Sadly GIVE have ended their ten year existence as a band. The band recently announced the news through their Flowerhead newsletter.

Having played their first show in November 2008, fittingly GIVE played their last show in November 2018.

From the band's bio...

"Conceived in Iraq, the back of a van hurtling across the desert, Mississippi, and the leaf shrouded seclusion of a Mount Pleasant basement, GIVE has existed in one form or another for close to ten years. Give played our first show in November of '08, since then we have played many shows in many places."

GIVE released a multitude of 7's and LPs through Moonflower Records / React! Records / Deranged Records / Youngblood Records / Painkiller Records/ Triple B Records / Revelation Records and their final release the "Electric Flower Cult" LP on Lockin Out Records.

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