Neon Taste will release the new LP from BOOTLICKER titled "1000 Yard Stare".

From the label...

We’ve been sitting on this record for 14 months and it’s finally ready to start rolling out for the current preorder. From a label perspective, at least personally - it’s really difficult to marry the idea of the thematic message of Bootlicker and the “push” to “market” a product. At the end of the day, that’s what you are. And that’s what I am too.

I’m a consumer.

I’m a consumer trying to deal with the fact I live in a sick society chasing a promise that can’t be attained.

But consumption is fundamental to this life experience. War crimes in real time an arms length away, mandatory connectivity to hive mind. The common human experience is experiencing the shift. The 1000 Yard Stare is common place, no longer experienced only by soldiers and victims at the front. The front is everywhere. Colonial legacies, genocide, poisoned drug supplies and failed policy, killer cops, global warming, Neo-Liberal fallout, rising Fascism.

The Information Age in its current state is one that sees the mask of the emperor starting to slip. A power struggle with the worst players moving into prime positions for takeover. Identity politics running the resistance while the working class is dismantled in front of us. The only thing to keep us satiated in an age of endless trauma experience is immediate gratification. The absurdity of all of this that we live, love, buy and die within that framework. It's so fucking cynical. So here we are. You can hear the first single now on Bandcamp.

Bootlicker's newest album, 1000 Yard Stare is 10 tracks of violent music for a vile world. Musically, this sees the group sticking to their UK82 meets American Hardcore with the echoes of Discharge guiding the hand. Skeptix, Special Duties, Svart Framtid are the seasoning. D-Beat propulsion and the knobs broken off at 11. We’ve got a t-shirt rolling out with this too so, y’know - be the envy of your friends.

Static Shock will be handling UK/Europe. Neon Taste will be releasing in the USA.


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