SCREAMFEEDER have released a reworked recording of a classic track with the addition of Adalita of Magic Dirt on vocals.

From the band...

In 2022 we toured for 5 ROOMS. Adalita supported us on the whole run, and some nights she joined us on stage to sing Wrote You Off, our shoulda-been-single from Burn Out Your Name in 1993.

It was so good, and every performance filled the room with so much joy. So we thought: Let’s record this. So, we did.

We then asked Sydney maestro and great friend Jamie Hutchings (from Bluebottle Kiss amongst many other projects) if he’d like to sing a song for us as well, and he chose Stopless, from Rocks On The Soul.

Both these artists’ renditions of our songs are amazing, heartfelt and ultimately flattering. Their passion towards the project – and to their singing – is palpable, we’re truly honoured. Thank you to both Adalita and Jamie.





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