Long Island, NY based band HEAVYHEX announce their debut album, True To You, set for release May 3rd on Bridge Nine Records. The ten songs on the album dive deep into the realm of personal struggles, societal issues, and the demand for equality. Collaborating with producer Jay Maas (Love Letter, Defeater), the band channeled their collective energy and creativity to shape guitar tones that strike a balance of aggression, clarity and emotion, accompanied by fast and hard-hitting percussion. Having teased with early single “You Can’t Stay Here,” HEAVYHEX now unleash the title track “True To You.” The song builds off high-energy guitars and impassioned vocals with a raw edge before driving into lush melodies.

The video for the song was directed by Richie Duque, and on it vocalist Dave Gastiaburo comments: "The video closely follows the theme of the song. It’s about the importance of not folding to the pressure of your 9 to 5, while continuing to prioritize the things that you are passionate about. To stay true to yourself."

Formed in 2020, HEAVYHEX released their debut EP, Stare, in 2022, followed by a two song single, Give Yourself Away, that same year. The band is a part of the blossoming Long Island melodic hardcore scene alongside bands including Stand Still, Koyo, and Private Mind. The band’s captivating, sing-a-long ready live show has allowed them to share the stage with acts like Silent Majority, Militarie Gun, Soul Glo, I Am The Avalanche, and Spite House. HEAVYHEX is the newest addition to Bridge Nine Records, joining the long running home to hardcore, which started in 1995 and has put out releases for Have Heart, American Nightmare, New Found Glory, Ceremony, Agnostic Front, H2O, Defeater, Crime In Stereo, and Strike Anywhere to name a few.

HEAVYHEX is Daniel Lukach (Guitar & Vocals), David Gastiaburo (Vocals), Cody Hermann (Bass), Jeremy Gardiner (Guitar), and Michael DiLello (Drums).



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