DEATH BY STEREO will release a new LP titled "Were All Just Dying For It" through Indecision Records in August.

The new record by DEATH BY STEREO entitled We’re All Dying Just In Time is here. The wait was worth it and as always, one has to purchase it to find out where they are taking their music. Loud. Tempered. Fast. Hammering. The new recording has everything for anyone. The DEATH BY STEREO sound has arrived.

Relentless since 1998, DEATH BY STEREO has been giving people what they need for over twenty years without a single break in touring and recording. With six full-length studio albums and one live album, they have toured the world and have seen all its good, bad and ugliness. With all that commitment and experienced, they have put forth this, their finest recording yet, “We Are All Dying Just In Time.” 10 Songs that, with the middle finger cover, tell you that DEATH BY STEREO are blatant in their want of change.

From the opening riff of first single, first song, “California Addiction” one can tell that the band has persevered by being themselves. The lyrics (which fights for, among others, educators) give hope to the band’s home state; hope through rebellion, optimism through criticism but also strength through reflection.

The onslaught continues with the next two singles “Free Gun with Purchase” and “We Sing, They Die.” Both feature vocals exploring the gamut of what’s possible from the hardcore to hard crooning (you read that correctly) to sharing the microphone with children singing that everything is fine and that they “are all dying just in time.”

Vocalist, Efrem Martinez Schulz may have perfected his sardonic sense of lyrical screams and tone. His provoking message is, as always, hand delivered to you for the immediate sing along. “The current state of politics, specifically our current administration… the ideas were limitless; I had to consciously stop writing songs.”

Drummer, Mike Cambra has spent the last decade giving DEATH BY STEREO their signature blast. His versatility has allowed the band to explore areas that might have gone untouched. Bombastic beats to the intricate, he supplies it all.

Guitarist, JP Gericke is again providing the solid framework subtleties to the DEATH BY STEREO sound. He pulls it in when needed and lets go, pushing the band to even greater sound exploration. Bassist, Robert Madrigal has the difficult task of keeping the song in check through the deep end. Live and on record, one cannot argue that the volatile Death sound works hard to the fullest and Robbo is the captain of control.

Guitarist, Dan Palmer returns with piercing diversity guitar work that explores vast aspects of travel and conflict. His legions of fans who await to hear his musical command will be more than satisfied with his rageful display of attack and tone. He makes it look easy but it ain’t. He also makes it look exciting and it is.

The unique sound of DEATH BY STEREO has been captured on this damaging disc and with their sterling live reputation, they are sure to demolish in concert. Some punk bands offer no more that bumper sticker pop that is dressed up to look threatening while others have broken up only to get back together when “convenient.” Death By Stereo, for decades, has continually destroyed definition by doing exactly what they want to do.


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