Chicago hardcore band Kharma has been pummeling audiences with their ferocious brand of hardcore since 2015. The band has recently announced their new album, A World Of Our Own, due out April 12th on Flatspot Records. Working with Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Regulate, Jivebomb), Kharma set out to record their most colossal album yet, calling on their diverse influences and deep relationship with the Chicago scene to stack the album with ten songs that showcase their explosive growth throughout the years.

The band shares a new single “By Any Means,” brimming with angular riffs and pulverizing drums. Jordan Moten’s powerful vocals are joined by Regulate’s Sebastian Paba, as the pair’s gripping delivery builds off the ferocious wall of sound. It’s a crushingly heavy track driven by a strong message, as Moten states:

“‘By Any Means’ is a very important song to me. It’s actually the first song that was written for this record. Being Black in America is tiptoeing every day of your life with the knowledge that one perceived wrong move could be your last. This song is a mission statement that sometimes it takes more than words to make people see where we’re coming from.”

Formed in 2015, Chicago hardcore band Kharma pack a pummeling, rhythmic style made to get you moving. Today, the band announces their fourth release, A World Of Our Own, due out April 12th on Flatspot Records. Working with Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Regulate, Jivebomb), the band set out to record their most personal and colossal material yet, and that translates on single “Clip Your Wings,” out now. The track packs an intense sonic execution with pulverizing riffs, menacing drums, and a relentless vocal delivery. The video for the song, directed by Derek Rathbun, plays out as a short horror film between an epic performance from the band.

Kharma is directly influenced by their city, from the forebears of their scene to the daily circumstances that inform their lyrics and unrelenting aggression. On A World Of Our Own, Kharma is taking the listener through the ebb and flow of life. The band gave the first glimpse into their world on 2016’s self-released LP, Survival, followed up by 2018’s Moment of Violence, leading to their 2020 EP, Most Dangerous Game, out through Flatspot Records. On each release, Kharma has delivered uncompromising, reality-driven hardcore and A World Of Our Own expands on that vision. Lyrical topics range from finding community to experiencing oppression to coping with everyday emotions.

Vocalist Jordan Moten expands:

“The overall theme of this record sort of stems from the title track. In every song I dive into a lot of issues whether it be personal or issues with the world at large. The title track is a love letter to Chicago Hardcore but more broadly to hardcore itself. The ‘real world’ is full of so much pain and hate that we can't control but within the hardcore community we can. We can use this outlet to improve ourselves, each other, and eventually the world around us. So that's where ‘A World Of Our Own’ came from. The idea that hardcore is a little world that we can escape to while building ourselves up to live in a world where we can thrive even through the struggles of everyday real life.”

With a no-frills attitude and fervid live performances, Kharma is eager to share these songs in a live setting where they feel most at home. Having toured across the US and Europe, Kharma has been able to share the stage with Knocked Loose, Speed, Zulu, Bulldoze, and Terror to name a few. With a new record on the horizon, expect Kharma to make 2024 their year, bringing their heavy Chicago style and attitude everywhere they go.

A World Of Our Own is available for preorder now through Flatspot Records.

Kharma is Jordan Moten - Vocals, Andrew Perez - Guitar, Brian Pilla - Guitar, and Bryce Tollner - Drums.


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