Boise, ID hardcore band Witness Chamber have signed with DAZE for the release of their upcoming EP, True Delusion, set for release on August 18th. Following the band’s 2021 EP, Paradise Awaits, on True Delusion the quartet has continued to build on their metallic-style sound, creating six bleak and intense tracks. The album addresses issues that plague mankind through an existentialist viewpoint, from religious indoctrination to media consumption. Single “Of The World,” out today, draws from the movie The End of Evangelion, the epic Paradise Lost, and other works to weave together thoughts of a grim future. The song packs a continuous aggression, highlighted by hefty riffs and Chad Pingree’s tough as nails vocal delivery meeting the fierce shrieks of guest vocalist Maximus Hall of Ego Death.

Inspired by bands ranging from Foundation to Dying Fetus to Division Of Mind, Witness Chamber established a dark, immense and innovative sound when recording True Delusion. The EP was recorded and produced by Ryan Morgan (Misery Signals) at The Tonic Room in Boise, mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit (God’s Hate, Mindforce) and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Sound (Militarie Gun, Fleshwater). True Delusion is available now for CD preorder through DAZE.


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