Hannover based band RESOLUTIONS is back with their sophomore album Monster Mirror out on May 24th, 2024 via End Hits Records, marking their 10th year as a band and the newest addition to the End Hits Records roster.

Starting in 2013 and after releasing their demo, several 7"s and 2016's Weightless album while playing hundreds of shows across Europe, RESOLUTIONS return with 10 catchy songs combining elements of alternative and melodic punk rock bands from the 90s and 2000s. The first sonic experience in form of the single "Drop Dead" is out today on all streaming platforms.

Growing through discomfort while aiming on keeping their sound true to songs and records they love, the five piece band created 10 highly energetic songs that formed a uniquely sounding album with lyrics focussing on the aspect of self-reflection and the lacking urge of constant 24/7 self-optimization in the world's current living pace.

This very same discomfort pushed RESOLUTIONS to step out of their to date comfort zone of the genre's almost stereotypical trusty three chords and gruffy vocals to perform on a clean but powerful recording which was done by Alex Sickel at Tiny Pond Studios, who worked with the band already on their first LP Weightless.

Monster Mirror calls for fans of bands with somewhat dark and (over-) thoughtful lyrics, yet accessible and driving melodies like HOT WATER MUSIC, ALKALINE TRIO and JIMMY EAT WORLD.




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