SPIRIT CRUSHER out of the UK have released a live EP

On Friday, 26 August, 2016, we played an open air show in the city of Mannheim. It took place under a huge bridge in the infamous Neckarstadt West and was booked by our friends Chris and Ache, who previously had recorded our demo and the 7" with us.

The show happened a couple of weeks before "The Absolute" came out. It was a hot summer night and it was a pretty mixed bill, where we were probably the hardest band playing that night. We made up for it by lighting incense and me playing barefoot (because i had forgot to bring a pair of vans). It was a hot summer night and the spirits were high.

After a couple of years in oblivion the live recordings resurfaced and we picked 3 songs that Mike mixed and mastered. A moment in time.


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