news on Twitter yesterday afternnon with: “Oh Feck! Pennywise tour dates postponed. Dude’s done his back. Can’t get on plane. New date tba.”

The tour, which was set to kick off this Thursday in Coolangatta, would have been the first in Australia with new singer Zoli in support of latest album, "All Or Nothing". Recently Zoli was unable to fulfill some European touring commitments with Ignite, so former Sensefield/Reason To Believe frontman Jon Bunch filled in. Click here to check out the video on that one.

New Pennywise tour dates are set to be annunced soon. No word on what will be happening with supports The Menzingers and England’s Sharks.

Below was our previous story about Zoli's back injury...

Ignite and Pennywise frontman, Zoli Teglas was rushed to the hospital on the weekend after collapsing on stage during Pennywise’s appearance at With Full Force Festival in Leipzig, Germany.  As a result of ongoing back problems, Teglas was advised to have immediate surgery or risk possible paralysis. Pennywise have announced the cancellation of two European shows, but not the entirety of their current European tour. No word on their upcoming Australian tour either.

Here's the word from the Wise..

"Zoli was having back-pain through out the tour and at full force festival during the set he collapsed on stage a few times was taken to the emergency room where they said he needed immediate operation or risk the chance of paralysis.Needless to say we will have to cancel Hengelo and Schweinfurt and hope for a quick recovery. We are very sorry we are forced to cancel these shows but Zolis health is our main focus right now."



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