Charlotte, NC alternative rock meets shoegaze trio Clearbody have been on a journey of sonic exploration since their inception in 2020. Today, the band is excited to announce their signing to Static Era Records and a vinyl release of their 2023 EP, Bend Into A Blur, along with a new music video for focus track “Cordelia”. The cinematic video for “Cordelia” brings the narrative of the song into focus - both introspective and entertaining, awash in a sea of swelling guitars and swirling, kinetic percussion.

Originally released in 2023, Bend Into A Blur was recorded with Jon Markson (Drug Church, One Step Closer) and mastered by Will Yip (Title Fight, Scowl). This collection of songs showcase an ethereal blend of shoegaze and rock, evoking acts like Oasis and Cloakroom while highlighting Clearbody’s deeply original approach. The album itself is has an overall message of healing and growth, as vocalist and guitarist Eric Smeal explains:

“I wanted to have 5 songs that really showed the whole scope of what we could do. I feel like [previous release] One More Day was like ‘hey this is us’ but Bend Into A Blur was like ‘ok here’s what we can REALLY do’. All the songs are very emotionally heavy, and sometimes honestly they’re kind of hard for me to play. I was in a bad spot at the time of writing this record but I wanted to try to turn it into a positive. The main idea behind the visuals was based around burnt out street lights, whenever I’d drive under one my car would just get soaked in this dark blue color and I just thought it was a really interesting concept for an album cover and video. Kathy Garcia and I partnered on all of the visual elements to create a coherent whole!”

Clearbody has plans to reenter the studio this year to begin working on new music. In the interim, they will be bringing their wall of sound on the road, sharing the stage with acts like Shelter, Soft Blue Shimmer, Only Sibling and more.

Clearbody is Eric Smeal (guitar, vocals), Stephanie Wesner (drums) and Christian Spence (bass / vocals) 


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