Soul Blind pushes the boundaries of alternative rock with a rich collage of sounds and emotionally charged lyrics. Today the band announced their first full-length album, Feel it All Around, set for release November 11th on Other People Records. Written during the pandemic, Feel It All Around follows the band’s 2021 EP, Third Chain, and deals with emotional strain and taking on the world around you. When it came time to record the LP, the band knew they wanted to work with someone who could challenge them to be their best selves. Entering the studio in early 2022 with Grammy-nominated producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Turnover) at Studio 4 Recordings provided just that. The eleven songs on the album are filled with layers of melodies, ranging from grunge heavy tracks to fuzzy, shoegaze moments.

Soul Blind shares “Tribe”, the third single from Feel It All Around. “Tribe” hits hard out the gate, burgeoning with thick guitars and resonance. Chords spiral through a sense of distress as vocals project lyrics filled with thoughts of dread and unease. The track sees the band’s blend of alternative and grunge taking a heavier tone, nodding influence to earlier releases from acts like Deftones and Quicksand.

Diving into the lyrics, vocalist Cen states:

“This is about the sunken place/purgatory. A sonic representation of the last few seconds of life before descending to an internal mind hell. Triggered by being stuck in a loop, the mind jumps down this dark alleyway that leads you to believe this is what a fearful, non embraced death is. Panic and anxiety ridden, this song is sonic hell.”

Having already provided fans with stand-alone single “Stuck In A Loop”, today the band shares “System (Failing)”. The song has a wistful cool to it, as the rhythms move from more melodic to moments of crunchy guitars encircled by pining vocals.

On the lyrical content behind the track, vocalist Cen expanded:

“This one tackles someone sucking the life out of you, but instead you reflect that feeling and actively bring about the change you wish to see within them by removing yourself. It's about the personal progression out of situations that don’t do anything for you anymore.”

The tracks thoroughly translate into a live setting, with Soul Blind having already given fans a little taste on recent tours with Drug Church and Angel Du$t. This fall, the band will head to Europe and the UK for the first time, supporting Stick To Your Guns, Knocked Loose, LANDMVRKS, and Scowl, which you can view dates for below.

Feel It All Around is available for pre-order now through Other People Records.


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