CULTURE ABUSE have announced their immediate break up as their singer Dave Kelling has been accused of grooming, sexual acts and the rape of a minor.

You can read the victim's statement and a statement from the band on their instagram here.

Trigger warning it make your blood boil and is a disturbing read about the actions of a sexual predator using the veil of music infamy.

But sadly Dave Kelling is not the first, nor will he be the last. Sexual predators have long been a part of the hardcore and punk scenes not just in the USA but also here in Australia.

It is great to see the victim's allegations being taken seriously by the band and hopefully Dave Kelling is held accountable and prosecuted by the authorities.

It would be great if males in bands and males in general stopped acting like total sleazy power tripping fuckwits and acted more like mature adults and learned to respect females.

I know its a big ask, but change has to start somewhere and it is so well overdue.





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