Demo Division

Based in Chicago, Demo Division are making alternative rock with a post-hardcore influence in the vein of bands like Basement and Fiddlehead. Today, they announce their forthcoming SUNKEN SKIN EP, set for release May 3rd through New Morality Zine. Single “WANTED2TRY,” out now, panders floaty guitars into textured layers accompanied by soaring vocals. Emotion pours through the lyrics - “I wanted to try, I wanted to feel something. Something inside.”

On the song, vocalist Carlos Jimenez expands:
“I wanted to express how it finally feels putting effort into something. There's times we put effort into a craft we only care about and sometimes lack the support or motivation from those close to you. It’s a realization of having to do things for yourself and no one else.”

The single is one of four tracks found on SUNKEN SKIN. Recorded over two sessions in 2023, the EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Joe Scaletta at Word Of Mouth Recordings. Following the band’s 2022 debut EP, Wish You Were Here, this new batch of songs builds off a collaborative and more expansive sound. Pulling from alternative, grunge, and post-hardcore, Demo Division master the line between hard-hitting and melodic. With SUNKEN SKIN, Demo Division proves they are promising up and comers in the Chicago scene and beyond.

Demo Division is Carlos Jimenez (vocals/guitar), Eric Centeno (guitar), Geovanny Zavala (drums), and Luis Flores (bass).


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